Thoughts on the first three parts of Crisis on Infinite Earths.

In the first three parts of Crisis on Infinite Earths, there was a LOT of moments thrown at us, wasn’t there? You could not blink, or you’d miss something. SPOILER WARNING: If for some reason, you thought reading this was a good idea, but you’re not completely caught up on the crossover… STOP reading right now. I warned you.

I was not a comic book person grown up, my love of DC (Other than Batman), is very new, so this crossover has a different feeling for me than most of the other people watching it. There were cameos that I did not know where a huge deal until reading about it. That being said, I’m glad they were able to incorporate so much that made generations of fans happy because that is just simply so cool. I only mention my semi newbie status, so when you’re reading this and realize that so and so appearing isn’t on my list of favorite parts, you know why.

Alright, let’s break down my favorite moments from parts 1, 2, and 3 of the crisis on infinite earth crossover.

  • Kate punching Lyla

Leading up to this crossover the few episodes before it on Arrow, Lyla was making me angry. She was lying to Diggle, scheming behind Oliver’s back, and it seemingly didn’t bother her. Whatever her reasons for working with the Monitor behind everyone back, at the time, she was pissing me off. So, when Kate went and punched her, I got hyped as hell. Just another reason to adore Kate Kane.

  • Oliver’s Death.

I wouldn’t say it was my favorite moment, as in, I liked it. Because I didn’t. I highly dislike the idea of Oliver Queen dying. What I did like was how they did it when no one expected them too. We’d been warned for, what a year? Probably, that Oliver was going to die in this crossover, but who would have expected it in the first part? No. One. That’s good writing, whether it hurts like a bitch or not.

  • Oliver gives Mia her own suit.

I love the complicated relationship that Mia and Oliver have. Stephen Amell and Kat work incredibly well together and bring this kind of relationship to a whole other level. The moment in which Oliver shows Mia the Green Arrow suit of her own kind of gave me chills. It was just a really great moment.

  • Sara’s conversation with Earth 16 Oliver.

This Oliver is quite broken. It is not too far fetched to assume that our Oliver could have become this Oliver if things played out differently. The conversation that Sara has with Oliver reminds us of just how connected Sara and Ollie are. She tells him about how much of a good man he is on other Earths and gives him some comfort. Like I said, it was a nice reminder of their incredible connection.

  • Earth 38s destruction.

Obviously, this was quite heartbreaking, especially for Kara and company, but I loved it because it showed just how high the stakes were in this. No main characters earth was safe, and they could have played it safe and not done that, but they did, and it adds SO much more to the overall story as well as everyone’s personal stories inside of that.

  • Kate and Kara’s friendship

I really like their relationship. Maybe it’s just the vibe that Ruby and Melissa have that radiates to their characters, but I hope after the crossover is over that this friendship remains strong and intact. They’re both very different, and I don’t just mean how Kara is an alien, and Kate is not. The way they handle things, their thought processes, all very different, yet they seem to make a great team.

  • Wentworth Miller voice over.

I completely freaked out when Snart’s voice was on the wave rider on Earth 74. I absolutely adored what the Leonard Snart character become, all versions of him, as well as what Wentworth brought to him. So while we didn’t see him, just hearing Snart’s snarky tone was a very nice treat.

  • Brandon Routh’s Superman from Earth 96.

I love Brandon Routh as Superman. I actually haven’t met a superman I didn’t like, but that’s beside the point. I think he really just fits in the role, and it was cool to see “Ray Palmer” embody the superman vibe for this crossover. It was also cool to see Brandon play both Ray and Superman in the same scene, that’s always something special.

  • The fight to bring Oliver back.

It is obvious that everyone deals with grief differently, and they played that out a little, especially with Mia, Barry, and Sara. Mia and Barry are ready to try anything to bring him back, and while it’s clear Sara would love nothing more, she’s concerned about the methods, but in the end, she helps, because of course, she will. Sara, Mia, Barry, and Constantine’s trip to literal purgatory by finding the literal devil (HELLO LUCIFER, I need to watch you asap), was very cool and a nice tie in for those who, unlike me, are not behind, and have actually watched the show Lucifer

  • Smallville’s Superman.

I also have not watched Smallville. (I KNOW, I KNOW). But it was quite obvious what it meant to fans for this to be incorporated, and even having not watched the show, it still felt incredibly important to do that. I also loved the interaction between him and Lex. We learned that Lex doesn’t necessarily know as much as we thought he did, or that he thinks he does.

  • , Earth’s 90s sacrifice to save our Barry.

While this makes a LOT of sense now that it’s happened, I did not, see it coming and it kind of crushed me. Barrys goodbye to Kaitlyn and Cisco ripped me apart because I’m a sucker for these three as a team. Barry’s unwavering motivation to put everyone else first has a different vibe than most others who feel this way. I think this was an incredibly smart move to stay true to the idea that had been preached for so long that the Flash would die in this crisis. There’s no guarantee that our Barry is in the clear for good, but it was a nice move nonetheless.

  • Black lightening appearance and his chat with Barry.

While I’m behind on the latest season of Black Lightning, I really like this story, and I’m thrilled to see it become intertwined in the same world and the Arrowverse. Black lightening, while angry and confused at first, played a vital role in the third part of the crossover. What I really liked was Barry and him bonding over stories of their fathers, it wasn’t much, but it made me want more between the two.

  • Oliver chooses to stay in purgatory and take over the role of Spectre.

Again, I don’t know much about the role of Spectre, but my understanding is that he’ll help to guide the heroes through the rest of the journey? IF I’m understanding it correctly, I like that. Oliver Queen is dead, and it’s sad, and it sucks, and Arrow is ending, but at least in this capacity, Stephen Amell and Oliver Queen respectively are able to be apart of this and help the others to get a victory.

  • The Paragon Concept.

I saved this for last because I absolutely love this idea, and I feel like I’m going to type quite a bit about it in order to break it down. The Entire idea surrounding the Paragon is really cool and on top of that, I truly agree with who had been chosen to be which of the seven paragons, which is really just a tip of a hat to good continuity writing.

Let us Break Them Down.

Paragon of Hope: Kara Danvers; Supergirl 

  • This only makes the most absolute sense. I don’t know anyone in the real or fictional world that has the capacity level of hope than Kara Danvers does. Her entire planet got destroyed and she STILL refused to give up hope that it could be fixed and that is only one very small example of how she is literally a walking ball of hope. Excellent, smart, selection no doubt.

Paragon of Love: Barry Allen; The Flash.

  • This also makes perfect sense. While Iris is not my favorite (sorry not sorry), there is no question that Barry Allen’s love for her, (and Vise Versa) is unwavering. His love for his mother, father, Joe, his friends, and so on is incredibly strong. Love is what keeps him focused too. “Run Barry Run” might be meant to come from Iris in a place of motivation and support but it is also a form of love and every time, it drives him.

Paragon of Courage: Kate Kane; Batwoman.

  • Oh hell yes. She is open and confident in her sexuality even when others try to drag her down about it (Hello restaurant with the owner scene!). She takes on the idea of batman to help, not knowing exactly what she’s about to get herself into, and then she goes full into it and becomes Batwoman, still not really having a clue, and having to go up against the like of her father, who doesn’t realize it’s her, and her long lost, thought to be dead but now just crazy twin sister. And on top of that, she had no problem getting in between Kara and her using that book when it wasn’t a good idea. Kate Courage Kane, thank you very much. (Can you tell I’m obsessed with batwoman?)

Paragon of Destiny: Sara Lance; White Canary

  • When Sara is talking to Earth 16’s Oliver, she tells him that Oliver became a hero, a father, and a husband and that she is flying through space happier than she’s ever been and that none of it would have happened if she hadn’t gotten on that boat, that it was destiny, and she is so right. Sara and Ollie were completely different people when they first got onto the Queens Gambit and they’re so much better off now because of it. She was meant to become the Captain she is today, she just had to take an unorthodox path to get there, and I cannot think of anyone else who really deserves this spot.

Paragon of Honor: J’onn J’onnz; Martian Manhunter 

  • Is there a more honorable character than J’onn? I really don’t think so. He does everything he can to stick to his beliefs and principles. Always searches for the best non-violent action. He feels immense guilt about his brother and his father and so much more. The character of J’onn J’onnz is the definition of an honorable man… or alien.

Paragon of Humanity: Ryan Choi; Played by Osric Chau 

  • I was really excited about the character of Ryan Choi because I’m a big fan of Osric Chau after watching him on Supernatural for a few years. Some seemed to question bringing in an “outsider” for this, and not coming up with someone from the team but I love it. I loved Iris’s incredible speech to him to recruit him, and she absolutely the only one who could have truly talked Ryan into helping. I hope there will be more of this Ryan Choi after the crossover.

Paragon of Truth: Clark Kent; Superman; Earth 96. 

  • Learning exactly what Clark Kent from Earth 96 had lost was heartbreaking. The fact he was still standing after all of that is impressive, and still working, to tell the TRUTH, through the newspaper was incredible. The most incredible part was Lex Luthor managing to change ALL OF THIS and make himself the Paragon of Truth by the end of the last episode, because of course.



Again, so much happened in these three episodes, and I am sure I missed something super awesome I could have added. Tomorrow, (or the day after), after the last two parts air tonight, I’ll be adding to this. More of my favorite moments and typing up what I thought about the conclusion of this incredible five-episode, multi-show, crossover! Tweet with me @/amandaraeex3

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