Raw and SDLive SuperStar Shake up review!


RAW: Apollo Crews, Bray Wyatt, Kalisto, Curt Hawkins, IC Champion Dean Ambrose, The Miz, Maryse, Alexa Bliss, Mickie James, Heath Slater and Rhyno.

  • I hope this move for Apollo helps him, he is so good in the ring, he just needs to find a real character. I was shocked at the Bray Wyatt move but having him enter a feud with Balor is FANTASTIC and something I am REALLY looking forward too. Hawkins? well okay. I also didn’t expect Ambrose to move but it does make sense, switch up the championships on both shows and give Ambrose new competition. The Miz and Maryse were definitely a good move, yes they were outstanding on SD why mess with that? but then again why not? eventually Miz will get boring on SD,even though i can’t imagine that right now, but this way he gets a whole new roster of competition.I like the move of Kalisto because hopefully he’ll be able to mix it up with the cruiserweights. Alexa Bliss was a fantastic move, she’s done SO much on SDLive, she’s really established herself and now she can bring all of her talent to the women of Raw and shake that up. Mickie James is a nice move because there’s a whole group of women she hasn’t fought yet. Health Slater and Rhyno is a fine move, they did kick off the draft by being SDLive tag team champs why not move them over to the other division right?


SMACKDOWN LIVE: Sami Zayn, US Champion Kevin Owens, Rusev, Sin Cara, Jinder Mahal, Primo and Epico, The New Day, Lana, Charlotte and Tamina.


  • Sami Zayn is on SDLive right where he should be. After his things with Braun and Samoa Joe it was good for him to move to SDLive where he could do his whole underdog thing there. Kevin moving was suprising but obvious once Dean moved to Raw. I wanted Owens and Zayn on seperate brands but it did bring a certain something to their feud as far as destined to fight, never getting away from one another. I think Owens will do fantastic on SD and especially on talking smack. I wanted Rusev on SD from the beginning I just thought that when he recovers from his shoulder injury it would be a good place for him to start back up again. Lana is going to be on her own! It was an intresting vingrette for her as a dancer it seems? She seems really really determined to get in the ring and learn so i’m anxious to see how she does. Sin Cara and Jinder moving doesn’t really do much for me. Primo and Epico were the one tag team from Raw i didn’t want but because they debuted without the whole travel agent gimmick maybe they’ve finally found what will work for them that hasn’t ?  only time will tell I guess. I’m really happy that The New Day are coming to SDLive. They desperately needed a switch up and this is perfect for them. I also desperately wanted Charlotte on SDLive, I just don’t want her pushed to the very top grab that title and toss it back in forth with someone either, so hopefully that doesn’t happen but I am looking forward to what she will add and I’m also glad to see Tamina back hopefully she’ll get a real shot to be more than a heavy because I think she could be excellent if given a chance to be.



Now for the shows themselves…



  • The Shatter machine The revival placed on Woods to win their tag team match… damn. I freaking love this team and can’t wait to see them continue to blow everyone away.
  • Perkins doing this whole heel thing and “teaming” with Neville is interesting. I’m interested to see where it goes.
  • I like they way they managed to keep Rollins on Raw because I honestly thought he was going. He definitely has some unfinished business with Samoa Joe. And it’s interesting that all the members of the Shield are on the same show… we’ll besides Roman at the moment because Braun murdered him.
  • Speaking of Braun committing Murder. My god. That was quite the brutal beat up. I don’t know what else to say about it honestly.
  • I’m glad we got Charlotte vs Nia Jax one on one before she went over to Raw. I’m also happy that Jax was able to pick up the win adding more power to herself.
  • Finn vs Mahal was random but a fine match. the best part was Bray coming to Raw and threatening Balor. That feud like I said should prove to be amazing.
  • Sami vs The Miz was a nice send off for Sami, really good match, and was nice to see Sami get the win even after Maryse tried to interfere.
  • Gallows, Anderson, Primo, Epico vs Cesaro, Sheamus and The Hardys was a good tag match. I do wonder what is next for Gallows and Anderson now.
  • Like I mentioned before I love the addition of Alexa and Mickie James. I loved the half heel turn of Sasha telling Bayley she wants the title and I loved Nia coming out and kicking everyones ass at the end.
  • Owens vs Ambrose in the championship vs championship match was absolutely fantastic. A great main event with Ambrose getting the win.




  • Loved the beat down Rowen gave Randy after their match. I want Rowen to be able to stand on his own and that helped.
  • Usos vs American Alpha was an AMAZING title match. Gables moonsault was BEAUTIFUL. Usos retain with the splash and I’m anxious to see who their next challengers will be.
  • MoJo vs Jinder was fine, hopefully this will end the whole thing with them and Gronk.
  • Disappointed there was no womens match on SDLive but I liked the Shane, the commissioner being apart of announcing Charlotte and Taminas arrival.
  • Tye Dillinger vs Aiden English. First of all I’m glad to see them already working on English being a solo competitor. Tye and him had a fantastic match.
  • I also believed Ziggler would move, get a change of scenery, but he’s staying on SDlive and his interaction with Nakamura was great. I think these two are going to have OUTSTANDING matches!
  • Baron vs AJ vs Zayn was out this world amazing. I’m so happy to see what Baron has been able to do in the last year for himself! He’s really going to be something. It was a hard hitting match that kept me on the edge of my seat and I couldn’t look away from the TV. Styles vs Owens for the US Title is going to a great feud too!


I’m looking forward to seeing matches we haven’t seen before with the NXT guys coming up during the draft to different shows, and then some coming up the night after Mania, this shake up really helps give a refreshing feel to things. I think the shake up is going to help Raw a lot, or at least I hope, and SDLive will continue to be outstanding. Really looking Forward to all these new feuds.




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