WWE Extreme Rules Predictions.

Let’s jump right into it shall we?

I’m actually excited for all the matches tonight, I may not be too excited about the outcomes or what is going to come after them but I’m excited for the wrestling tonight.


I wasn’t thrilled with the kendo stick on a pole idea for Alexa and Bayley and I’m still not, but I am glad that they get some kind of stipulation going into the match. I do hope one of them gets the kendo stick rather quickly and it’s not just the two of them dragging the other way from the pole and we get a damn good match which we should get from them both. I am rooting for Alexa to retain tonight although I am worried they’re going to actually have Bayley win with the looming rumor of Sasha vs Bayley for the title at SummerSlam which is quickly approaching us.

I’m fully expecting The Miz and Maryse to pull some crap to get Dean DQ’d. I wouldn’t even be surprised to see Maryse slap her husband on purpose, or something like that to make it happen. Or for Miz to have someone in his back pocket to attack him. Either way Dean and Miz always put on a good match together and once again I hope they find new opponents soon because they cannot fight each other forever.

Oh Hardyz and Cesaro/Sheamus in a steel cage. I’d be shocked if we don’t see Jeff fly off some shit haha. I’m not sure who I want to win this… would Sheamus and Cesaro as heels be even better champions than they were as faces? maybe. But do you take the belts off Hardys already? eh, you could. Either way those four crazy guys locked inside a steel cage together is going to be one of those omg matches I’m sure. Im prepared to be entertained.

Neville vs Austin Aries in a submission might be the matches I’m extra interested in. They both are incredible and have incredible submissions and I’m super excited to see what these two great performers pull out against each other. I would like to see Aries finally get the best of Neville. Neville has been an amazing champion but to see him on the other side of this, chasing after Aries would be a nice change of pace and well Austin Aries is my favorite so maybe I’m a little biased?

Sasha and Swann vs Alicia and Noam. First of all super happy to see Foxxy on a PPV even if it is just the preshow, second of all I’m oddly looking forward to this. I’ve liked this whole thing they’ve got going on and I think it’ll be a fun match to kick off the PPV. As much as I like Swann I’d like to see Noam and Alicia get the win, mostly because I want to see Alicia get a PPV win.

As I was writing this I saw that Apollo vs Kalisto was also added to the kickoff. Well the reason for the match I couldn’t care less about BUT I love Kalisto and Apollo and they’re both crazy talented in the ring so unless Titus gets unnecessarily involved, this should be a fun match as well to kick off the PPV.

And now it brings us to our main event. Bray vs Roman vs Seth vs Finn vs Joe. First of all all the talent in this match is absolutely mind blowing. And because of that it’s super hard to pick a winner. I mean to see Bray win after his short stint as WWE Champion would be great for him. To see Finn win to go after the title he never lost would be a perfect scenario. The idea of Samoa Joe against Brock is actually exciting to me. To see Seth come face to face with Brock would be amazing. Even to see Roman step to Brock again would be great. The only problem is, that if you look too closely you know Brock probably isn’t going to lose that title until SummerSlam and it’s all about Roman and him or Braun and him once he gets better so whoever does win this, even Roman, it’s bittersweet because for whatever reason WWE still believes Brock is worth putting a title on him and having him sit at home. It still thinks it’s the DUMBEST thing in the entire world and it’s not fair to any of the guys fighting every single night for that same title with the intention of showing up and defending it. But with that aside, the match is going to be outstanding and yes I’d like to see Finn win just to get back to where he should be, to fight for the title he never lost and just to see him take it to Brock, and I’d have to say Seth would be my second pick. But in all honesty I’d be happy with whoever wins, less happy about Roman, but i’d get over it a lot faster than people who can’t stand him, but like I said my hearts on Finn winning.


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