Extreme Rules Post PPV thoughts. 

Kickoff matches are usually pretty good at least I always think so but I think Kalisto vs Apollo is the best one ive seen in quite a while. Both of them are incredible athletes and they showed that tonight. Incredible talents with great potential and bright futures! 

Dean vs Miz kicked off the start of the PPV and it was an excellent match. These two are incredible and while the ending was a hot mess, I hope after Ambroses rematch these two go their seperate ways. Congrats Miz on your 7th IC Title though 💁 

Sasha and Swann vs Alicia and Noam Dar was a fun match! Thats really all i can stay about it. It was fun. But its a good thing. 

Elias Sampson comes out to sing. K. 

Alexa vs Bayley. Uh okay, well im happy Alexa retained! But match itself wasnt great. It started out pretty good and then it kind of went down hill. I thought it was whoever got the kendo was the one to use it? So Bayley got the stick but then Alexa was able to use it… Really such a mess. Honestly this should be the end of Bayleys title hunt and Alexa should get new competition… Probably Nia and hopefully not Sasha. 

Cesaro and Sheamus vs The Hardy Boyz in a steel cage. Oh what a beautiful match!! Crazy kind of ending but nonetheless a fantastic championship match, congratulation to Sheamus and Cesaro for becoming tag team champions again! 

Neville vs Austin Aries I was SO excited for and I wasnt completely disappointed. They went ALL OUT in that ring. The whole Neville tapping out outside the ring was ridiculous…. Neville has been an incredible champion BUT I was so ready for Aries to hold gold so im kinda bummed about that but regardless steller five star match from them both. 

Finn vs Bray vs Seth vs Roman vs Joe in the fatal five way. Wow. What an incredble match, i almost cant put it into words. Beyond amazing. Joe vs Brock has huge potential but it all depends on if Brock decides to show up and work the match for real. Every guy put this heart out there and it showed how badly every guy on the Raw roster wants that title! 
All in all the PPV wasnt amazing by any means and honestly the booking was mostly awful. But the wrestling was pretty good and that main event was OUTSTANDING. So im always trying to focus more on that than the awful booking. 

Until next time 👌 

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