My 20 favorite TV ships of the decade.

A couple fast facts for you: I’m obsessed with TV. An entire decade has gone by, and everyone is noticing it. There is nothing better than getting hooked into a TV relationship and holding on through all the crazy, defending it, and falling in love with it all.   Some people can get insanely defensiveContinue reading “My 20 favorite TV ships of the decade.”

Movie Monday: Christmas Movies.

Christmas movies might be my favorite part about the season… besides the decor of course. I SHOULD have done this post sooner, but I got slammed with work, and ya know what, shit happens. I also considered scrapping it altogether but then I had a mostly free afternoon Saturday, and I found myself curled upContinue reading “Movie Monday: Christmas Movies.”

I’m a sucker for those romantic movies! 

Happy Valentines Day Everyone ❤ Like the title says I’m a sucker for romantic movies, I’m seriously a hopeless romantic… Which I honestly think is a dying breed, which is a damn shame 😣 In honor of Valentines day I put a small list together of my absolutely FAVORITE love story type movies that IContinue reading “I’m a sucker for those romantic movies! “