More Favorite Arrow people & moments.

More Favorite Arrow people & moments.

The more I think about Arrow ending, the more time I wish I spent putting some posts together. I did plan some out, but I didn’t realize that in doing that, I’d come up with more that I wish I could do before the final episode, but there just isn’t enough time. That being said, I chose to do multiple posts in one post, and condensing them, so it’s not overwhelming and ridiculous for you to read or understand, and yet I get to highlight what I want to highlight. We all kind of win, right? Let’s roll with that. Let’s do it.


Favorite Fight Scene:


With my terrible memory, it’s hard to think back to my favorite fight scene, and it might change if I was too actually rewatch the series, but right now, this is the one that sticks with me.

Ra’s al Ghul vs Oliver Queen. One thing that always sticks out to me when thinking about Arrow is his battle with Ras Al Ghul in the snow on the mountain. This battle sticks out on my head for some reason, probably because of how epic it was because honestly, IT. WAS. EPIC. The entire League of Assassins storyline was one of my absolute favorite stories they told, from start to finish. Even when I wasn’t sure how Oliver being the leader or marrying Nyssa was going to work out, I still ended up loving it.


The Villians.

Arrow has had some of my favorite Villians in all of TV. My favorites? It’s hard, but I’d say Deathstroke/Slade Wilson, Malcolm Merlyn, Ra’s al Ghul, Prometheus/Adrian Chase, Ricardo Diaz, and Cayden James are the ones that forever stick out on my head right away.

The way that John Barrowman played Malcolm Merlyn, I absolutely cannot say enough. He was so good, I adore him as an actor, and I’ll probably watch anything he does because of this role. Whether he was cunning, or totally evil, or pretending to be good, or when he took up the Ra’s al Ghul mantel, he never missed a beat.

Prometheus was a wild ride. Josh Segarra blew me away with his performance. I feel as though he kind of wore Oliver down. Between making him admit he liked the kill and then threatening his son right after he learns he even exists.. it’s a lot. The scene with William and Oliver on the boat, and how he’s going to blow up the whole island with everyone Oliver loves on the island, I mean… absolutely insane. And the way he could go from Adrian Chase the District Attorney working to rid the city of crime right alongside Oliver, the mayor, to planning The Green Arrows demise as Prometheus… it’s just so good.

Deathstroke: The back and forth from friends to enemies to frenemies that we witnessed between Slade and Oliver were different than the rest of the villains. It had different reasons, different backstory and effected Oliver differently as well. Manu Bennett was outstanding to watch regardless of if he was good or evil. One moment that really sticks out is when Slade Wilson went to the Queen Mansion and Oliver had to go on a tour with him, his mother and sister and keep himself together at the same time. Good shit.

Ra’s al Ghul. Even before Ra’s al Ghul had a face, I was intrigued. I already touched upon how much I loved this story but Ra’s al Ghul was a persona before we ever saw him actually interact with anyone, and I think that added so much to him when he was finally shown. I love what the story and the persona of Ra’s al Ghul brought out in Oliver, no doubt.

Cayden James. The moment I saw that Cayden James was being played by Michael Emerson, I knew good or bad, I’m going to be drawn to this guy because Michael Emerson is an incredible actor. His work on Lost is the first I saw of his, and his role as Cayden reminded me of it in the way that he was very cunning and smart. I love that it brought a bit of a swerve to Felicity as well, she was trying to be apart of something different and important to her, and it backfired. We also see Black Siren at her absolute worst, and Katie Cassidy plays that beautifully as well.

Ricardo Diaz. This is a villain that really BOTHERED ME. He made me angry. I don’t know if it was the way Felicity was so scared, or the fact that Oliver was in prison, if it was the rift that Olicity had because of the stress, it was SO much and it was all kind of crazy, there were moments where I hated it (but still kind of loved it) and moments where I loved it. Either way, I think it showcased a different side of felicity as well. It might have been survival mode Felicity but nonetheless.


Hardest Death: Quintin.


I will not lie, Quintin got on my NERVES, when he was a cop going after the green arrow. He was doing his job, what he thought was right, but man did it bug me. Of course, I learned to love him as he came around to the Team Arrow side, and he has ended up being one of my favorite characters. While Sara and Laurels’ deaths hurt… like A LOT, nothing broke me the way Quintin’s death did. Even thinking about it makes me sad. I grew to adore this character, and Paul Blackthorne did such a stellar job dealing with the complexity of Quintin Lance, and I didn’t want it to end. The scene with Oliver and Quintin that I posted above this, ugh I’m too emotionally attached. Anyways, I adored Quintin Lance, and I wish he didn’t die.


Favorite Team-Up: Original Team Arrow.


I had originally thought I’d be doing OG Team Arrow as it’s down incredible tribute post, but alas, my poor planning got the best of me, but that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve something. While I loved the addition of Thea and Roy, and Laurel, and eventually Rene and Curtis and Dinah, nothing beats OG Team Arrow. Felicity, John, and Oliver had the kind of trust, respect, and chemistry that was undeniable and unrepeatable. They were truly a well-oiled machine. Even when they had their disagreements, or questioned a way to go about something, or had their worries, their teamwork is unmatched. We do not know how the final episode is going to go, we don’t know how or if Felicity and Oliver will really end up reuniting in real-time or if it’ll be another world, a dream or what have you, but something I’d really like is a OG Team Arrow moment. Just the three of them, even if it’s just for a second. I truly want that.


Unexpected Favorites: Curtis, Momma Smoak, Anatoly and Derek Sampson

Curtis: I LOVED the partnership between Felicity and Curtis. I think they worked beautifully together and they literally spoke each other’s language. I hated when OG Team Arrow and New Team Arrow were at odds with each other, and Curtis and felicity were split apart. I love Curtis’s personality and when he showed up a few episodes at the beginning of season eight, I was reminded how much he brightens up the screen!

Donna Smoak. Felicities’ mom is an absolute treat. The dynamic between Felicity and herself was so much fun to watch. It was the sweetest when Felicity assures her that she got her strength from her. I loved the mini romance between Donna and Quintin, and I do wish it could have been explored more.

Anatoly. I did not expect to say that Anatoly is one of my all-time favorite characters on Arrow, but here I am. When he went all evil for a bit, ugh it KILLED me. I love the way he talks, his personality, his unsolicited but also sometimes solicited advice he gives to Oliver. I adore this character so much. Anatoly is my favorite Russian.

Derek Sampson: Maybe I’m a little biased because Cody Runnels (Rhodes) plays Derek Sampson, and he’s a wrestler who got a role on the show after him, and Stephen Amell threw down in a wrestling ring for Summerslam, but nonetheless, Derek Sampson was pretty cool. From being just another drug dealer to becoming a meta-human, his stints in and out of prison, his alliance with Adrian Chase, being in prison with Oliver, and then eventually dying at the hands of Diaz’s prison riot. I think that Cody and Stephen have a special kind of chemistry. They had it in the ring, and they 100% had it on screen. I do hope that they get to work together again sometime soon.


I feel like I said this in every post, but it needs to be said again, Arrow as a whole was an incredible collection of actors, writers, directors, characters, (and everything and everyone else) that managed to tell so many incredible stories with character development and more. Oliver, Felicity, Diggle, Sara, Laurel, Quintin, Moira, Mia, Zoe, William, Connor, JJ, Curtis, Rene, Dinah, Thea, Roy, Ray Palmer, Malcolm, Tommy, Nyssa, Shado, The Calculator, Damien Darhk, and OH SO MANY MORE. I hope we see a few again as long as Green Arrow and The Canaries get picked up (OH please get picked up) and I hope that as we approach the final episode, the right characters, get the right endings.



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