Movies that helped make 2020 a little more bearable.

The Old Guard. Find it on Netflix.

I went pretty hard on the movies in 2020. I had more time on my hands, and that’s never good for me, so I needed to dive into an escape. I watched new movies, older movies, movies I’d already seen a million times, movies I’d never heard of it, and films that I’d been putting off watching or had never gotten around to.

I went through a whole phase where I watched a ton of 80s, 90s, and early 2000s movies. Of course, not everything holds up from them but still.  Dirty Dancing, Say Anything, Sixteen Candles, Pretty in Pink, Breakfast Club, 13 going on 30, 10 things I hate about you, and Notting hill were the most notable, most of which I had never watched before. Notting Hill was definitely one of my favorite ones; not only do I love Julia Roberts; I just thought it was a super cute movie. 10 things I hate about you will forever be a go-to movie for me, and Dirty Dancing and 13 going on 30 were absolute gems.

10 things I hate about you. Find it on Disney Plus.

Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime, and HBO Max released some goodies, such as Wonder Woman 1984, which seems to have some early mixed reactions, which seems nuts to me, because while it started slow, I really, really loved the movie. Code 8, Angel has fallen, Dangerous lies, Extraction, Knives Out, Hamilton the musical, The Old Guard, Chemical Hearts, Bad Boys for life, and Little Women, to name a few other gems. Hamilton the musical was a gem I didn’t expect to be totally obsessed with. I was looking forward to it since it hit Broadway but still. It has become a go-to watch for me. I can’t even count the number of times I’ve watched it. I got around to watching Die hard two and Die hard with a vengeance, which I had never seen, and re-watched Die Hard 1 and Live free die-hard a few dozen times. Finally watching the Bourne Trilogy movies, all four Lethal Weapon movies, and the two Sherlock Holmes movies.

Lili Reinharts performance in this movie is breathtaking. Find it on Amazon Prime.

During the holidays I watched Hocus Pocus so many times. I made a point to watch my scary but not scary movies for my scared butt. By that, I mean watch Friday the 13th from 2009, the 2007 Halloween, and the 20th anniversary of Halloween because I literally can’t handle anything else.  For Christmas, I watched so many Christmas movies because I’m such a sucker for them, from watching The Christmas Contract, home alone 1,2 and 3, This Christmas, The Santa Clause movies, and many more of my favorites for the 100th time.  A very country Christmas, operation Christmas drop, holiday calendar, and the holiday for the surprisingly first time ever.

The Christmas Contract is so cute it has become a go-to Christmas movie.

 I watched Star Wars and Harry Potter an embarrassing amount of times, but they are always my go-to movies, especially when I’m having a softer day, and my god was 2020 full of soft days, so I can probably recite them all in my sleep.  

I didn’t go to the movie theaters a LOT back when things were normal. Still, I’d go for an opening of a movie that I was really looking forward to. Such as the plans to see Black Widow and Wonder Woman, mostly because I can get anxious depending on how many people are in there, and honestly, it can be expensive. But one thing I realized is that I missed having the choice to go or not. I specifically felt it when I watched Wonder Woman on Christmas Day and how much even more enjoyable it would have been to watch it in the theater, although my bed was more comfortable.

Wonder Woman 1984 on HBO MAX

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