Meatless Monday: New Breakfast find! 

If I’ve found anything to be slightly difficult about my diet… It’s breakfast. Especially if I have work early. I usually just make my protein shake or grab a breakfast bar, I could be productive and make overnight oats or something I just haven’t had the ambition yet 😜  but I recently found these deliciousContinue reading “Meatless Monday: New Breakfast find! “

Meatless Monday. Powered by Tofu!

Meatless Monday! I’ll be the first to admit that while Tofu is one of my favorite foods, I’m not very good at getting creative with it. Luckily making a Tofu Scramble is super easy and you can put it with anything. I’ve put it with a salad, I’ve put it with Quinoa, I’ve put itContinue reading “Meatless Monday. Powered by Tofu!”

Meatless Monday: Dessert!

Vegan Brownies!  Meatless Monday doesn’t have to be about just breakfast lunches and dinners. It’s about snacks and desserts too! A few weeks ago I had planned on going out shopping, spending Christmas gift cards, and then we got hit with a snow storm. BOOOOO. So, change of plans. Instead I decided to cook, andContinue reading “Meatless Monday: Dessert!”

Veggie stir fry, on the fly.

Ah its Monday again Meatless Monday This recipe came out of NOWHERE. I was hungry this past Friday night but we hadn’t gone shopping and I wasn’t really feeling any of the leftovers in the fridge. So, as I searched around the kitchen as if I thought that something was going to grow in there,Continue reading “Veggie stir fry, on the fly.”

Meatless Monday !

Happy Monday once again everyone! I honestly really look forward to Mondays because I get to share my favorite vegan recipes and boast about how delicious they are! Either someone will completely agree, or someone will try it for the first time ( whether they like it or not)  and either way that’s a winContinue reading “Meatless Monday !”

Meatless Monday !

Happy Meatless Monday!   I decided that the perfect weekly tradition to kick off this blog is a recipe every week that is completely meat free!        So this week I decide to kick it off with Quinoa and Sweet Potato Patties. Which ended up being completely VEGAN!  I’d always wanted to makeContinue reading “Meatless Monday !”