Summerslam 2018 predictions!

Sweet Summerslam!

I think sometimes I look forward to SummerSlam more than WrestleMania. It has the huge PPV feel but not so much that the wrestling necessarily gets completely overlooked. This years match card looks fantastic. I haven’t been a die-hard watcher as of late, but I did make sure to catch the last Raw and SDLive. Honestly, all I needed was social media to be as up to date as possible and even sometimes knowing whos wrestling who without knowing the whole storyline is all I need to know.

  • A perfect example of that is the WWE Championship match: AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe. I don’t need to know the whole story because those two are enough. I know that Styles vs. Joe is going to be an outstanding fight because Styles and Joe are outstanding fighters and I already know they have great in-ring chemistry. So whos coming out on top? Samoa Joe, I hope. It’s time to shake things up.


  • Universal Championship: Brock vs. Roman. I could sit here and ramble on and on about Brock Lesnar’s useless ass, but it’s not worth it. Will this be the time Roman finally does it? Will Kevin Owens or Braun Strowman cash in successfully on either guy? Whatever gets Brock out of the picture is a win-win for me. But I don’t have any real expectations either way.


  • Raw Women’s Championship: Alexa Bliss vs. Ronda Rousey. Everywhere you look on social media someone has an opinion on Alexa Bliss. So here’s mine, She’s outstanding, and she’s shocked everyone. I don’t think anyone expected her to outshine the four horsewomen, I think some might be angry that she has, what I think we should be is damn proud of her. Her character is top notch, she is wonderful with the crowd and her mic, and in-ring work is great. While I think that Ronda has turned out to be great in the WWE, I don’t know how I feel about her holding the title. I don’t get the, oh yeah she’s ready kind of feeling about it, but it is Summerslam and if you want a big feel for the match, then yeah, you give the title to Ronda. For me, I think it’s best Alexa keeps it.


  • Smackdown Women’s Championship: Carmella vs. Becky vs. Charlotte: Much like with Alexa I think people should be damn proud of Carmella for doing what she has. Again, no one expected her to become who she is, but she did, she proved everyone wrong, and I think that’s the best kind of story. An even better one would be Becky winning tonight. No one thinks she can because Charlotte has been added to the match and while beating both Charlotte and Becky would add another notch to Carmella’s belt, and give her more power, a win over Charlotte and Carmella tonight would do wonders for Becky. My choice to win tonight is Becky.


  • Bryan vs. The Miz. This is the match that I am most excited about. Since the days of Pros and Rookies in NXT these two have had a special kind of chemistry… and even when they weren’t necessarily trying, they had everyone hooked. They are perfect for each other, and no one thought we’d get to see this. Some of the most explosive work by both of them occurred when Daniel couldn’t wrestle, and all he could do was listen to Miz throw it in his face on talking smack. I was believed by everyone, including Miz, that Bryan would never get the chance to really shut him up. But now he’s getting that chance. While I’ll be hoping to see Bryan be victorious tonight, I think no matter who wins we are in store for one hell of a match, a potential match of the year, and while I’ve stopped letting WWE get my hopes up, I can’t help but have high hopes for this match to blow us all away.


  • Intercontinental Championship: Dolph vs. Seth: With both Seth and Dolph being such high caliber athletes I can’t imagine them not blowing the roof off the place. Bringing in the unpredictability of Ambrose serves to make things interesting. Will Dean help make sure his shield brother wins? Or will he make his official return by turning on Rollins resulting in Dolph retaining his IC Title and giving us yet another round of Rollins vs. Ambrose? Only a few hours until we know.
    I’m looking forward to Seth winning, but no matter if Seth and Dean are friends or enemies, they’re exactly what this girl needs to become invested again.


  • United States Championship: Nakamura vs. Hardy: I’m a little ashamed to admit I haven’t followed much of this. But knowing both Nakamura and Hardy in the ring, I have no doubt this match would be a good one. I think with how many hoops Nakamura had to endure to not even capture the WWE title, it’s only fair he keeps the US title a little longer, So I hope he keeps it tonight.


  • MITB briefcase match: Braun vs. Owens. No matter who wins this I hope they help to ensure that Brock Lesnar doesn’t leave the building Universal Champion. I do hate when they do this kind of matches though because Braun got the briefcase by winning the MITB match, it should just be his, but if he was going to possibly lose it, at least it’s to someone like Owens who could make it interesting in his own way. Deep down though, I hope Braun keeps it.


  • Smackdown Tag Team Championship: Bludgeon Brothers vs. New Day: The New Day has made quite a resume for themselves, and the Bludgeon Brothers have proven their dominance, which is what Harper and Rowen were always meant to do. I don’t think many believe that the New Day can actually beat them, but they’ve made a career out of proving everyone wrong, so I think it’s possible and would make things really interesting, so I’m definitely rooting for another New Day title reign tonight.


  • Raw Tag Team Championship: The B Team vs. The Revival: Since NXT The Revival had been one of my all-time favorite tag teams, and then they come up to the main roster, and they seemed to have lost “it.” As much as it’s been great to know Dallas and Axel have been able to make names for themselves without being attached to the Miz, I’d like to see the Revival pick up the win here, have a true reign, and become that mind-blowing tag team they were supposed to continue being.


  • Finn Balor vs. Baron Corbin: Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think people are giving this match a chance, and I’m not sure why. Maybe most don’t like Corbin, but I always have, and Balor is my favorite, and I have no doubt that this match is going to be one hell of a fight. Of course, I hope to see Balor win, but something tells me that maybe Corbin is going to have something up his sleeve, either way, I might be the minority but I’m looking forward to it.


  • Cruiserweight championship: Cedric vs. Drew Gulak (Kick-off show): I will admit I have fallen incredibly behind on 205 Live. I have zero clue what is happening, what I do know is Gulak hasn’t been champion yet and does seem to have some kind of character development so his winning would be cool, but what I know for sure is that Alexander is one of my absolute favorites so without knowing much, I hope he retains.


  • Andrade Cien Almas and Zelina Vega vs. Rusev and Lana (Kick-off show): I’m most looking forward to seeing Zelina tonight. I’ve always liked her, but I haven’t kept up enough besides little snippets of video on social media. But I also love Rusev, so I have no idea who I want in this match, just hope it’s a good one.



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