September 13th…Supernatural Day ❤ 

It has been a LONG day for me today but I just jumped on social media and I realized that it’s September 13th, which in the Supernatural fandom means its Supernatural Day! And I knew I had to write up something.

I swear I live by this, when im driving its my music, & if you dont like my pop punk, rock, pop, country mixed playlist, thats too damn bad ✌

This show means the world to me. It’s more than just a TV Show, it’s more than just a story, it’s more than just a cast. Supernatural debut episode was on September 13th 2005.  ( hence today being supernatural day!) I didn’t start watching this series then, I’m not even sure I had heard about it back then. But about three years ago I started watching it on Netflix, just looking for something good to binge, something sci-fi like and I am so blessed that I picked this show, at that time. I’ve binge watched plenty of shows in the past but this one was different. There were nights where I was watching and I would realize that it was 4am! Some nights I would realize it was almost 2am but I’d just say fuck it and keep watching. And still today anytime they’re playing re-runs on TV in the middle of the day, you bet you ass I’m watching it.  As it is my normal ritual after I finish binge watching any show I fall in love with on Netflix, I start following the cast, getting up to speed on any new season coming soon, and so on and so forth. I did this with Supernatural and I was amazed at what this show truly meant to people. And as time went on I was amazed at what it started to mean to me, and what it still does now.

Every word they say on this show is quote worthy. Do people have a favorites list less than 20? Can’t relate 💁😂

Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki are two incredible human beings. I’ve never met them, but you don’t have to for it to be clear they’re just down right good people. And if we’re being honest the entire cast is good people, incredible people. People that you can connect with. Actors that realize this is more than a TV and more than just a job. Jensen, Jared, Misha, and everyone at supernatural has saved someone’s life whether they realize it or not. That is how IMPORTANT this TV Show, that is why I said it is more than JUST a TV Show.

Quick story, i went to a little comic con in CT two years ago, this is me totally geeked out when I saw they had so much SPN stuff AND The Impala was there. I was like a kid on christmas, my sister couldnt grasp my excitment but i didnt care, i put on that leather jacket, got into that car and was smiling so hard my face hurt. My life isnt filled with big thrills so this was a moment for me & yeah it was just “baby” and not the boys but it was SPN related and I couldnt have been happier. 😍

I owe SO much to Jared for helping me realize the realness of my anxiety and my depression. I owe him for making me less afraid to face it. I owe him for making me feel less alone. It’s public knowledge that he deals with the same struggles and the phrase he’s coined “Always keep fighting” is in my twitter and Instagram bios and is a common phrase that is said inside my head because that’s all we can keep doing… Just keep fighting. Never give up, never think your mental illness is all that you are, always know that there are good days after the bad, and yeah the bad days suck, but you’ll get through them because you’re stronger than you can imagine you are. It is so hard to put into words what the Always Keep Fighting campaign means to me, what Jared’s outspokenness on mental illness means, what the entire cast of Supernatural means to me.  But it has definitely changed my life.

If I could live in these two tops, flannel included I swear I would. They’re so comfortable & I feel fantastic in them. #AKF #Love

Jared, Jensen and Misha  are the three male actor on the show that I feel the most connected too, Jared the most for obvious reasons I’ve stated above but then we have the incredible kickass women of Kim Rhodes, Felicia Day, Samantha Smith, Briana Buckmaster, and literally any actress that has graced our supernatural show. Whether you only appeared in a couple of episodes, whether you come and go every once in a while, or you’re in every single one, it doesn’t matter, if you’re on the show, you’re part of that supernatural family and the fans will make sure you know that you’re accepted just as every actor/actress on the show makes sure that us, as fans, know that we’re accepted.  And while the people who play these characters in the show are incredible beings, they are also down right incredible actors/actresses. The way that they can engulf you into a scene is mind blowing, whether it’s a Winchester brothers moment, a dean and Castiel encounter, fighting the devil, or working with God, daddy issues, momma issues, trying to save the world, or sometimes destroy it, they make you feel all that, that character is feeling and they’re so good at drawing you in and sometimes when you need it, giving you that 60 minute time period of an escape from your own life, into theirs. The Winchesters and company live a crazy life, but sometimes that crazy life is exactly the escape you need from your own reality and there is nothing wrong with that. I welcome it.

Found this little treasure on pinterest, whoever put this together, Bless you, I love it ❤

Not everyone understands this show and these people the way I do, the way the SPNFamily does, but that’s okay. My own family doesn’t understand that this isn’t just a TV Show to me and I’ve tried to accept that. This show introduced me to the actor Jared Padalecki and if it hadn’t I’m not sure if I ever would have been able to come to terms with my own mental health problems. I don’t know how things would be different. Being apart of this SPN Family has meant the world to me. Knowing that there are fans all around the world that think of this show and these people the exact same way that I do is incredible. To know that these people have helped to shape young peoples lives, is incredible. To know that this show is filled with down to earth, incredible human beings is amazing. This show has made me laugh, made me cry, made me laugh so hard I cried, and made me cry so hard I truly felt a little silly. The Show Supernatural, the SPNFamily and the words Always Keep Fighting are all something I’m truly grateful to know and be apart of.

After Sam & Dean, Bobby was always my favorite character❤

On this Supernatural Day I just have to say that I am so blessed to have found this show, I’m so glad that I’ve connected with it in a way that not everyone understands, and I’m so glad that even after 13 seasons we’re still going strong. This show and these people have given me the strength to fight through every bad day and to let myself enjoy a good one now and then. It’s made me realize it’s okay to be myself, all the flaws included. It’s made me, embrace me. It’s made me confront fears, and keep pushing forward. It’s made me keep fighting. And I’ll always keep fighting.


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