Movie Monday: Christmas Movies.

Christmas movies might be my favorite part about the season… besides the decor of course. I SHOULD have done this post sooner, but I got slammed with work, and ya know what, shit happens. I also considered scrapping it altogether but then I had a mostly free afternoon Saturday, and I found myself curled upContinue reading “Movie Monday: Christmas Movies.”

12 Days of Christmas: Christmas Movies!

I am obsessed with Christmas Movies. Everyone makes fun of me when I get super excited when they come on. When I said in my first post that I celebrate Christmas like a child, I was NOT kidding. When CBS or Freeform puts out their holiday line up I get overjoyed. I think because I’mContinue reading “12 Days of Christmas: Christmas Movies!”

Be Cruelty Free!

Being a Vegan isn’t just about what food you put into your body…  it is about even more than that. It’s about what make up you put on your face, or deodorant brand you use, what you wash your hair with or what your shoes or purse is made from. And why? Animal cruelty. EvenContinue reading “Be Cruelty Free!”