Raw and SDLive Review!

Well it’s been a while since I actually gave up on watching Monday Night Raw. I haven’t worked a night shift in a while, and I certainly wouldn’t have normally agreed to pick up a shift on a monday night but I did this past monday and why? besides the extra money of course, well because I knew it wasn’t going to be anything interesting, it wasn’t going to be worth giving up extra money or anything like that and I was beyond right. Earlier today I looked up everything that happened on Youtube, caught up completely within an hour maybe less and was absolutely not impressed at all with 96% of it. But there were a few things I did like that made it into the my top 4.


  1. Samoa Joe. He killed it again. The way he stood right up to Brock AND threw the first punch… well headbutt… maybe guys have stood up to him obviously but this feels different. Then his backstage promo with Mike Rome about what he did with Brock earlier in the night, just absolutely fantastic work. I love the idea of Samoa Joe going over him, although I’m sure it’ll never happen but image how great it would be if he did?
  2. Bray Wyatt and Seth Rollins. I’ve been excited for this feud since last week when the bricks were being laid out for it and their in ring confrontation on monday night made me even more excited. I think this is going to incredible.
  3. SDLive tag team division. I didn’t add this for any particular reason except that I just seriously love it. I like the way it’s booked for the most part, I love the teams involved and I just get more excited about it than I do for Raws. They’re doing great stuff and with the addition of the New day it’s only gotten better. But with one complaint…. where the heck is AMERICAN ALPHA?! seriously let’s get them back in the mix shall we.
  4. Tom Phillips. This is a little different but I feel he needs to be shouted out. I’ve always liked his work and he’s been outstanding on NXT and absolutely wonderful on SDLive. I don’t think he gets noticed for how great he’s been on both shows, he’s easily one of my favorite commentators. And he has to work alongside JBL and in my book that gets him even more praise 😉



The rest of monday night raw.


  • Will they do the whole two men brawling to be broken up by the locker room only to escape and keep attacking each other every single time Brock decides to come to TV? I mean yeah is it exciting? most of the time yeah, but eventually it’s going to get old. I wish Heyman would stop having to say reigning DEFENDING.. blah blah because he isn’t a defending champion and I wish he’d stop trying to brainwash people into thinking he is.
  • I love this Goldust stuff and I’m like R-Truths counter promos too! They’re both doing an excellent job and whatever ends up happening I’m looking forward to it, I’m not worried about them dropping the ball, I’m worried about WWE dropping the ball, as usual.
  • Noam vs Cedric could have been an outstanding match but it was over in 2 seconds because Darr was too busy on the phone facetiming a screaming Foxy? What? If you’re trying to help the cruiserweight division this is certainly NOT the way to do it.
  • Elias vs Ambrose. I have a serious question why does WWE feel the need to beat a match to death? Two guys like Elias and Dean have a GREAT match for Elias’s debut but them continuing this over and OVER AND OVER again for no real reason ruins that.
  • Kalisto vs Apollo AGAIN. why? for Tozawa. Keep Tozawa away from the titus brand please and thank you.
  • I mentioned it already but Seth and Brays work together for their promo in the ring was fantastic stuff and I’m looking forward to seeing where it goes.
  • Womens promo and tag team match. I know I’ve made my feelings on the sasha character perfectly clear but this week it really erked me. I know so many people LOVE HER and I mean really LOVE HER but I just don’t. I love her entrance music and her in ring skills pretty good but I’m over it. yup, I said it. The Raw womens division has so many talent women in it, and so much more potential than it did before but it’s so off. Personally I’d love to see Emma get her hands on Alexa. It’s beyond overdue for her and it’s a shame it’s taken this long as it is. And I certainly didn’t like Sasha tapping her out to get the win but what will my bitching change?
  • Interesting sit down with Bayley and Corey. I understand what she was saying though. She isn’t going to change who she is because people want her too. She wants people to know that they can reach there dreams by doing things there way and I like that. Still doesn’t make her my number one fav or anything but it was a good interview.
  • Neville vs Swann was another cruiserweight mess. But Nevilles promo afterwards was outstanding. With Aries out of the picture I do wonder who will be the one to step to Neville next and almost more importantly who will be the guy who dethrones the king?
  • Miz and The Bear vs Heath and Rhyno. What? They must be going somewhere with this paranoia thing and Maryse getting hurt and always leaving him at ringside alone right? I don’t know where they’d be going butt here must be a reason for that you’d think? Deans rematch should happen at great balls of fire and please god let that be the end so both guys can get something new going as they head into SummerSlam.
  • Cass gets attacked again. You’d think by now Enzo and Cass would have gotten some personal security around themselves but apparently not. Will this end of leading to a Big Cass and Big Show feud? because it sure seems that way. With the Revival in the background of every video of the aftermath of the attack is it too obvious it’s them? Is Cass attacking himself? So many questionsssss!
  • So I was super excited that I didn’t miss the tag team two out of three falls match because it was the one thing advertised that I was looking forward to watching. I was also excited that the tag team championship got the main event spot. But as I was excited I got QUICKLY disappointed. A freaking tie? it ends in a double count out? You’ve got to be kidding me. If you want this to last into the GBOF PPV then just have it scheduled for then and that’s it. Plus the match before the double count out ending wasn’t even that good, which is insane considering the the amount of talent both teams have.


Smackdown Live.


  • New Day teaming with Breezango to take on the Usos and The Colons. What a great entrance with New Day and all the fellow band members (The Soul Rebels I think) that followed them to the ring. Great sound. outstanding match with all the guys and I’m always happy to see Xavier Woods get to pick up the pin for the wins because I think he’s insanely underrated. Great showing by the SDLive tag team division .
  • Zack Ryder is back. And this makes me crazy happy because I adore this guy and I love watching him in the ring and I’m super happy he’s healthy again.
  • Naomi vs Tamina. Then Lana shows up. to watch? i guess. NASTY headbutt from Tamina, love seeing Tamina in singles action. And Damn Lana clocked her. I really want to root for Lana but all I have to go on is her WM moment, so I have to see more from her first. Either way, Im not ready for Naomi to lose the title yet, and certainly not to Lana who’s just getting started.
  • I honestly didn’t listen to anything Jinder had to say. I was watching Celeste Bonins Celestial Bodiez weekly facebook video instead, which I had been watching the entire time and If you’re into fitness, or liked Celeste/ Kaitlyn when she was in WWE or you’re all about women empowerment or anything like that, check out Celeste and Celestial Bodiez on all the social media stuff.  She’s doing amazing things.    Oh but that RKO from Randy was pretty sweet 😉
  • Nattie vs Charlotte. Oh I love when these two square up in the ring! Such a fantastic match between them with some great near falls. Charlotte picked up the win here but my hearts on Nattie getting that briefcase on Sunday.
  • KO Baron and Dolph vs Sami Styles and Nakamura.  By the way Zayns pre match pep talks with his opponents before matches is HILARIOUS and I honestly hope they show more of them. AND he picks up the win over Corbin! Very good back and forth match between all the MITB opponents. I’m REALLY looking forward to this match on Sunday, great competition and yeah I still want Corbin to walk out with the Briefcase.


I am REALLY looking forward to this MITB PPV and I usually don’t get my hopes up but I’m gonna stay excited and hope for the best with it. Predictions should be up saturday night or sunday morning! until then 🙂



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