Raw Review! 3/20/17

Doing this a little differently…. Again. 

I went to #SDLive last night SO I’m splitting up the reviews into two different posts just because I can 💁 

Mick being fired was bittersweet. I knew there was no way this partnership could work but now also who’s going to be GM? This probably means more Stephanie for a while and I certainly don’t want that. 

I really loved Sami Zayn coming out and giving it to Stephanie. It solitifies his whole doing whats right persona when he’ll even stand up to someone like his boss in Stephanie & the promo was fantastic. I also love that while Zayn keeps facing Samoa Joe, he never gets completely destroyed, he may not come out on top but he fights like crazy the whole way through. 

I didnt mind the Charlotte vs Dana match. It was fantastic but I think Dana did pretty well & Charlotte did make her look great. Dana could be really great with only a little more work. & for once this was a different match that we hadn’t seen 6,976 times already. 

Chris Freaking Jericho. I mean this guy can do NO wrong. I’m so guilty of focusing more on my phone than the TV during Raw but when the highlight reel was on Jericho had my full attention! He’s just so good and you hang onto every word he says. When he leaves again… Man, I think Raw is going to be in even more trouble. 

TJP vs Kendrick was too quick. It was almost like TJP jobbed out to him like a no name guy would just so Kendrick could cut a promo on Tozawa… Did they forget TJP was the first cruiserweight champion or…? 

Nia vs Bayley was good match. I just don’t see why it was considered no DQ when nothing “no DQ” like even happened but nontheless I’m over the moon happy Nia is in this mania match. 1. I really just love her even if my opinion isnt shared by everyone I think she’s great & really progressing & 2. It changes up the match so it doesn’t look so much like a repeat from last year. 

Cole sitting with HHH was fine. It didn’t really do anything for me. I hated how 85% of this Raw was talking..  This isnt a damn talk show its a wrestling show so how about you let your damn talent wrestle right.. ? You’d think. 

The 2 on 1 handicap match with the tag teams was a mess. Obviously no one is going to get along & Stephanie putting gallows and Anderson on the same team with Enzo and Cass was just silly to begin with. 

Aries vs Nese was good. That discus fourarm by Aries… Damn! Love all this build between Aries and Neville too, that match is going to be amazing. 

I like Roman and Strowman match. I honestly do. They work well together and monday night was no different! I always pop when Taker shows up, and I loved when Taker attacked Braun but then realized he turned his back on Reigns and then got speared brought a different kind of feeling to it. While I wish this didn’t feel quite so disrespectful I do think Taker and Reigns will have a good mania match up. 

Once I sit down and really write out the Mania matches for both Raw and Smack down I’m sure I’ll realize that Raw doesn’t look so bad but when you see it at face value… On Raw It still doesn’t feel like wrestlemania is in two weeks… 


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