7 favorite women on Arrow.

We’ve been blessed with so many actresses and characters in the last eight years of Arrow. Some of them were good guys, some of them were bad guys, but truthfully, from what my terrible memory can remember, they were all entertaining. I narrowed it down to seven of my absolute favorites to highlight in this post, so let’s just get to it.


My Seven Favorite Women on Arrow.




Oh, Miss Smoak. I am so not a technical gal, but watching her navigate her side of vigilantism made me want to be one. Sometimes her technical savy was more important than the heroes who were out on foot, and sometimes they wouldn’t have been able to do what they do without her knowledge and guidance. The character of Felicity Smoak and the outstanding way that Emily Bett portrays her invested me in her journey from the very beginning and had me rooting for her every step of the way. While I thought that season eight was a very good season, it did always feel like something was missing, and that something was Emily Bett and Felicity Smoak, and on a show full of heroes and action and incredible characters, I think that’s quite the testament to what she brings to the show. For me, when a show ends, there’s always a couple of characters that I’m truly going to miss, that it really sucks to not see anymore, and Felicity Smoak is absolutely one of those characters.


Sara Lance.


At the beginning of Arrow, I had no idea just how much I’d love this character. Her journey has been inspiring, and the way the writers and Caity Lotz have brought her alive has been an absolute joy to watch. Anytime she comes back on the show, she elevates it, and her evolved relationship with Oliver is one of my favorite things.  I truly consider the White Canary to be one of the most badass characters on TV, and I’m grateful to continue to watch her be Captain on Legends of Tomorrow, even as Arrow comes to an end.


Laurel Lance.


No matter if its the OG Laurel Lance, or Earth 2 Laurel Lance, watching Katie Cassidy navigate the very complex character of Ms. Lance has been incredible. Laurel Lance has gone through so much. From her sister sleeping with her boyfriend to being an alcoholic, being a lawyer, losing her dad and her sister (at one point), putting on the canary mask, becoming a hero, dying. Only to have a whole new laurel come into play from Earth two, who was evil, to begin with, eventually learned to be better, but not without temptation and challenges and is now fighting to be the hero that Quintin always thought she could be. Katie Cassidy did a stellar job of navigating ALL of these feelings and emotions, and it has been so amazing to watch, and I hope that Green Arrow and The Canaries get picked up so we’ll get to see more.


Thea Queen. 


I have always loved Thea’s spunkiness. She was so lost at the beginning of the show, and honestly, who could blame her? With everything going on with Oliver presumed dead, the privilege instilled from her parents and life in general? Of course, she was a little messy. What I loved, though, is who she turned into. Even once she finds out Malcolm of all people, is actually her father, she still manages to come out on the other side. The bloodlust, she’s working on it, but she’s looking to come out the other side of that too. Watching her suit up as speedy and handle her own business was so much fun, and I really wish she was around more.


Moira Queen.


Moira could have been better. Moira was manipulative. Moira had a serious privilege complex. Moira was not perfect. Even though she was kind of messy, she also was fiercely protective of her children, when push came to shove, she protected them no matter what. And I think she needs to get more credit for that. I always appreciated Susanna Thompson and the way she elevates the scene every time.


Nyssa al Ghul. 


I am a huge fan of Katrina Law since the show, and I love watching her on Hawaii 5-0 right now. Nyssa has always been one of my favorite characters. That entire storyline is one of my absolute favorites of the entire series. Her and Oliver’s relationship, her and Sara, the little moments with her and Laurel, and the fact that Felicity brought her in to make sure that Mia knew how to protect herself. Her presence and ability to command respect. I just love everything about this character, and I wish we saw her again the final season.


Mia Smoak.


The daughter of Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak could not be better put together, and Kat McNamara could not be doing a more stellar job. I’ve been a big fan of Kat for a few years now from her previous work and seeing her as Mia just makes sense, I couldn’t imagine anyone else in this role. The writers and creators get so much credit for doing such a good job of making the daughter of Oliver and Felicity most definitely the daughter of Oliver and Felicity. She is the perfect example of a strong female character, and she’s doing the best she can to handle being the daughter of Oliver and Felicity. I hope that Green Arrow and The Canaries get picked up because I truly believe the show will not only do well, but that Kat and Mia will knock it out of the park.


Of course, there have been many more women who have graced our screens on Arrow, specifically Dinah and Lyla, who got left off my list, not because they aren’t important, but just because they are not on my top seven list. I think Arrow always did a good job at writing and portraying strong, complex, sometimes complicated female characters, and we’ve had a lot of talented ones on this show.

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