Planners, Journals, and Anxiety

I am always looking for tips and tricks to handle my anxiety. I’ve talked about it before that music, TV, my favorite movies, a hot shower, a good book, cooking, writing it out, are all things that I do when my anxiety gets to be too much. Recently, with the coronavirus, my anxiety has been all over the place. I initially thought I was handling it all just fine, but then I went back to work (I work in retail, we’re not closing, probably ever, and I have to be there), and it turns out, jokes on me, I am so not handling it well. It’s only gotten worse since then, as I am more and more paranoid about not so much getting it myself but bringing home and giving it to my mom. BUT I found a new strategy that is being incredibly helpful in getting the job done.

Let us chat about it

A while back I started making it a point to follow some Supernatural, SPNFamily members on twitter, one of those people ended up being Shelley or @/Quest_Journals on twitter! I’m not a very organized person, at all, but I have always entertained the idea of getting a planner and getting my shit together, both in life and with this blog, but every planner I’d get was honestly… lame. It didn’t intrigue me to keep opening it and writing it in so I’d just stop, and I’d still be unbelievably unorganized with a bunch of half touched planners. That changed when I first saw Shelley’s journals! Not only does she have Supernatural merchandise, which that alone would have been enough for me, but she also has Harry Potter merchandise (all officially licensed!) and I instantly fell in love with the products from just the pictures. I had the extra money so I ordered a Supernatural planner for my blog organization, keeping track of the abundance of TV shows I’m currently watching, and more. Then I ordered a Ravenclaw Harry Potter one for my day to day things, such as work, school assignments, plans, appointments, things of that nature. I also got some super cute stickers because you must have stickers. What I thought was just buying some cute tools to get myself more organized, and have a little more control over things, turned out to also be a tool to help me with my anxiety, especially during this pandemic.

Since buying the planners I have really committed to the entire process. I have stickers, pens, washi tape, markers, oh so many markers. I have a Pinterest board dedicated to just journaling and planners (THERE ARE SO MANY IDEAS), and after a couple of weeks, I think I finally have it all figured out, even if I do keep changing things up! I have all the planners, my markers, stickers, etc. in a tote bag and when I have the time I take everything out, either laid out on my bed or on my desk, depending on where I’m feeling like sitting, and I just get lost in them. Writing things out, finding quotes to add, decorating it, I’ve noticed hours go by without realizing it because I’m just focused on that and nothing else. It also keeps my hands very busy, which most of my other coping options do not, and so I’m not picking up my phone constantly reading updates and such that are not always helpful or calming for me.

While looking for cute ideas on Pinterest the other night, I got lost, as I often do while browsing, in the world of bullet journals, and lettering, and such. Everything looks so cute, I wanted to be able to add things like that to my journals and planners, as I said I’m ALL IN here. The only problem is that I do not have a creative bone in my body, artistically I mean. I can write, I love to write, but art? Like drawing? I absolutely cannot, and I envy everyone who can because it’s a totally foreign thing to me. BUT what I realized is that if I wanted to incorporate these kinds of things into my journaling or planning they didn’t have to be super fancy or perfect because we’ll that’s not me anyway. So I did something super simple in the bullet journal part of Shelley’s planners, and it took my mind off of things for a while. It was simple and uncreative, yet it was exactly what I needed to do.

The point of this post is to one: Tell you of a new way I’ve managed to help my anxiety, especially in a time like this. My anxiety is really taking me for a ride, and even though I’m aware of it, it doesn’t mean I have a handle on it. I think that having something to control, like what I put in my planner, what color marker I chose to use, which stickers, what I end up putting into my bullet journaling helps because it is all something I CAN control, and for me, it’s important to find that.

The other point is to tell you that if you’re looking to start journaling or planning, Shelley’s planners are not only fantastic if you’re in the Supernatural or Harry Potter fandoms but the quality of them is AMAZING and I highly recommend them. There are so many little details in them that make them so special such as the Harry Potter characters birthdays in the Harry Potter planners, the pig in a poke logo on every Tuesday in the Supernatural planner, the stickers that come with the planner and the ones you can buy on her website to go with them. After the planners, I also bought the Sam Winchester Journal and the Supernatural smash journal. I’m using the Sam Winchester Journal to process my feelings about the shows ending and I plan on using the Supernatural smash journal as a way to celebrate it. All of which I have been SO happy with, and would recommend them to anyone and everyone.

Here is a little insight into what I’ve been doing with my planners! 



The top picture is pretty much what I started with and then the second picture is almost all of what I have now, including the millions of different markers that are in that cute little blue bag I got at Target on clearance! I have rarely ever had a reason to go into Michaels before but I went in one day, real quick, just to grab some stickers and I ended up just walking around for half an hour because there was so much to chose from. Now I notice that no matter what store I go in (Before this quarantine business of course) I am always looking for more crafty things!


Above, is first, my new journal. The one I mentioned that I’m writing out all the feelings I’m having over SPN ending. It’s been a great tool when I feel something erupting. The second and last picture are of the Supernatural smash journal that Shelley just recently released, it has the CUTEST designs inside, including the one I show here, and I think it’s a really great way to celebrate SPN.



Remember above where I said I got lost in the bullet journal that I wish was fancy but I cannot art in any way? This is what I did. I just wrote out the 12 songs that I am REALLY loving right now. Some are new, some are older, but I currently have them all on repeat and they make me feel good. Honestly, the only reason all the squares on the left there are all the same size is because of the dots in the journal because otherwise, you’d be seeing many variations of squares and rectangles, I kid you not. I even had to practice drawing the doodles on the side beforehand because I knew I wouldn’t get it right the first time. It’s uncreative and not fancy but like I said I got the idea off of Pinterest and it took my mind off the world, and kept my phone out of my hands, for at least a little while.


This planner is my Ravenclaw Harry Potter planner which I use for work hours, school assignments, appointments, events and so on. I’ve also recently been playing around with a mood tracker, that’s what those hearts are, I don’t know if I’ll keep this one or try something new but I think it’s a good thing to track for me. I’m also working on a plan to add some self-care tracking in here as well. At first, I thought that sticker placement needed to be properly placed but then I realized it’s my planner who really cares where I put them? I do love adding words on the left-hand side whether its song lyrics, quotes from the internet, a movie or a book and it usually coincides with how I’m feeling.


This is my Supernatural planner! I use this one to plan out my blog posts because I’m really trying to focus on organizing those. I’m tracking book releases, TV shows, movie release days, and so on. I add quotes that are meaningful like the one I have on the last row of Tuesday which is from Glennon Doyle’s new book “Untamed”, The top square says “Family Don’t End in Blood” because SPN returned on Monday and then on the bottom of the left side I have a quote from season one of Roswell New Mexico because season two premiered on Monday night as well. On the right bottom side, I’m tracking how I’m feeling that week as well and I recently added a what I achieved this week section because even if it’s something small or “silly” it’s important to track the good along with the bad.  I’ve noticed that some weeks are full of things, and some weeks just are not and that it doesn’t matter how full the planner is! I do not know why I worry about these things, but I do. It’s not like I have a full calendar of outings to add because I’m an introvert and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I have not been sleeping well, I’m not as focused as I should be, I’m a little bit of a mess, BUT I’m really glad that I found something new to help. It wouldn’t have been possible to plan, but having this new escape came at the exact right time that I needed it with this pandemic. If you’re interested in what my Pinterest board looks like involving planning and journaling, click the icon on the home page and it will take it right to my page. And even more important if you like Harry Potter, if you like Supernatural if you’re thinking about planners and journals if you’re looking for a way to cope or celebrate the end of Supernatural if you want to support a member of the SPN Family, if you want to support small business; especially during a very difficult time as is right now, then go to and order some gorgeous items. They were also available on amazon but right now with the pandemic, amazon is only shipping out essential items, but keep it in mind when the world gets better. The Harry Potter planners are available from target online, I got mine here —> I would also highly recommend following Shelley on Instagram @/conquestjournals, on twitter @/Quest_Journals for wonderful content including but not limited to when she’s having sales, or her products are available somewhere new, and she always gives the heads up when there is a Harry Potter movie marathon on TV, which I ALWAYS appreciate.

So there is my rant on planners, journaling, anxiety and my love of Con*Quest Journals! Do you have journaling or planner ideas? Do you have new ways of dealing with your anxiety that you want to share? Leave a comment, or send me a tweet @/amandaraee_x3 because I’m all ears!

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