No matter what the mood, music always helps.

A major way that I help keep my anxiety in check is music. As my anxiety has been a little nutty lately, I have been turning to music a lot. If I’m doing homework and I’m having a hard time concentrating because my mind is wandering, music helps. If I’m journaling or using my planner, but it’s still too loud, music helps. If, like right now, I’m putting a blog post together, music helps (shout out to Kelsea Ballerini for the new album that I have blasting right now). If I can’t sleep, and my usual ocean sounds are not doing the trick, music helps. If I decide I need to go for a drive, music helps…

Music always helps

So since it is Friday, and music is usually released on Fridays, I figured it was a hell of a time to brag about some incredible music that’s been released in the last couple of months. I tried to keep it to one artist to one song, but you’ll see I broke my own rule for a couple of them because it was absolutely necessary.


Songs that I’m vibing with right now. 

1. Kelsea Ballerini dropped a new album one week ago, self-titled: Kelsea. Over the last year or so she has become one of my absolute favorite artists, country or otherwise, so I was very excited for this album drop. In all honesty, I’d tell you to listen to the entire album because the album is stellar. There is not a single song on there that I do not absolutely love, but I did narrow it down to four that I have on repeat the MOST. (Also highly recommend listening to LA and Club as well, she dropped those as singles way before the album dropped and they’re so relatable!)

  • Hole in the bottle
  • The other girl- Duet with Halsey
  • The way I used to
  • Half of my hometown- Duet with Kenny Chesney

2. Niall Horan also dropped an album a little bit ago. I was never much for one direction, a song here and there, and then with his other solo projects there was a song here and there that I’d love but with this album? I truly adore every single song on the entire record. The entire album has the most wonderful vibe surrounding it and I felt wonderful after playing through it! I managed to narrow it down to the four that I’m loving the most, but honestly run through the ENTIRE album and you’ll probably thank me for it later.

  • Small talk
  • Dear Patience
  • Cross your mind
  • Still

3. Halsey dropped her highly anticipated (at least most certainly by me) new album, Manic, in January and truly what a wonderful way to kick off the new year. I pretty much love anything Halsey does and this album was absolutely no exception. I also managed to narrow the album down to four of my absolute favorites.

  • 3am
  • I hate everybody
  • you should be sad
  • without me

Okay, I’ll stop breaking my own rule now.

4. Demi Lovato: I love me.

5. Gabby Barrett: I hope.

6. Jonas Brothers: What a man gotta do

7. Dixie Chicks: Gaslighter

8. All-time low- Sleeping in (Their new album drops April 3rd and I could not be more excited about it).

9. Alisha Pace- Like I like me

10. Four years strong: Get out of my head

11. Sam Hunt: Sinning with you

12. Bush: Flowers on a grave

13. Luke Bryan: One Margarita

14. Taylor Swift: Only the young

15. 5 seconds of summer: Wildflower

16. Harry Styles: Adore you

17. Selena Gomez- Lose you to love me

There are so many more songs that I have floating around on my millions of playlists but to not lose my mind I’m trying to pick which ones to include I kept it to ones that have been recently released,  and maybe someday I’ll conquer the terrifying thought of ranking my favorite songs, but we’re so not ready to tackle that project. My musical vibe is all over the place. For me, it’s less about the genre and more about the content of the song. There are times where I’m all about country music, and times where I’m all about that pop-punk music, but for the most part, my playlists are full of every kind of genre imaginable (except usually rap because I usually just cannot).

Does music help you?  Are your playlists as out there as mine can be? Do you have a song or artist that should be listening to that I didn’t mention? Tell me! Drop me a comment or tweet me @/amandaraee_x3 I wanna hear your suggestions!

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