I’m the girl who is as passionate about the environment as she is about wrestling. I’m the girl who eats vegan snacks while screaming at the TV during football. I’m the girl who would rather sit and read a book than go out to a party. I’m the girl that feels most herself when she’s out in nature. I’m the girl who loves to get engulfed in a good TV series. I’m the girl who’s in love with superhero movies as much as she is chick flicks. I’m the girl who uses music to escape, I’m the girl that lives with anxiety every single day, in everything she does. I’m the girl who can go from reading a romance novel to turning on wrestling. I’m the girl who, while suffering from anxiety, still knows the importance of fighting for what’s right, even if others don’t believe the same.

I believe that climate change is real, I believe in protecting the environment and all animals, domestic and wild. I believe that my vegan diet makes a difference in the world. I believe that a pencil can change the world. I believe in love, trust and honesty. I believe that music, sports and tv can truly change a persons life, maybe even save it.

This blog will be a mix of all those things. From wrestling, to my plant based lifestyle, from movies to books, from the importance of protecting our environment & the reality of Climate Change, to showcasing the people who inspire me every day. You’ll see quotes and songs that get me though the day and my opinions on what’s happening in the world today. I’m just the girl who really loves to write, to write about things she loves, to write about things that are important and finally found some courage to do so.