7 Reasons to watch Roswell, New Mexico!

I am always watching The CW. I watch just about every single show that they produce because they produce some damn good TV. For weeks I saw promos and commercials for Roswell, New Mexico, and it looked good. But I wasn’t quite sure I was sold. While the whole sci-fi vibe is my vibe, the alien vibe was still very new to me, BUT I took a chance on it anyway when the first season hit Netflix, and I promise you, I would have sorely regretted it if I had never turned this show on! What I had understood as being a show with cowboys and aliens was SO much more than that. (I never watched the original, so I truly had no idea what I was getting into). While I could make this post an entire love note to every single part of this outstanding hour of TV, I narrowed it down to seven. I also tried to avoid giving out spoilers at all costs, so while it might seem a little vague, it’s just enough to get you interested so you feel fired up to go find out for yourselves how great of a show this is. So here are 7 reasons you should watch season one of Roswell New Mexico right now, on Netflix, before it returns for season two on Monday, March 16th, on The CW at 9pm.

7 Reasons to Watch Roswell, New Mexico!

1. I took a chance on this show, first of all, because Carina MacKenzie developed it, she writes on it and so on. Ever since I watched her work on The Vampire Diaries and The Originals, I have determined I will follow her work ANYWHERE because she is extremely talented. She absolutely did not let me down here. Just made me admire her talent even more.

2. While it is most definitely a TV show about cowboys and aliens, it is also a show about love, family, friendship, complex emotions, death, prejudice, heartbreak, sexuality, fear, strength, consent, and so much more. The first season follows not one but pretty much three mysteries (IMO) that are mapped out and told in such a brilliant way.

3. The representation and perspective that plays a role into every scene is incredible. It is an incredibly diverse television show that takes you on a journey through many different perspectives of the same world, the same story, the same town. It’s a truly special experience.

4. The character of Michael Geurin played by Michael Vlamis, try not to fall in love with him, I absolutely dare you. Between the writing, and Vlamis’s ability to bring this character to life, he quickly became a favorite.

5. The character of Liz Ortecho. To me, she is a strong, powerful, smart, yet vulnerable woman who quite clearly has built a cage around herself in order to protect herself. Still, at the same time, she cannot help but be there for everyone, whether it’s her father, it was her sister, her friends (I truly relate to this). And the way that Jeanine Mason portrays her… she knocks everything out of the park. Liz Ortecho makes things happen, remember that.

6. The one-liners and heartfelt speeches. I’m a sucker for a good one-liner and a heart-pounding speech and this show delivers on all cylinders for both. I’m trying to give anything away but a couple of my favorites are :

  • “Welcome to the party. It’s a real bisexual alien blast around here.” The deliverance of this line is gold.
  • Person one: …And then you look away, and I remember all over again, and it almost kills me. Every time.”
    Person Two: “I never look away, not really.” – You’ll get it when you watch the scene.
  • You’re not my person, ****. That’s why I didn’t want to tell you my secret. I don’t love you. I never did.” – This quote is so much more powerful than it looks without context. Trust me.

7. There is no drawn-out beginning. Sometimes it’s necessary for the first few episodes of a new show to set the vibe, right? But sometimes it does more harm than good. In Roswell, New Mexico, the show starts off with a bang. You jump right in, within minutes, and it’s incredible. And the best part is that in doing that, it’s also not rushed. Which I feel is something that isn’t always mastered (and that’s my opinion as someone who really loves TV and movies), but Roswell does an excellent job with it.


Jeanine Mason, Nathan Parsons, Michael Vlamis, Tyler Blackburn, Michael Trevino, Lily Cowles, Heather Hemmens, Trevor St. John and anyone who makes guest appearances such as the wonderful Riley Voelkel, come together to make an outstanding cast (and a very good looking one if I might add that in). I’ve always been one to appreciate the acting, and I’m always in love with the writing, but the way the scenes are shot, the cinematography of them is incredible too. I was hook before the first episode ended, and when episode thirteen was over, I was left demanding more, right away, which, of course, was not possible. However, I still wanted it, and I’ve been anxiously awaiting the trailers and official air dates ever since.

We are now less than one week away from the season two premiere, which, as I said airs Monday, March 16th at 9pm, right after my other favorite TV show, Supernatural. There are only thirteen episodes in season one, I might be a real good binge watcher, but I’d have to say there is PLENTY of time between now and 9pm on Monday to jump on Netflix and watch a seriously incredible hourish of television. I’m truly considering preparing myself by doing a re-watch over the weekend if my school workload permits, and I truly hope it does because I’d love to watch the first season of magic before season two drops!

If you do decide to watch, and you REALLY should watch, hit me up over on @/amandaraee_x3 and live tweet along with me!

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