Money In The Bank Predictions! 

Happy MITB Day! 

This quite honestly could be my favorite PPV. the last could of years I’ve been slightly disappointed but I have a feeling this year will make it for it ( fingers crossed!) Much like how I love the Royal Rumble this kind of PPV is just exciting. Even if you THINK you know who’s going to climb the ladder its still exciting to watch them all fight to reach the top. And to make things even better we have a WOMENS MITB ladder match and if anyone knows me at all they know I almost cried happy tears when they announced this! So many of my favorite women, talented women, getting a chance to make history in a HUGE way and im over the moon excited for it. 

Now on to the predictions

Preshow: looks like the Hype Bros are back together again and facing the Colons. Still can’t see why Breezango has no place in this PPV but nonetheless. I’m really happy Zack is back and heathy and the hype bros can happen once again. I couldn’t tell you why I have this feeling the hype bros won’t work out for long, but I do, I’m not saying a heel turn by any means but maybe? I dunno just a feeling, besides that I’m obviously rooting for the hype bros to kick they’re reunion and this PPV off with a win. 

Naomi vs Lana. 

  • I am quite interested in this, for many reasons. One I’m glad Naomi gets to fight because with the women’s MITB match I didn’t think she was going too. I’m also excited to see how Lana has improved, its clear on social media she’s working hard so its now time to put up or shut up. With that said I do hope WWE doesn’t do anything crazy and have Lana win… They’ve done things like this before, and I believe they were planning it with Eva, its WAY too soon. I understand why the title is on the line because Naomi wanted to prove a point but you can have this match end in a double count out or a DQ or something that way Lana doesn’t start off with a loss exactly but Naomi remains champ.💁 

New Day vs The Usos. 

  • Love love love both of these teams and this match will certainly be outstanding but I’m totally torn on the winner. I have so many scenarios going around in my head especially with Summerslam basically right around the corner. But I think I’ve come to decide that I’d like to see the New Day become the champions BECAUSE then we can see those heel Usos chasing back after they’re titles and bring this whole paranoia thing up a notch 😉 but if it went the other way I’m good with Usos retaining too. 

Mahal vs Orton. 

  • Oh I don’t even know who I want this to go. I obviously like Orton better but he doesn’t need the title. I don’t like Mahal but he’s a younger guy who’s the title does certainly benefit. So my heart goes to Randy but logically its better if Mahal retains. 

Womens MITB match. 

  • Oh boy. I’ll start out by saying that every woman deserves it and I won’t be angry with any winner. That being said I obviously have my picks. I don’t believe that Becky and Charlotte need this win. I’m not convinced that anyone besides me and a her real fans would care if Tamina won it. That leaves Nattie and Carmella. I do really love Carmella I have since NXT and she’s grown tremendously. She also has James on the side to aid her whenever necessary and if they allow him ringside he’d be a big factor. She’s also got two or three clean wins over Naomi already so she really should have had a title shot herself. She’s definitely my number two pick to win the briefcase. And for my number one pick its of course Natalya. But its for more reasons than just that she’s my favorite woman. I truly believe she deserves this. She’s only been a 1x divas champion seven years ago and yes she’s been apart of the first ever women’s table match and the first ever womens falls count anywhere match BUT she doesn’t have too much to show. This woman works insanely hard and she’s extremely loyal to the company. She’s taken every single crazy storyline they’ve given her (remember the farting one? 😑) and shes ran with them and did her best with them. She’s had incredible feuds with the likes of Nikki Bella, Charlotte, Laycool just to name a couple and most importantly she’s INSANELY TALENTED. I truly believe she’s the most underrated woman they have. She deserves to hold that MITB briefcase AND cash it in successfully and become Women’s Champion. She truly truly deserves that. 

Men’s MITB match

  • Sometimes they fill this match with guys that don’t necessarily make any sense just so the main guy or few guys can be spotlighted more, I don’t believe that’s the case here. All of these guys are oozing with talent and any of them are more than capable of being Mr. MITB and a world champion. That being said, Kevin is already US Champ, that’s enough for now, AJ has already had an incredible world title run and she doesn’t need the briefcase. Ziggler has already won and while being a two time MITB winner sounds great I dont really see it happening. Nakamura grabbed the case to close SDLive and that USUALLY means that guys ain’t winning either and while I’d love to see him win I’m more interested in seeing him chase KO for that US Championship. That leaves Zayn and Corbin. Oh Sami Zayn, why that guys hasnt held some kind of gold yet I’ll never know but he’s incredible and the wwe universe loves him. He’s absolutely my number two pick to win. BUT my number one pick is definitely Baron Corbin. I’ve been a fan of this for a long time and he’s progressed fantastically. He’s come into his own and he’s been able to throw down with the best they have and do way more than just hold his own. I think winning the MITB match would help him SO MUCH. I almost wanna say I get an old school edge vibe from him being an ultimate opportunist ( and no relax I didn’t just completely compare him to a HOF like Edge, he’s got more than a ways to go) I just get a feeling. I’d love to see Baron become world champion, I think this is a great way for it to happen, it fits him perfectly and I’m really hoping he does capture that briefcase tonight. 

This PPV should be exciting. We also have the unknown elements of Rusevs possible return, and the flying rumors of Mike and Maria Bennett finally coming to SDLive and who knows what else! Its been a while where I was literally excited for a PPV and I’m really looking forward to tonight! 

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