Raw and SDLive review! 

Ive been on a wrestling high for the last few days. I went to a Live show for SDLive saturday night and that always reminds me of how wrestling is suppose to be fun & its hard to remember that sometimes especially these days! So I went into this weeks Raw and SDLive with high hopes and they werent that bad! 

This weeks top performers

  • Samoa Joe is definitely number one. His performance with Heyman was top notch. It was so good and actually terrifying and then his match later on in the night with Rollins was also fantastic. 
  • Alexa Bliss. It hasnt been a great time for the Raw women these past few weeks. Its obvious the writers are lost. But regardless of all that mess Bliss has done her very best to make everything work. Shes truly been outstanding. 
  • The Miz. He was amazing this week. Usually the celebrations are boring and unecessary but this onr was different. I loved the paranoia Miz has about Dean and that its so bad it ticked Maryse off when he ruined her present. I also loved the swerve, I would have bet money Dean was in that Bear, but im glad to be wrong and WWE wasnt that lazy. 
  • Baron Corbin. He only sat on commentary this week, but also laid out Sami and Nakamura. I have the highest of hopes that he wins that MITB briefcase. Hes really taken the ball and ran with it. 
  • Lana. First of all she looked great tonight. She demanded something, she didnt get so then she found a way to get what she wanted anyways, it wasnt the MITB match but she ticked off the champion and herself a singles match instead. I put her on this list because im really intrigued as to how Lana does. 

    Monday Night Raw 

    • Yes we’ve seen Bray vs Roman many many times but it was an excellent opening match for Raw and quite fun too. I enjoyed it. 
    • Elias encounter with Ambrose was a treat. I love the look and style of this Elias guy and I honestly want more… Maybe less singing though. 
    • I touched on it already but I loved Joes work tonight. His encounter with Heyman was fantastic. Both guys did amazing things monday night. 
    • Cesaro/Sheamus vs Heath/Rhyno was nice and quick and hey at least Heath and Rhyno got a match on tv. 
    • Mustafa Ali vs TJP. I have no complains except that I wish it was longer. I absolutely love Ali. Hes probably my favorite cruiserweight. hope we get more of him on Raw. 
    • Oh Goldust. I love this guy and im over the moon excited that hes getting this run! 
    • Kalisto vs Titus. Again. Did nothing for me. Except good for Kalisto getting all these Ws. 
    • Cass was attacked. I still feel like he attacked himself so to say. To get the blame off him for attacking Enzo. Or maybe it is the Revival but thats too easy. 
    • Miz Championship Celebration. Great stuff. As ive already mentioned above. 
    • Luke and Karl vs Enzo and Big Show. When Enzo had to find a partner I honestly thought of everyone but never thought of Big Show. It was a fun moment though with Enzo and Show. Didnt really care about the match though. 
    • I actually also liked the black and white promo R-Truth did on Goldust. Has serious potential to be something. 
    • Nia vs Alexa. Oh what a mess what a mess what a mess. Like I said before Alexa tries so hard to save those segments. Its none of the girls fault that this writing is awful and no one should blame them.  
    • Seth vs Joe is becoming quite a trend but its always a good match. I hope itll be a little while before we have to see it again though. And the idea of Bray vs Seth. Thats certainly exciting. 


    Smackdown Live

    • Oh that MITB briefcase is so classy and lovely! Im so excited for this match you have no idea! I of course have my heart set on Nattie getting it! I love the addition of Lana to this division and like I said before im intrigued to see how she does! I expected Lana to get a match with Naomi at MITB but i didnt expect it to be for the title but I understand why and honestly if it wasnt people would complain about it because its been a while since Naomi would have had to defend it. 
    • I like the backstage segement with Mojo and Shane. It was mellow and all business. I love mojo being crazy but to tone down that segment was the right thing to do. His match with Jinder on the otherhand? Eh.
    • Styles vs Ziggler match was great, not as great as last weeks but still good. 
    • Oh I swear the fashion files will never get old! Liked the edition of The New Day this week too. 
    • New Days match against the Colons was actually great and the Uso confrontation after was even better.beyond excited for that MITB match. 
    • Shinske vs Owens was great. Im a little concered with Owens thumb but besides that, I think its safe to say,if he doesnt win the MITB Shinske is definitely in line for the US title! And Baron laying out Shinske was bold! Nakamura gets a win over the US Champ but then gets laid out by Baron, thats huge for corbin. 

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