So, I’m going to miss my first WWE PPV probably ever. Doesn’t seem all that important but for someone who used to make sure, no matter what, she was home on a Sunday night for a PPV, this is like a wrestling fan milestone or something right? Well work calls, and I guess I could have tried to get out of it but I’m not even upset I’m missing it. Well, maybe a little… for the women, I guess I’m upset I’ll be missing watching live. But you know, WWE Network has me covered after the fact, after this week of overnights, and I remember what sleep is, I’ll be able to sit down and rewatch MITB & NXT Takeover because, for the first time, I missed that last night too ( I’m a little more upset about that one). Nonetheless, the match card looks decent and regardless of how little I’ve watched over the last three months I decided to give my thoughts still, more as an outside looking in kind of way.  So here it goes.

  1. WWE Championship—AJ Styles Shinsuke.
  • So like you, I’ve witnessed the last three matches between them and the build-up, and I can’t be alone in wondering how the hell WWE managed to completely ruin one of the biggest dream matches ever? I’m unimpressed to say the least. I like Styles, I love Nakamura certainly as hell, but the matches have been the biggest letdown. Now I haven’t been watching in recent weeks, and maybe the build-up to this match was better? A last man standing match works for them, but I also thought the last match, a no DQ, that ended literally in a double count out… which I didn’t think was possible, was also a good match stipulation for them, so I guess only comes match time will we know if this feud can be salvaged. I can’t even pick a winner here, but I guess Shinsuke because Styles has had the title for quite a long time.

  1. Raw Women’s Championship. Nia Jax Ronda Rousey.
  • I am a little more up to date here because I follow it more closely on social media because Nia Jax is my girl, but regardless of what I know, or what I don’t know. Jax should walk in and out of this PPV still the champion. Taking it off her and giving it to Rousey right now, takes away everything they’ve to build Jax to be. But of course, you can’t have your number on attraction lose in her first singles match right? Course not, so here I mostly definitely see a double count out or a DQ. Maybe Natalya runs in and messes things up, maybe Alexa gets ballsy and tries to screw things up. Anythings possible, but the only thing I know for sure is the match does not end clean, and Nia still comes out with the championship. The only possible alternative that literally just crept into my mind is Natalya wins MITB, and that match is before this one, Ronda wins the title but Nia has either beaten her down so badly, OR post-match beats her down, and down comes Nattie to cash in, and therefore kick-starting the Natalya vs. Ronda feud that I keep reading about everywhere that is destined to happen.

  1. Smackdown Women’s Championship. Carmella vs. Asuka.
  • I have no clue how this is supposed to end. Carmella has taken herself to a whole other level between the MITB win and then the successful cash in. And yes she beat Charlotte twice, but Asuka is different. She was built Differently, I can’t see how WWE has Carmella win without ruining the Asuka image and build. But I also don’t want Carmella to lose because I’m afraid of what will happen to her, I expect WWE to push her to the back, and she’s built too much for that to happen. So, I’m rooting for Carmella here, but I have no idea what tricks she can pull off to accomplish it.

  1. Men’s MITB ladder match. Strowman, Balor, Miz, Rusev, Roode, Owens and a member of the new day.
  • A lot of caliber talent in this match. As a reminder, haven’t watched much at all, but I can tell you I’ll be a damn shame if Brock ends up sticking around and a Raw talent is walking away with a briefcase that they can’t cash in because the champion never shows up or a hundred other ridiculous reasons. A guy like strowman doesn’t need a briefcase to become champion because it should have happened already. While Owens doesn’t need it, it sure would be a treat to watch him every week while being Mr. MITB. I don’t think it would fit Roode, as much as I would be over the moon to see a new day member win this, I can’t see it happening. Balor deserves to be able to get the title back he never lost, Rusev should have also been champion a long time ago, and the ever-entertaining Miz would be fantastic as Mr. MITB. Most of the time with these matches if I like all the guys involved I end up choosing my winner midway through when I realize who I’m rooting for without realizing it 90% of the time if Finn Balor is in that match, he’s the guy. So definitely rooting for Balor here but all these guys would be outstanding.

  1. Women’s MITB ladder match. Ember Moon, Charlotte, Alexa, Becky, Natalya, Lana, Naomi, and Sasha
  • This is the match I’m most upset about not getting to watch live. Going back to my theory of Nattie winning and cashing in on Ronda tonight is still in play of course. But my real winners would be Ember moon, Becky or Naomi. I don’t think Charlotte or Alexa needs it. I haven’t been quiet about my lackluster feelings for Sasha and Lana? Well no. Becky could use the push up, Naomi is just too good to have been pushed in the back after losing the title, and then Ember Moon, who I really do see winning this, is just completely deserving of it, AND no matter if Ronda ends up with the title or Nia keeps it, Ember could easily go toe to toe with either.

  1. Intercontinental Championship. Rollins vs Elias.
  • If Rollins was going to lose the title to anyone, Elias is as good a guy as they’ve got. I think this will be one of the best matches of the night, but I still see Rollins coming out on top.

  1. Roman Reigns Jinder Mahal.
  • I don’t understand this, and even if I was up to date, I don’t’ think I would, and I don’t think I’d care. Obviously Roman is the guy to win here. If this is some ploy to hope that Chicago won’t tear Reigns apart, it won’t work. They’ll become Mahal fans because giving Roman any satisfaction.

  1. Daniel Bryan Big Cass.
  • Another match I don’t understanding. Another no-brainer as to who should win, Bryan of course. From the little I’ve seen on social media, Big Cass is out of his league with this, and his promos, which I’m sure aren’t his fault, are ridiculous. Let’s hope WWE gives Bryan something real to work with after this mess.

  1. Bobby Lashley Sami Zayn.
  • What a mess. I didn’t see the disaster that is the “This is your life” or whatever they called it segment. I think from what I’ve read on social media; there’s no way Lashley comes back from any of this. I don’t even care who wins this.

  1. Smackdown Tag Team Championship. The Bludgeon Brothers Karl and Luke.
  • I saw a little action about this on social media, and from what I can gather, they’ve done a better job with that than WWE has done on TV, and there is no shock with that. Let’s stick with Harper and Rowen cause I like them better.

So I’ll be honest this prediction post is rather shitty. But as an outsider looking in, I guess that’s maybe what the product looks like right now? Maybe not. I don’t know. Either way, I hope the women tear it down, as always.



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