The Ladies of Supernatural

We all know that Supernatural has not always been very kind to women, but it has undoubtedly brought about some kick-ass females in this family. While it was easy for me to find parts of Sam, Dean, and Castiel in myself, the women on this show made it even more relatable. I’m well aware that in this post, I use the words strong women, powerful woman, kick-ass women, A LOT, and at first, it bothered me that those words kept coming to mind, but that’s precisely what these women are, it’s what all woman are, so those are the words to use. In 15 seasons, so many women graced our screens, but there have always been a select few that have really stuck with me over the years.

 When thinking about my favorite woman on supernatural, although hard to choose, I immediately go to Charlie. Charlie felt like a breath of fresh air. What I loved most was that she had no qualms about who she is. She is completely unapologetic about herself. She loves who she is, she loves who she loves, and she’s proud of her hobbies. She’s a nerd, and she embraces it, and I fell so hard in love with that. She was also a representation, something this show hasn’t always been the best with, and I love that so many have been able to relate to her because of it, that so many have been able to figure themselves out after seeing this character on TV. It makes my heart happier than I can say. Her death was hard for me, really hard, but her energy, her relationship with the Winchesters, and her kick-ass attitude will always be a special part of the show for me.  I will follow Felicia Day in anything she does.

Two ladies that showed up on supernatural, that bring a smile to my face every time, Jody and Donna. Kim Rhodes and Briana Buckmaster are two incredible human beings, that thanks to social media and their podcast, I have learned from them and related to them in so many ways.  The characters of Jody and Donna have gone through and overcome so much in their supernatural journey. I think in a way they’ve also found themselves, determine who they really are, in their journeys as well. These two are strong, kick-ass woman who I would give anything to have by my side during a fight, to be a shoulder to cry on, and hand out some words of encouragement.  Nothing would have made me happier than to have gotten that Wayward spin off but regardless, I’m excited for their next chapters.

Rowena, Rowena. I’ve always been a big fan of witches in my TV Shows. But Rowena and the masterpiece that is Ruth Connell to this love above and beyond. Whether Rowena was against the Winchesters or helping the Winchesters, there was never a dull moment when she was around. She also knew who she was, even if that was on the side of evil, she knew, and she never apologized for it. I loved her dynamic with Crowley, her relationship with the boys, specifically Sam. I love that Sam learned from her and still uses her books and knowledge. Her death was terribly sad, beautiful, but terrible, and heartbreaking all at the same time, but I’m glad we know she’s kicking ass in Hell.  

The two-woman gone WAY too soon? Jo and Ellen, no question about it. While I always understood why they had to go, how they’re death moved things forward, I would move heaven and earth to bring them back. I would have settled for an AU version of them, even a glimpse. But it is what it is. Jo was so defiant and stubborn and determined. She wasn’t going to let anyone, not even her own mother, from stopping her from doing what she wants to be doing, from going on the hunt. Ellen could handle her freaking business. She was not only a mother; she just had this entire aura around her that just screamed, “Don’t fuck with me, or those I love.” How do you not love that? Samantha Ferris and Alona Tal brought the best energy to this show. Their deaths bring me to tears no matter how many times I’ve watched the episode.

I am on board for any happiness this show would allow Sam Winchester to have, and Eileen was a huge part of that. But she wasn’t JUST that. With Eileen’s character comes a representation that the show had never seen before. Eileen is a character that, although being deaf, it never stopped her from going out, saving people, fighting monsters, and helping the Winchesters in any way she could. I would have to imagine that those who find themselves in Eileen find that to be inspirational. Shoshannah Stern is a dream.

Lisa Berry is a god damn queen their really no other way to start this paragraph. Whether she was playing the reaper or playing Death, Billie was a powerhouse; the way she was written, the way Lisa Berry brought her to life, I can’t get over it. In such a male-driven story that Supernatural is, Billie stood out among them, kicking ass, telling it like it is, and just being this powerhouse that made you stop and listen and watch intently anytime, she was on the screen. I love that she was able to be a part of this story for as long as she was.

Another woman who have stuck with me through the last fifteen seasons of this show would be Missouri Mosley. I adore Loretta Devine. Her energy is fantastic, her dynamic with Sam and Dean was so much fun to watch, and I would have loved to have seen her giving a little sass in more episodes. Meg Masters, I think my favorite thing about Meg Masters is that she was mostly played by Rachel Miner, who I the absolute most beautiful soul. Her bizarre role among the Winchesters, the fascination with Castiel, and her way of walking the fine line between evil with a tiny hint of good when she wanted to be. I love that Rachel Miner was able to play the Empty in the last few episodes because she always brings a smile to my face when she appears. The men of letters were never my favorite story, no matter how important they were, but the Abaddon story was something I did love. I have this thing for strong woman making ways in an ocean of men, I don’t even know if I wrote that right, but you get my point. In all of her terribleness, Abaddon was incredibly powerful, and the way that Alaina Huffman played her was just *chef’s kiss*. Another incredible lady who played their character in such a profound way was Emily Swallow and her portrayal of Amara. Amara is a complex character, she’s powerful, yet we learn she’s also incredibly vulnerable. The darkness was such a complicated story, and I think they did great with it. Mary Winchester’s comeback story is my favorite. I believe bringing Mary back was genius. It not only helped the boys to overcome many things they were fighting about her, such as Deans’ resentment, but it also helped them to see her as more than Mom. They saw her as a strong, powerful woman that didn’t need to be protected; she just needed to be respected. She also unapologetically made it clear that she needed time to figure the whole resurrection thing out, and she couldn’t be what they needed her to be right away. I love that they brought her back to be a real person and not just the Winchesters’ mom.

There’s Ruby, Claire, Alex, Patience, Kaia, Sister Jo, Bela, Lilith, Linda Tran, Jessica, Lisa, and every other woman who ever stepped foot on the supernatural stage meant something to someone. As a woman who heads over heels in love with Supernatural from the moment I turned it on, I always hated how the women were treated on this show, with the exception of a few. But still, I’m grateful for the stories we did get. The ones who came on once, the ones who came on multiple times, the ones who helped the Winchesters, the ones who were saved by the Winchesters. The ones who become family, the ones who were more even for a short time. The ones they’ll never forget, and all the one’s we will all be grateful to have found a small piece of ourselves in. If you’ve ever felt better after seeing a character on the show, if you’ve felt seen, if you’ve discovered something, or just enjoyed watching them, I’m with you. This show might have been the Winchesters show, but there were plenty of women along the way to help shape, save and love them, and they deserve to be always celebrated.

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