MITB Post PPV Thoughts! 

I was hoping I wouldn’t get my hopes shit on as I had high hopes BUT I should know better by now but I just can’t help it. This PPV was not what I expected. It wasn’t all bad by any means either. Anyways, let’s get to it. 

Pre Show: Colons vs Hype Bros 

  • Decent match, really happy that Ryder is healthy and ready to go. Hope this means more good things for the Hype bros. 

Women’s MITB ladder match. 

  • I couldn’t have been mor excited for this match. If you know me you know I am the biggest women’s wrestling fan. I had my picks to win but I knew that whoever won I’d be the moon happy for them because they were on the winning side of history. And then the match happened and I couldn’t have been more disappointed. Carmella was my second choice and I could not be happier for her getting that briefcase and to no fault of hers I couldn’t be more ticked off as to how it happened. Why couldn’t Carmella have gotten the briefcase HERSELF. I expected Ellsworth to get involved but never like this. What a slap in the face. Yes ladies you’ll make history by being in the first ever women’s MITB ladder match BUT none of you will actually unclip the briefcase but a fucking man will. I can’t put into words how angry that makes me.I understand its storyline and heat and making you watch on Tuesday but when you’re looking at this match as a huge women’s empowerment moment… A man grabbing the briefcase seriously ticks you off.  I’m going to try to look past my anger of the booking and just focus on what this can go for Carmella and her career. She has improved SO much and she does deserve this opportunity. 

Usos vs The New Day. SDLive Tag Team Championship.

  • And the Tag Team match ends in a DQ. now maybe if I hadnt just witnessed the opening match and been so ticked I wouldn’t care about this No DQ but I do. I get not wanting any of the teams to look “weak” but honestly why have these two fight already anyways? You could have put it off. Just seems like an insane let down… Again. Hope they’re next encounter is MUCH BETTER. 

Naomi vs Lana. SDLive women’s championship match. 

  • Well Lana did sort of impress me. She wasnt great but she was better than I was expecting so I’m hopeful for the future. Thankfully Naomi retained and nice touch with Carmella teasing the cash in. 

Randy vs Mahal. WWE Championship 

  • Well the match wasnt awful and having Randy’s father at ringside was a nice touch and the brothers attacking daddy Orton to get Randy distracted was brilliant in a way for Randy to lose and not look completely weak. I’m interested to see what’s next. I expect Randy to take time off and who will feud with Jinder? We will see I guess.

SURPRISE. Breezango vs Ascension

  • Yay Breezango made it into the PPV. I was shocked they’d keep them off it considering the run they’ve had the last few weeks and its always good to see the ascension. And Breezango picked up the win. I must ask though… Where the hell is American Alpha?…. 

Mens MITB ladder match. 

  • Baron gets incredible heat by attacking Nakamura during the entrance.BUT BARON CORBIN IS MR. MITB. I know a lot of people don’t like him but I’ve liked him since NXT and that hasn’t changed so him winnng makes me insanely happy. All the guys in this match did AMAZING. Seriously amazing. I don’t know how KO is moving. Dolph showed why he deserves better. Sami was incredible. Nakamura was NUTS and his show down with AJ gave me chills. You don’t have to like him but this fits Corbin PERFECTLY and I’m crazy happy about this. 

Well we all know this PPV wasnt great but the main event was almost good enough to make up for all of the other crap. I will admit that I’m definitely looking forward to SDLive for sure. 

Until then 😏 

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