10 of my favorite relationships, partnerships and/or friendships on Arrow.

Over the next couple of days, I’ll be posting some of my favorite things about Arrow as we inch closer to the finale of the show. This one, is clearly, about my favorite relationships on the show. There will be a post on the women of Arrow, the Green Arrow himself, my favorite villains, and a tribute to some other of my favorite characters. Finally, there will be a simple Goodbye Arrow post on Tuesday because I love TV, I adore this show, its cast, its stories, and its characters and this is an excellent way to get it all out and deal with how emotionally invested I get in my TV shows.

Also, OG Team Arrow should definitely be on here, but they are not. Diggle, Felicity, and Olivers partnership is getting its own post 😉 Because let’s be honest it is one of the most special things on the show.


10 Favorite relationships, partnerships, and/or friendships on Arrow.


Oliver and Felicity.

olicity bye arrow post

I mean, duh. Like most, I was rooting for them from the moment they met, and I’ve been rooting for them ever since. The way they navigate their unorthodox world, the way Felicity accepts him and everything that comes with him and Olivers undeniable need to do the right thing; they are 100% one of my favorite on-screen relationships. The chemistry between Amell and Bett is incredible; I swear they have never had a bad scene together and I truly envy the kind of love they portray.

Mia and William.

Training Day

I really love the brother and sister dynamic that they so quickly have developed. They’re so different, yet they’re exactly what the other needs. We’ve seen then interact with one another both when they grew up with each other and after the back door pilot of green arrow and the canaries, we saw them together after they had grown up together, and each time they are honestly sibling goals.

Oliver and Diggle.


From bodyguard to partner, to Best Friend to Brother. Oliver’s relationship with Diggle is quite different than most on the show. It’s one we’ve seen blossom from the very beginning in a much different way, and quite honestly, it’s weird seeing one without the other. A lot of who each man is today is because of the other.

Oliver and Sara.


Although their relationship started out a certain way, the way it evolved is one of my favorite things. Both their lives changed the moment they got on that boat, and they both had incredibly difficult paths to become the people they are today but those people are the best version of themselves, and they both know it. Every time Sara calls Oliver, Ollie, after all this time, I can’t help but grin.

Quentin and practically everyone.


Quentin didn’t always do the right thing in everyone’s eyes but everything he ever did was in some way for his daughters, his city, for the greater good. No matter what Laurel or Sara went through, they were his girls and he never gave up on them. Even when laurel 2 showed up, she was his daughter in his eyes, even if she actually wasn’t. He became a father figure to Dinah, to Oliver, to Thea, to so many; Quentin was a very special character.

Oliver and Thea


This brother and sister combination had a million ups and downs. Looking back at how they started, when Oliver first got back to how they were when he visited her on the island at the beginning of this last season, it’s incredible. She tried to push him away, he didn’t let her. He tried to keep her at arm’s length of his vigilante activities, and she didn’t let him. She was stronger than both Oliver and herself knew, and Oliver was a better man than either of them knew.

Anatoly and Oliver


Not only is Anatoly one of my favorite characters ever, but his relationship with Oliver is also one of my favorite things. (When he went all bad guy for a bit, it broke my heart, honestly). Even with all the ups and downs and the unconventional nature of their partnership, these two make one hell of a team when they do get together. And Anatoly always seems to have some kind of words of wisdom to impart on Oliver.

Diggle and Lyla.


I’ve made it no secret that Lyla is not my favorite, BUT Diggle and Lyla are pretty great. Getting to see their love story unravel from the beginning and watching them find each other again has been lovely. They are very good for each other, that’s no doubt and watching them kick ass together is always a treat.

Dinah and Rene.


These two haven’t always been my favorites, especially when there was all that tension with Oliver, but regardless of my feelings on them separately, there is no question that these two are ride or die. They are always there for one another, they’ve always stuck with each other, and clearly trust and rely on each other, like not many can.

Slade Wilson and Oliver


From being a mentor to a friend to an enemy, back to a friend… or frenemy? Maybe, kind of. This has been an interesting story. If Slade had never been hopped up on the drug that made him all crazy, we probably never would have gotten enemy Slade and Oliver and while it sucked because of their history but it was also an incredibly well-written story. Stephen Amell and Manu Bennett worked beautifully off one another every time they were on screen together.


Green Arrow and The Canaries.


I hope you watched the back door pilot on Tuesday because it is a brilliant piece of work. I was hesitant at first, the idea of this show, but fifteen minutes into the episode and I was hooked. I wanted more right away, and it sucks having to wait and hope that so many others loved it as much as I did. Even going in with hesitation as soon as Mia, Laurel, and Dinah suited up and fought together all I could think of was the word, badass. It was the same kind of hero arrow vibe, but it’s elevated in the best way.

Oliver and company have made some incredible partnerships together. Whether in romance, friendship or work if Arrow taught us anything, it’s that everything works out better when you have others who have your back.




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