TVD:Other Special Cast Members.

Everyone loves the main TVD Characters but over the years we’ve had some really special characters join the show. I put together just a few of my personal favorite ones!   Enz0. I almost gave Enzo his own post. That’s how much I love this guy. I love what he brought to Damons character, andContinue reading “TVD:Other Special Cast Members.”

TVD: Stefan and Damon

The Salvatore Brothers. I know that every TVD fan has their opinions on what TVD is really about… is it Stefan and Elena, Damon and Elena… but for me it’s always mostly been about Damon and Stefan, the brother dynamic of the show. They’re over 100 years old, loved and hated one another, but theyContinue reading “TVD: Stefan and Damon”

TVD: Caroline & Bonnie.

Oh Caroline Forbes.  I hated Caroline Forbes pre vampire. I really could not stand her… and now thanks to Ms Katherine Pierce… she’s one of my favorite characters ever. I’m pretty sure she’s my favorite female actually.. yes i’d go as far as to say that. Carolines transition, is fantastic. We may have had toContinue reading “TVD: Caroline & Bonnie.”

TVD: Elena & Katherine

                #TVDForever.                   I mentioned yesterday that I was going to be dedicating a post everyday for the next weeks to The Vampire Diaries leading up to the finale. For the next week, each post will be about different members of the cast, what I thought they brought to the show, my favorite momentsContinue reading “TVD: Elena & Katherine”