Glennon Doyle’s: Untamed.

Since the moment that Glennon Doyle announced she would soon be releasing another book, I was ecstatic. I always intend for these kinds of posts to be a review of the book, but they end up being love letters to them, in a way. I truly love this book, and love can be messy. As you’ll continue to read, this is not a poised article of any kind. It is a post of my feelings towards this incredible book with no real intention of perfection. But I do hope, after reading, you’ll realize we could all use Glennon’s words in our lives.

I’ve said it time and time again, but her book “Love Warrior” truly changed me. It helped me to open my eyes to think that I had firmly had my eyes closed to… the thought of something different. The thought that somehow I could come out of my mess, whole. In Untamed, I found myself believing that while I was still a mess, that mess was just a part of me, that mess was not me. I took control of that mess, owned up to it and let it free. A line in this book that she comes back to a couple of times is about being a god damn cheetah. When I first read it, it was like a lightbulb went off inside of me. Much like the cheetah she mentions, I’m also not crazy, I’m just not meant to be caged or wait for it… Tamed. But like many, I’ve been conditioned to be tamed. To stay in line, to be quiet, not take up space, keep my thoughts to myself so any thought of going out of line, speaking up, was beyond terrifying. But the moment you realize that it is okay… not just okay but a god damn right to release yourself in order to find yourself… it’s quite a feeling.

I am a god damn cheetah.

Glennon has this uncanny ability to take the words right out of my brain and put them on paper and help me to better understand exactly what I’ve been trying to articulate to myself. The journey of finding yourself, loving yourself, releasing yourself, being yourself is not easy. In a world where everyone seems to be telling you to sit down and shut up, it is incredibly hard to stand up and say no thank you, I will no longer be silent. It is incredibly hard to find love in what you see are imperfections, to realize they do not define you, they’re just a part of you, and every part of you is wonderful. It’s all okay because we can do hard things.

We can do hard things.

Since reading this line in untamed, I find myself thinking of that phrase a lot. When I’m not sure I can do something, I tell myself, “we can do hard things” I take a deep breath, and I do my very best at whatever that thing is that I thought I couldn’t do.

Glennon and I seem to be very different. We don’t have much in common, and yet we do, We’ve had different life paths, and yet, I still manage to relate to her struggle and her journey to find herself, be herself, love herself. I hope one day to relate to the success of being exactly who you were always meant to be. I struggle with food, just in the opposite way Glennon had, I struggle with self-image, I struggle with depression, and I struggle SO HARD with anxiety. I’m emotional, and I’m empathic, and when I feel things, I feel them so hard. And for the longest time, I saw all of that as negatives, and it took until probably only two years before I started to believe that they were positive things, unique things, good things… and Glennon’s words about her daughter strengthened that knowing. In her book, she writes,” Tish is sensitive, and that is her superpower” I had never thought about it that way, but I’ll be damned if I never see my sensitive self as a superpower again… because it’s the truth.

Untamed also makes me feel better to know that while I’m 27, and I’m not quite there yet, that the journey to becoming untamed is not a quick one or an easy one. Sometimes you do need to fall down so hard, to understand and find the strength to get back up, to believe that you will get back up, and you will uncage yourself… maybe not today… but someday… as long as you keep getting up.

During these uncertain times, my anxiety has been really high, as I’m sure I’m not alone in that. I’ve found that journaling and using my planner are helpful tools and relatively new tools. Lately, I’ve found myself taking phrases from “untamed” and writing them in my planner. It gives me a calmness to write them, and calmness to look back at them. It’s something I’m grateful for, Glennon I am grateful that you’ve shared your word, there are not enough words I can ramble on with that can express that.

On top of all of that, Glennon’s sobriety, her found love with Abby, her blended family, her fight with Together Rising, and so much more are all so incredibly inspiring to me. I’m only 27, and while sometimes that number freaks me out, I’m learning that it’s okay to STILL be figuring myself out. We’re all still figuring ourselves out, and in the words of Sophia Bush that I just adore, “We’re allowed to be a work in progress and a masterpiece at the same time”.

I believe I’ll be finding myself referring back to Glennon’s words in Untamed, much like I’ve found myself rereading her words in Love Warrior quite a few times as I’m navigating this world. It’s clear that inspiration and motivation that comes from others is helpful, but it’s also clear that everyone’s journey is their own, no one is the same, and you need to find the strength within to get yourself out.  But in knowing that, It’s also clear that knowing others have made it to the seemingly “other side” is beneficial to know, especially on days when it feels like there is no “other side”.

On both the good days and the bad days, I’ll continue to remember two things from “Untamed”:

I am a god damn cheetah, who can do hard things.

I highly recommend following Glennon on Instagram @/glennondoyle, on twitter @/glennondoyle, following the incredible work of together rising, and, of course, grabbing a copy of Untamed (and honestly, Love Warrior too).


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