Raw and SDLive weekly review.

So, I can’t tell if it’s just because I have Arrow episodes on netflix to binge or if I’ve truly become absolutely disinterested in monday night raw. It could be either one but for the past two weeks I’ve had absolutely no desire to turn off the laptop, turn on the TV and watch Raw. There was a time were I wouldn’t miss a wrestling show for anything. I wouldn’t work at night, any shows that conflicted would have to wait, I wouldn’t go out, I’d schedule plans and gym sessions around that time, and so on. Times have changed. It’s weird. I am still very much attracted to the sport itself and the performers, you know, my favorites, but as far as Raw or even SDlive go, I’m finding myself less and less interested. I don’t know if it’s because it’s almost too easy to catch up on it, using youtube and so on. If the entertainment aspect has outweighted the importance of the wrestling to the people in charge, I really don’t know. This reviews are becoming harder and harder to write because of the dis interest. It’s like I desperately want to have a reason to watch, but the desire is fading away.

Nonetheless let’s talk a little bit about what I thought of monday night raw after catching up on social media and youtube, earlier today.

  1. Let me start with this Kurt Angle thing. That segment had everyone buzzing on social media about what it could possibly be about, and because of that it did peak my interest. While I didn’t watch any other part of Raw live I kept tabs on it using Twitter so i’d know when the Angle segment was on. I paused my netflix show and turned on the TV just for this and I when Jason Jordan was announced as being Kurt Angles long lost son I started hysterically laughing. Like I couldn’t control myself. I had thought of a million senarios, including Chad Gable being his kid, but this threw me and most of the WWE Universe for a loop, but I guess that was the point. It also seemed to me like some kind of last minute switch was made because I’m not sure how Kurt having a son conceived before he even met his wife, could possibly ruin his career, but I’m trying not to think too much into it. It’s cool for Jason though, while the idea is stupid, it could do great things for him. Obviously bummed that this means my tag team of american alpha is split up but I know that both Jason and Chad will do great in singles competition as Gable has already shown on SDLive. We’ll just try to focus on the positives of this, and not the insanity of this idea.
  2. The segment with Ambrose and Rollins was something I wish I had turned into watch because my shield loving heart would have loved it. From the clip on youtube it was great. I’m not one of the shield lovers who have demanded the shield get back together, and while if they ever did I’d be the happiest girl, I believe it would have to be for a pretty big, pretty important reason, and nothing like that has happened yet, so for now, the few segments of just any two of them together is enough for me. I did like the whole part with Rollins telling Ambrose to take the chair and hit him in the back just like he did to him three years ago, it added to the whole Rollins has turned over a new leaf thing, but the segment also perfectly explained what it’s like to have someone who was as close as they were stab you in the back and even after three years it’s still impossible to trust them ( unless you have too of course) that stuff was pretty well put together I will admit. Having Seth and Dean team up against Miz and his miztourage next week does create an opportunity for Roman but he’s really busy at the moment.
  3. Elias Sampson vs Finn Balor. Again? Not sure I’m seeing the point of all these matches. But i’m not seeing the point of a lot of the things they do these days. I like that they seem to now be going into the direction of Bray vs Finn which they started what three months ago? Oh I hope it’s as good as it has the potential to be!
  4. Bayley vs Alexa.  Only saw the short youtube clip of course but I’ll say again that I hate Sasha always having to come help bayley every single time. I read that Bayley vs Sasha is also happening next week to determine Alexas SS opponent, I think that’s a huge waste of Bayley vs Sasha. big time,
  5. Daivari vs Tozawa. I really don’t like Titus stopping the match because he didn’t think Tozawa could keep going because he was getting beat down. It makes Tozawa look weak and that’s just silly, even with Titus excuse as to why.
  6. Ali and Jack vs Kendrick and Drew. Well I will say it’s nice to see some different CW being used this week instead of just Neville and whoever is chasing him. Always nice to see Ali get the win… the match itself? I wanted more obviously, way too short.
  7.  Big Cass silences Enzo and Big Show. We’ll I like Cass taking it to Big Show, I like the idea of them having a legit match too. I still worry about Enzo though, he’s already such a huge afterthought even with his great in ring promos.
  8. Roman vs Samoa Joe. First of all just giving this match away again on TV sounds silly to me because these guys are so dang good, especially with each other. Also nice to see the crowd giving Roman some love FINALLY, it won’t last, but still, super nice to see him not being completely booed out of the building. With Strowman interrupting the match, which I think we all assumed was going to happen, I’m really hoping for a fatal four way at summerslam. It’ll suck that Brock can beat four of the guys BUT having Roman, Joe and Strowman all in the match going at Brock, I might be able to overlook the silliness of them having Brock survive all of them. It has the potential to be an excellent match.
  9. Hardyz vs The Revival. FIRST OF ALL how the hell did WWE give this away? These two teams could have easily faced each other in the main event of a PPV and everyone would have been over the moon. I’m honestly blown away that they blew the change to make this into something so much bigger. I am pretty siked to see the Revival get the win out of it though.

That’s everything that WWE put up on YouTube for me to catch up on. Looking back on it, watching the Hardys vs The Revival and the short Ambrose and Rollins skit were the only things I wish I had watched lived, but still catching up on them just now was good enough.

So I told myself yeah, I’m gonna watching SDLive, live this week, I mean I have always liked that show better right? Well I didn’t watch it live, and I’m all kinds of bothered by it. But nonetheless, youtube to the rescue again, so here’s what I thought of SDLive after a little catch up.

  1. First of all, that Pujabi Prison looks absolutely terrifying. Literally terrifying. I’m actually looking forward to this battleground match because it’s different. I also loved Ortons promo for it as he climbed the prison. Here’s to hoping WWE doesn’t do anything silly and ruin what could be an excellent match up.
  2. Corbin and Owens vs Nakamura and Styles was a good match up. ( from the short clip I saw) I love the team of Owens and Corbin its beyond a heel team, they’re both nasty fighters and I love it. Excited for both of these two matches coming up on Sunday.
  3. Charlotte vs Becky. I love that Becky was the one to get the win in this match. As much as I love Charlotte, Becky has always been one of the 4HW that has seemingly gotten the short straw. She’s obviously had great success but compared to the other three, not as much, so a win here over charlotte was nice to see. I can EASILY see these two throwing down in a 20-30 minute match one on one on PPV.  The five women involved in this fatal 5 way match on sunday, I believe can have an outstanding match, but like I’ve said before if Lana is the one to come out on top, especially with Tamina helping her, I won’t be so happy.
  4. Renee Young interviews Chad Gable. As insane as this whole biological thing is, I am excited for what is next for Gable. We’ve been shown that he can obviously handle himself in the ring quite well as a team and solo and he’s got an insane amount of talent and I just hope they use all of that to the fullest for him.
  5. Sami vs Mike. I really think they blew it by giving us this on SDLive first instead of just having this match first on PPV. Mike and Maria were huge on the indy circuit and even though WWE has turned it around as they’re the Kannelisis instead of the Bennetts’ they should still be capitalizing on that otherwise I think Mike and Maria are going to well not necessarily flop but not be as big a deal as everyone initially expected them to be.
  6. I have zero ideas as to where this Fashion Files thing is going, who keeps doing these things to them. I’m honestly out of any ideas as far as which tag team could be screwing with them but if it ends up being something that breaks them up too I’ll scream, WWE is literally tearing apart all of their tag teams, so hopefully that isn’t the case. NXT team maybe? who knows.
  7. Kingston vs Jimmy Uso. Kofi has always been an insanely talented guy and this match was no different. I love this Uso and New Day program so much just like I knew that I would.
  8. Rusev blindsides Cena. I hate that this is a flag match, I just don’t care for the concept but other than that, Rusev and Cena always put on good matches so I’m sure this will be no different.

This review isn’t the best, but it was better than giving up and not doing one at all, which I’ll be honest was almost the case. No matter what shenanigans happen on Raw or SDLive I always do look forward to the PPVs because there’s always more focus on the wrestling and not so much the nonesense, so I am certainly looking forward to Battleground on Sunday and I know the SDLive stars will bring it. I’ll have my full thoughts and predictions on those matches up in the next few days!

Hopefully I’ll be more inspired to watch Raw and SDLive in the coming weeks leading into Summerslam!

Until next time!



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