Aloha, Hawaii 5-0.

I’ve had the unfortunate luck of having a few too many shows ending all at once. Luckily most are just ending and not canceled, and while closer is nice, it doesn’t really make it any less sad. For some reason, the end of Hawaii 5-0 hits different. I started watching on Netflix only maybe two years ago? And then religiously watched every Friday night from then on. I loved the original cast, I loved the in the middle cast, and I love the cast we have now, I just love it all. Maybe it’s the Aloha vibe that quite easily and obviously radiates off the screen, the amazing storytelling, the great cast members, directors and writers, and maybe all three and more all wrapped up, but it makes me truly sad to see this show end. I know I’m not alone in this feeling but the vibe that Hawaii 5-0 brings out is just so warm and inviting, and I love how tight-knit everyone is, and they just make you feel like you’re right in the middle of all of that when you’re watching and it is just such a nice feeling to get lost in a tv show like that.


I’m always a big fan of the strong, kick-ass woman on TV, and this show had no shortage. From Catherine to Doris, Renee Grover, Noelani, Kono, Tani, Quinn, and more. Even when I question Catherine and Doris, it was no doubt interesting when they appeared. Renee might not have been on all the time but she brought a special vibe to any episode she did appear on. Noelani was such a sweet addition in the last few years. Kono was just a badass character, and honestly, Grace Park has a fan for life. Tani Rey quickly became one of my favorite TV characters, I love everything about her attitude and her personality. I was a big fan of Katrina Law before Hawaii 5-0, and I truly wish we got to see more of her! I really love her in this role, and I’m excited for whatever her next project ends up being.   I adore anything that Jorge Garcia is a part o,f, and I absolutely adored Jerry to pieces! I would scream at Steve through the TV to give him a badge for a million episodes and when it finally happened… I will not lie… I cried. I always perked up when Kamekona was on and the interactions with the team and Flippa. Adam Noshimuri/Ian Anthony Dale is an absolute dreamboat, and I will follow his career ANYWHERE. I loved watching Daniel Dae Kim on Lost and fell even more in love with him as Chin Ho Kelly. When Daniel and Grace left, I understood wh,y, but man, did it break my heart to see them go. Chi McBride as Lou Grover will forever be in my top ten of favorite characters. He ALWAYS made me laugh. I can never think of a Halloween episode of TV without thinking about Max. Duke is the character that when he shows up, you know shit is going to get handled. Junior was such a welcome treat of addition to the show as well. I loved exploring his background and his life, and I’m glad we got some Junior and Tani love before the end. Terry Quinn is incredible; I brought my love of him from Lost over to my love for him as Joe White. I’m known to cry… well all the time… BUT especially when there is a death on TV and man, oh, man did I BLUBBER when Joe White died. Gerard Hirsch/Willy Garson is one of my favorite guest stars, not only because I just adore Willy from my love of Sex in the city but also because the character of Hirsch is such a god damn treat every single time he’s on the screen. I know there there are so, so many more characters and guest stars that I didn’t mention, but honestly, I probably loved them because I just loved everyone on this beautiful show… but perhaps no one more than McDanno.


It’s obvious to me that I’m going to miss McDanno more than anything. Not even like just Steve or just Danny, but the two of them together. I watch a lot of TV, and there is just nothing like this relationship. I never watched the OG Hawaii 5-0, but I cannot imagine any other two actions, of any TV show, having the kind of relationship that Steve and Danny do. The way that they argue, laugh, talk, check-in with each other, roll things off of each other, whether that’s advice or the usual jabs. I feel like the ultimate friendship goals is a Steve to your Danny and vise versa. Minus the speeding, bullets, and jumping out of planes, please, and thank you. It makes me sad right now, writing this thinking that this is the LAST McDanno interaction on our TVs. It genuinely makes my heart hurt because it is such a special relationship. Alex O’loughlin and Scott Cann, no doubt, have a fan forever and always.

I’m going to be fully prepared with a little tequila and a LOT of tissues. I’m going to cry with no shame, celebrate ten years of family and entertainment, while also mourning the loss of ANOTHER great TV show.

Here’s to hoping we all have found or will find the Steve to our Dannys and our Dannys to our Steves.


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