Elimination Chamber Review!

Elimination Chamber Review



1.       Mojo Rawley vs Curt Hawkins

          Going into this match I really didn’t care about it. BUT this match was good. Mojo and Curt are both good competitors and they did well with each other in the ring. I wish they had more of a storyline between them though. I do think that unfortunately with Zack injured this is the chance for Mojo to prove his worth as a singles competitor and last night’s match certainly helped that.


Main Show

1.       Becky Lynch vs Mickie James

          Mickie attacking Beckys arm was a nice turn of events considering that’s usually beckys forte. You would never know that Mickie was pushing 40 because not only is she still flawless she still can move in that ring. Like damn. Beckys movement in the ring is so fluid and easy. Mickie and herself worked SO well! I read on twitter that this win for becky was her first PPV win in a singles match, considering she won the title in a six-pack challenge. That is crazy to think about but exciting to see her get that win.  

2.       Dolph vs Kalisto and Apollo

          Dolph attacking Kalisto before the match was smart. We actually saw Apollo NOT SMILE. Nice to see Apollo and Kalisto get the win. But this whole sore loser thing for dolph is just annoying now.


3.       Tag Team Turmoil Match

          Heath and Rhyno start off the match with Breezango and although eliminated, I was glad to see Breezango last a decent amount of time in the match. They’ve got a good thing with them, I wish they’d let them run a little more. Vaudvillians were in and out which personally I didn’t really care. Usos were in next and had a good showing, eliminating Heath and Rhyno, but eventually losing to American Alpha. They did a post attack on Alpha which made me think that the Ascension might actually have a shot. I really liked the planning for it. Made it a sweet win for Alpha to come back from the Uso attack, gives Ascension some momentum for another match, and the Usos are also in contention because of the post beat down. Really good match.

4.       Nikki vs Nattie

          This match was SO GOOD. All the submissions, reversals and counters. Incredible. Super plex, fearless lock, sharpshooter, knee bar, crazy clothesline off the apron to nattie on the floor. I usually hate matches that end in count out… but this one I was okay with. I wasn’t ready for their feud to end yet.


5.       Randy Orton vs Luke Harper.

          Another fantastic match. Hard hitting and powerful. Back body drops, super plexes, until finally an RKO gets Harper off guard. I wonder what’s next for Harper, and I’m excited to see it.


6.       Alexa Bliss vs Naomi

          So many near falls and reversals. I was on the edge of my seat because I wanted Naomi to get the win SO BADLY. And when she did… yup I cried. Nice she came on the scene in the Original NXT, I was a huge fan of her and her athleticism. To see her finally get to the top, a place she deserved to have reach a long time ago, was so special. Over the moon happy for her. As for Alexa, I do feel bad for her, but her reign was good, and she really came into her own and she’ll be just in from here on out.

7.       World Title Elimination Chamber Match.

          Cena and AJ kick it off. Crazy sunset flip by john. Dean in next. Throwing john in chains, insane. Dean Jumping off pod onto Cena and then John super plex AJ and Dean. Bray in now. John and AJ climbing the cage was cool. AJ and Dean on the pod fighting into the plexi glass. Mauros Mamma Mia moment and mine as well was AJ Dean and Bray doing a weird super plex off the pod and off the top rope. I don’t even know what to call it but it was freaking fantastic! Corbin comes in Corbin reverses Cenas STF into the end of days and that was amazing!! Miz is next to come out but he hides in his pod because Baron is the only one standing and he’s just lying in wait for him. Dean sneaks up on Baron and eliminates him, baron attacks him after, and once baron is gone, Miz sneaks in and pins dead, after Baron did all the work. Mix hits a skull crushing finale to bray on the outside grate. I’m glad they changed up this structure, it’s still scary, but looks slightly safer. Cena comes in and pins Miz after an AA. John fly’s off the top of a pod into a double cross body on Bray and Styles. And then WYATT pins John Cena automatically assuring we’d have a new WWE World champion. As with Naomi, I’ve wanted Bray Wyatt to become world champion YEARS ago. When the Wyatt family was as hot as the Shield. Amazing near falls and reversals, BRAY FINALLY PINS STYLES. Incredible. And yes, I teared again.



          Seeing Naomi and Bray finally get the championships they’ve been so deserving of for so long makes my heart so happy. It makes you believe in fighting for your dreams and to keep fighting no matter how long it might be taking, or how many obstacles you face or how many times you get told no. You keep fighting because your time will come. Bray started out as Husky Harris in the original NXT and that just didn’t work. He had the biggest transformation from Husky to Bray, he did it his way and it was incredible! So, happy to see Naomi and Bray holding championship gold on SmackDown Live in 2017.

          The Raw side of WrestleMania might be a little messy but the SmackDown side is going to be outstanding.

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