Sundays are for PPVs.

Every PPV has it’s go home event, the Raw or SDLive before the show. For me, Battleground is the go home PPV to Summerslam for the SDLive brand. This PPV is more than likely going to set the stage for what we’re going to see come August. Especially in the case of the women, the way tonights PPV goes puts those in place for what they can expect for themselves, and what we can expect come Summerslam.

Here’s what I think about tonights Battleground PPV.


  1. Aiden English vs Tye Dillinger. These two seem to be WWEs go to for their PPV preshow ever since Tye came up and Aiden went solo. They perform great together, always a decent match, but both of them have way to much potential to just be throw into a match whenever WWE needs it, without any real direction or story. I hope after tonight, WWE can find something better for both these guys. My winner: Tye Dillinger.
  2. Sami Zayn vs Mike Kanellis. As much potential as these two have for a great Summerslam match I don’t see that happening. This seems to be a fun introduction of Mr. Kanellis to the ring in WWE and something for Sami to do as well. Considering Mike won on SDLive last week, I expect Zayn to manage to pick up the win here, with a rematch happening on smackdown next week to end the feud and find out what is next for them both come SummerSlam.
  3. We find out who keeps attacking Breezango. Well this is really up in the air as to who this could be. It could be a total swerve, an NXT call up, or nothing at all. I’ve read rumors that it’s Harper and Rowan but I hate that idea. WWE just disbanded them, and for a pinch of a time it looked like Harper was getting enough of the WWE universe behind him to make a solo run extremely successful. These two should have been seen as a dangerous tag team back in the day, but for me, that’s over. I honesty have zero ideas on the direction they’re going with this. 
  4. Shinsuke Nakamura vs Baron Corbin. These are two guys who are destined to sit attop of the WWE seeminly at the exact same time, so a winner here is tough. The way they’re matches have turned into brawls, a DQ ending is extremely possibly here. If not, I still see Nakamura heading to the US Championship against AJ just as I expected him to face KO for it. If that’s the case, my pick here to win, if it is a clean win, is Nakamura, The loss wont hurt Baron as much as it would Shinsuke. Baron has the briefcase, he’ll be just fine.
  5. Women’s Fatal 5 way Elimination match for Number one contendership. One of my favorite things about the SDLive womens division is that they’re all seen as practically equals. They’re all in the midst of everything that is happening. Lana, Charlotte, Becky, Nattie and Tamina are going to give us an outstanding show tonight, no question. With the push Lana is getting and the help of Tamina I’m afraid she’s WWE’s pick to win this match, but she isn’t mine. If any of the other girls won I’d be completely okay with it, but as far as Lana goes, I’m not ready for her yet. She’s already had two shots at Naomi and failed miserably. My number one pick tonight to win is of course Natalya. It’s always Natalya. She deserves that Summerslam match, she deserves a chance at the womens title, she deserves to hold that SDLive womens title and here’s to hoping WWE allows her to finally have a chance to do that. ( and doesn’t fuck it up by having Carmella cash in on here come SummerSlam time, if she was to win tonight)
  6. Tag Team Championship Match. The Usos vs The New Day. I have really enjoyed this feud, just as I imagined I would. I also believe that this match has potential to be the best of the night and this feud will continue into Summerslam. That being said I’d like to see the New Day win tonight in order to achieve the momentum to continue this into next month. I guess a DQ finish could achieve the same result BUT I don’t really want too many of those in one night.
  7.  John Cena vs Rusev in a Flag match. I hate just about everything about this other than they two could have a decent match. Rusev should not have been brought back this way. There must have been plenty of other people for John to fight leading into whatever they have planned for him at SummerSlam.  To me the whole thing with a flag match is to make up for what is for sure going to happen in the main event match. My pick: John Cena wins 
  8. US Championship Match. AJ Styles vs Kevin Owens. These two probably should end up being the main event, just as they should have been last time. They are easily two of the hardest working guys and always put on an amazing show. Owens was an amazing champion, but tonight I hope to see Styles retain for the simple reason that Nakamura vs Styles for the US Title at Summerslam screams AMAZING. I want that match pretty badly and it would be very easy for WWE to find Owens something viable to do at Summerslam. ( as long as it’s not against Sami Zayn)
  9. WWE Championship Match. Jinder Mahal vs Randy Orton. If WWE hadn’t put this match inside the insanity that is the Pujabi Prison I don’t think a single person would care. The draw to this isn’t your champion, or your million time world champion, its the prison. I will say that on SDlive last week the pair did make me slightly more excited for this match than I had been before it. And I am excited to see how this Prison structure plays into both of their game plans. This is also a prime time for Corbin to cash in on whoever wins because lets face it, they’re fighting inside a ridiculous prison structure, no matter who the winner, they’re both going to be beat down. But do they have Baron do it so early? and not give him a bigger stage to do it on? anything is possible. That being said, Randy does not need this win in any way shape or form so my pick to win is Jinder.


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