The Regulars Podcast: Get your ears and eyes on it.

When COVID-19 really revved up, around march, Stacey and Jason decided to move their audio-only podcast to YouTube for daily live shows. Truthfully, I think it was the best decision, and I’m so grateful for it. Like many, the threat of this virus shook me. As someone with already a giant amount of anxiety in every area of my life, on top of the fact that I am an essential worker, my mom, who lives with me, would be considered high risk, and honestly, I have some health issues that could qualify me as well, I was an even bigger mess. I even had to take two week LOA from work (unpaid), that I genuinely could not afford because I was in desperate need of the time to get my shit together, mentally. The Regulars Podcast truly helped me. Today, they hit their 6 month milestone on YouTube! So I thought what a better time than to write a post raving about my favorite podcast, give them some love and hope they’re antics will help to bring a little light and good vibes to you.

You might be thinking; everyone has a podcast these days, some even record it now; what makes this one so special? Well, for one, both Stacey and Jason are stomach hurting, can’t breathe, doubled over laughing funny, and they’re friends are much of the same. These two are improv comedians, and my god, when they get a random bit going on this podcast, you never know where it’s going to go, I don’t even think that they know where it is going to go, and it always ends with me crying because I was laughing so hard. Laughing can be the best form of medicine for me, and this podcast gives that to me in spades.

On top of the incredible bits, you’ll get so much more from this podcast. You’ll get pop culture break downs and honest opinions. You’ll get deep dives in conspiracy theories, making fun of Jason for words he cannot pronounce, or movies he pretends he’s seen but has not. You’ll get workout rundowns from Stacey and her Peloton, their journeys through Chloe ting, Stacey’s pink bikini neighbor, and her dogs. Tarot and horoscope rundowns, flashbacks to Stacey’s old jobs, walks down memory lane, watching Jason record from his child’s bedroom and the occasional awkward moment when someone walks past Stacey’s window as she’s recording. Also, some great, sometimes weird Dumb stories Jason finds on the internet. You’ll get tips from their friend Adam on ways to ask for what you want and need because the worst thing they can say is no. You’ll laugh your god damn ass off when Mr. Casual Friday himself, Robbie Baker, comes on. Jan Caruana (two little sandwiches) is an absolute treasure, and you’ll get everything from cooking tips to a good ole pick me up when you’re feeling down. You’ll get all of this and SO much more, incredible guests, good conversations, good vibes, self-love and care tips, and a god damn wonderful community in the chat and other social media. I can’t always make it to the live shows, which have now gone from every weekday to Mon-Wed-Fri at 1230 PST, because I’m working, but, on the occasions that I do catch it live, the chat community is something special. Everyone is just so wonderful, no negativity, and especially no pervs, not now, not ever. They support one another, support Stacey and Jason while also casually joining in on the joke. They help each other with ideas or background information on something, and it’s just truly special. 

Some-days when I’ve just had a hell of a day, what gets me through is knowing I have this podcast to listen too. I put my headphones in, block out everything else, and spend a good hour or so, and by the end, I’m 100% feeling better. I named a whole bunch of reasons and things you’ll get when listening to this pod, but it’s even more than that, and you’ll simply have to listen for yourselves to understand what I mean. Do I highly recommend catching it live on YouTube Mon-Wed-Fri at 1230pm EST? Yes, I do. BUT if you can’t, you can always see it on YouTube later on as the videos are all saved on their YouTube channel, and they still put out audio versions of the podcast wherever you get your podcasts so you can listen on the go.

Even though I say start at the beginning (about mid-March for the visual podcasts), Here are 7 of my favorite episodes I randomly pick out to get you started, if you want to dip a toe in first. 

  1. Behind the drapes. March 16th, 2020. The first visual podcast launches!
  2. Loaded Rogies- April 9th, 2002. – A full mixed bag
  3. The chest is out- April 17th, 2020. Cocktails and Mr. Casual Friday!
  4. The Quest for the night ham- May 1st, 2020- This one might be one of my all-time favorite episodes of the podcast; I’m laughing just thinking about it.
  5. The Barbra of Somewhere-Ville- May 15th, 2020- This one is also, without a doubt, another all-time favorite. Jason’s one-person show is top-notch.
  6. Kelly got a job at Subway- August 12th, 2020- I almost can’t explain this one because I could never do it justice. You’ll thank me later.
  7. September 18th, 2020- Friday’s episode made me laugh so hard my stomach hurt. I absolutely, positively, could not get it together in the best possible way. Here’s the link for their latest episode! –>

I know there are a million podcasts out there. I know that there are inspirational ones, ones that talk about TV shows, and life, and business and famous people’s lives, and sure some of them are funny as hell, I’m sure. But I cannot imagine that they are in anyway like this podcast. So join us, in the chat, after the fact, whenever you can. Listen to the podcast, and if you don’t laugh, fine move on, but I can basically guarantee you will. Stacey and Jason are funny, wonderful, absolute gem of humans, and their vibes will lift you up. Get your ears and eyes on them. You’re missing out.  

OH, and if you like ‘em (and you will), they have MERCH. Super cute and comfy merch. I have a t-shirt, and I truly wear it all the time because it’s comfortable as hell. Here are all the links you need! 

–> Podcast Instagram

–> Stacey’s Instagram

–> Jason’s Instagram  

–> Here you’ll find the first two weeks of live episodes, on Stacey’s personal channel, before they got their own channel!

–> Official Channel. Make sure to Subscribe!  


–> Spotify for the audio version!

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