My heart breaks…

My heart is broken. My heart is broken for Houston, for Cuba, for Florida, for Mexico, and for all the islands hit by these hurricanes in the last few weeks. My heart breaks for Mexico and anyone else affected by the earthquake that hit because of the hurricane. My heart is also broken for California,Continue reading “My heart breaks…”

My thoughts on Trump backing out of the Paris Agreement.

I’ve made it clear in the few posts I’ve written involving politics and our so called president that I’ve never been a political person. I will admit I barely paid attention until this last year. This last election I paid CLOSE attention and I was quick to figure out that Mr. Trump would be theContinue reading “My thoughts on Trump backing out of the Paris Agreement.”

Climate March!

Today, thousands of people are walking through the streets of Washington D.C and New York to remind any denier that climate change is real. They’re walking to tell Mr. Trump that he can deny the realness of this problem all he wants, but it wont change the scientific facts. He can shut down organizations, andContinue reading “Climate March!”