Woman Crush Wednesday!

I haven’t done a women’s recognition post in a while! But today I’ve got a good one. She’s a former body builder, wrestling champion, graced the cover of iron man magazine, is the CEO of an extremely successful clothing company and one of my biggest inspirations. Celeste Bonin aka former WWE women’s wrestler Kaitlyn.


In case you’re reading this and you’re not all that familiar with this lady let me tell you a few things real quick. Celeste broke out onto the scene of WWE as Kaitlyn, Vickie Guerrero’s Rookie for NXT Season three, women’s’ addition. Celeste was among Maxine, Asksana, Jamie, former Divas Champion AJ Lee and Current SD Live womens champion Naomi. Since the first episode of NXT season three, Kaitlyn was a favorite, (right behind Naomi) and I’ve followed her career ever since. During her time in WWE she teamed with the likes of AJ Lee, Layla, and Natalya (who was also her mentor) She also feuded among the likes of the above mentioned, Beth Phoenix, Eve and Tamina. Kaitlyn achieved the goal of becoming Divas Champion in 2013 defeating Eve Torres at the 20th anniversary of Raw. Kaitlyn remained champion for 153 days before being defeated by friend turned foe AJ Lee. During their rivalry, Kaitlyn and AJ became the first women to EVER have a contract signing on TV which took place on Smackdown.

The first and only time I ever had the chance to watch Kaitlyn live in the ring was at Survivor Series 2013 when she teamed with the other women to take on the current cast of Total Divas. Kaitlyns’ team would go on to lose the match but she still walked away with two eliminations to her name. Kaitlyn would retire from WWE facing her friend and foe AJ Lee one last time on “main event” in January of 2014.


I can’t pin point exactly what drew me to Kaitlyn, maybe it was just her attitude, or her look, how she was different from the rest of the women, whatever it was, it stuck. Even after Celeste left WWE I continued to keep tabs on what she was up too, which reading that back makes me sound creepy…. But anyways, Celeste soon launched Celestial Bodiez and WOW the designs are amazing! I have yet to buy a pair because quite frankly I wouldn’t be able to do them justice, but I strive to be fit and healthy enough soon to be able too. Look at http://www.Celestialbodiez.com  to see what I’m talking about, you wont regret it ESPECIALLY if you’re a fitness lady (or gentleman I guess) I can’t imagine how you wouldn’t fall in love.Celeste was a part of a youtube series Beauty and Braun alongside her ex husband? (Soon to be? I’m not sure.. doesn’t matter.) A series I’d find myself watching weekly. Watching how hard Celeste would work to make her designs and clothing the best they could be, to see how the day to day operations worked was really cool.  I’ve also recently seen some womens from WWE rocking her celestial bodies clothing such as  Brie Bella, Natalya and Maryse which I think is SO cool and I really love to see that.


I’ve never met Celeste but it’s something I hope to do especially considering she seems like such a down to earth hilarious person. Also, so I can personally thank her for being a strong woman who definitely inspires me to be better. AND to also tell her how much I wish she could still wrestle and how I think she’d fit in beautifully with this generation of women wrestlers!


From body building, to wrestling, to owning her own company Celeste is that strong, inspiring lady anyone could look up too. I cannot wait to see what else she continues to do whether with her company or else where and like I said make sure to head over to http://www.Celestialbodiez.com to check out her stuff OH AND follow her on Instagram at @/celestebonin to get more insight into her and for some seriously ADORABLE puppy pictures @/simonthebossboston !


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