SmackdownLive & 205Live review!Β 

There is nothing better than seeing WWE Live… I repeat there is NOTHING better than seeing WWE Live! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ 

My sister and I went down to Mohegan Sun last night for smackdown and man, what a show!! We were high up and I loved it because we had an incredible view of EVERYTHING and it didn’t cost us a fortune! I have never gone to a WWE event and been disappointed and this time was no different. I got to see people I had yet to see live like Mickie James, Alexa Bliss, Carmella, American Alpha,all of 205 Live, Austin freaking Aries who I absolutely adore. I got to see the people who I’ll never not be excited to see like Cena, Nattie, Nikki, The Usos, Randy, Harper&Bray( in a dark match), & Ambrose! I know that no matter how old I get or how my life goes WWE Live will always be the place I feel the best, all the worries go away you just have to focus on the incredible entertainment in front of you being done by the people who truly inspire you. That’s WWE Live for me. 

Now let me give you a review of SD while being there! 

Getting to see American Alpha for the first time & being such a huge fan of them was exciting. What was even more exciting? watching my boys the Usos become 3x champs! The usos have been my number one tag team since day one, literally, that’s more than just a phrase they use, that’s real, so that moment for me was outstanding. And the match?! I don’t know how it came across on TV but I was on the edge of my seat screaming! It was such an amazing match up. Both teams gave their hearts to this match and I’m personally super thankful for it! 

Loving Baron Corbin since his NXT days & loving Orton since I started watching six years ago this match was exciting for me PLUS we’ve never ever seen it which is always a plus. They put on a great match & on top of that Ambrose vs Corbin at mania is official and I have been wanting that match I’m pretty sure since the royal rumble! 

I was totally confused when they announced Cena vs Fandango because it was just such a weird pairing little did we know it was about to be one of the greatest things. I give major props to Tyler freaking Breeze for dressing up as Nikki Bella and being “breezy Bella” for the night. What a guy & how good did he look? πŸ˜‰ and let’s talk about Nikki freaking Bella giving Mr 200lbs a rack attack 2.0 man. I adore that woman, more than proud to be all decked out in her march last night!! I still find it insane that the moment I heard a rumor of a mixed tag at mania I hated the idea even though I love all involved and now? Its one of the matches I’m most looking forward too. 

I didn’t know if it’d be possible for me to see all my favorite women last night BUT it happened! (Except for Naomi 😯😯 ) I saw Nikki kicking ass alongside John & then Nattie was on commentary for Becky vs Carmella which turned into a brawl with all three women PLUS Mickie and Alexa! Not only had I never seen mickie, Carmella or Alexa, I will never not be beaming with joy at the chance to see Natalya! Really great to see Bliss standing tall with all the other women’s scattered around, she really is five feet of fury! 

Shane McMahon oh Shane McMahon. He really is like no other. Always ready to throw down and jump off shit! Its scary as well as exciting to see him still doing the things that he does and watching him throw down with Styles last night was no different. Jumping from the top rope to the table onto Styles was INCREDIBLE to watch. Much like the mixed tag match I wasn’t looking forward to Shane vs AJ at mania… Now I’m DEFINITELY looking forward to Shane vs AJ at wrestlemania! 

Big thanks for MoJo Rawley for getting us all literally hyped up before the show started in his match against Hawkins. This dude truly has all the energy in the world and if nothing else that is wonderful. 

I’ve been such a HUGE fan of Harper since the early Wyatt days so I’m so happy I could see him last night working the dark match. I was also bummed out Bray never got in the ring on SDLive so I could see him with the title BUT he did that in the dark match too as he teamed with Corbin to take on Luke and Dean! 


I don’t usually blog about this show but I think I should start! I love the style of cruiserweight wrestling & the CWC was outstanding. The talent is over the moon with ability and so fun to watch. Many people left after SDLive last night and didn’t stay for 205live and that felt totally insane to me, I mean maybe they had kids that needed to get home, or they don’t have the network so they weren’t familiar enough to stay.. I don’t know but man did they miss out. 

TJP had an incredible match with Nese in which Nese won. I always thought Perkins was talented but after seeing him live I’m even more blown away by what he can do! 

I’ve been such a HUGE fan of Austin Aries since his TNA days & fell more in love with him when I realized he’s a vegan wrestler! Like what?! I think that is the most amazing thing. This guy is fantastic and while I didn’t get to see him wrestle I did see him & I’m extra hyped up for Neville vs Aries at wrestlemania as well! 

In the last few weeks I’ve become a big fan of Tozawa. His style is out of this world and he’s a joy to watch, he had a super short match last night but it was still great to see him! .

I have a new found love for Mustafa Ali. His match with Neville last night was FANTASTIC! I was completely blown away. I always knew Neville was amazing & then you put them together & the two of them put on one hell of a match! If you haven’t watched 205live yet, do it, youll thank me later! 

Man, there is nothing like WWE Live. Smack down was an outstanding show with great matches and great wrestlemania build up! On smackdown it absolutely feels like wrestlemania is only 2 weeks away, just as it should. I cannot wait. 

Thank you WWE & Mohegan Sun for an amazing night last night! ❀ 


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