My Favorite TV Shows of 2019.

My Favorite TV Shows of the Year.

I have watched many hours of TV in the year 2019. Some I’ve been watching for years, some that are brand new, some that I finally got around, too and I honestly have not watched one show that I didn’t end up loving. When preparing this post, I truly tried to think more about the shows that really stuck out in my mind right off the bat, or ones that had a really incredible moment or storyline this year. You should know by now, but I’ll say it anyway, this list if not in order because I could not handle trying to do that because there is just too much goodness! Also, I have very different taste in TV than most people seem too. I’ve seen many lists of people’s best TV of 2019 and I can tell you now shows such as Fleabag, Watchmen, Killing Eve, Barry and so on,  are not on here because I have not watched them.  So, without further ado, let’s get to it.


  1. Roswell New Mexico



I discovered Roswell New Mexico for two reasons. 1. It was going to be on the CW, and much of my TV watching is done on the CW and 2. Carina Adly MacKenzie is the creator and writer, and I absolutely adore her work.  While I love the Sci-Fi genre of TV, I had never really dived into this subgenre of it… but man, did I love it. It took one single episode to hook me in completely. The first season was on Netflix. It took one lazy Saturday to binge it, and I was so upset that there wasn’t more to follow just yet. There are so many secrets and mysteries to uncover, there are real-life fears such as immigration and dealing with your own sexuality, and love, and hurt. They have the ultimate bad guy, that I didn’t quite see coming, (but also, kind of did once the ending got closer) and so very, very much in between. There is an incredible cast, with incredible writers, set in a beautiful place, and I highly recommend it. Season two is now a little more than three months away and I absolutely am counting down the days.


2. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel


Around September I believe, I binge-watched season one and two of this gem of a show, and I had no idea what I was getting into it. I knew it had won a lot of awards, I’d seen clips of it whenever I would turn on my firestick, but I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about it, because it wasn’t the usual kind of show I’d watch. Well, I fell in love with it by the middle of the first season. I love the wardrobe, the old school vibe, the story. I adore Rachel Brosnahan as Midge, Alex Borstein as Susie, Tony Shalhoub as Abe and absolutely everyone else. This show is so much fun to watch, Brosnahan truly embodies her role, Borstein is a hoot, Shalhoub is outstanding and that’s only a couple members of this amazing all-around cast. Season three was everything It was hyped to be and more. I’m thinking about re-watching it soon, because it is just so good, and it is worth the amazon prime subscription no question. Thank goodness it has been renewed for season four because not only does the ending beg for one, I am not even close to being ready to say goodbye to Mrs. Maisel.

3. Greys Anatomy


Greys Anatomy has been around for quite some time, and for good reason. Season Fifteen and Sixteen manages to take the show to a whole other level. Specifically, Episode 19 of season 15, navigates the waters of sexual assault in a way they hadn’t done before. Directed by Debbie Allen and written by Elisabeth R. Finch, Jo Karev has decided to find her birth mother, which does not turn out the way she had hoped it might, and it affects her more than anyone could have imaged. Camilla Luddington does such an outstanding job with this storyline, it brought out a lot of emotion in me, and it’s one of the most powerful stories I’ve seen told on TV if I’m being completely honest. This storyline does not just occur or an episode or two; we follow the aftermath of this with Jo and all close to her long into season sixteen and it is as beautifully done as it can be. In the episode “Silent all these years,” while Jo is privately dealing with what she learns on the visit to her mother, a patient is brought in due to a sexual assault incident. One of the most powerful scenes on TV occurs in this episode as this woman is going to have a difficult procedure, in which Jo and Teddy are there for her through the entire ordeal, but as they’re making their way to the OR, the walls are lined with woman from the hospital to make her feel safe. I have chills just thinking about this scene. Greys Anatomy has never backed away from hard-hitting topics but in 2019, they tacked miscarriages and domestic violence (again), rape, being given up for adoption and being a product of rape, and so much more. On top of that, they do it all with justice, and you can appreciate the stories being told. It is simply incredible.


4. Shadowhunters


I could not be more sad that this show was canceled, not saved, and officially over. The story appropriately ended which is all you can really ask for when a show is canceled and there isn’t a lot of time to bring it all together, especially with all the moving parts this show had. This show had the sci-fi vibes, the incredible love stories of Magnus and Alec, Jace and Clary, Isobelle and Simon (which my goodness I was aching for) and so much more. It has more elements to the sci-fi world in one show than most, from vampires to warlocks, to fairies, to demons, and they manage to tell intertwined stories that work. If you like this kind of vibe, find this show on a streaming service and binge the three seasons because it is all so worth it.


5. The Arrowverse


The Flash, Supergirl, Arrow, Batwoman, Legends of Tomorrow.

I put all of these together because it was easier this way and because the crossover crisis on infinite earths brought them all together and while I’m still awaiting parts three and four in a few weeks, the first two parts were outstanding, and all of them were apart of it. Batwoman entered the universe this year and my goodness it was everything I hoped for a more. Ruby Rose blows me away every single time she’s on the screen, and she’s surrounded by an outstanding cast, excellent writers, and a wonderfully put together story. Grant Gustin gives one of his most intense performances as not the flash but Barry Allen. Barry is infected by his new villain Bloodwork and ends up trapped in his own mind with bloodwork practically torturing him, and the way Grant Gustin portrays him is incredible, there are so many scenes that gave me chills. Oliver Queen manages to meet not only his adult son but his adult daughter who he never got to know because in real-time, she’s still a baby, but with a god and a little time travel, anything is possible and it’s quite a dynamic. Olivers dealing with a lot, Mia is dealing with a lot, Diggle is dealing with a lot, Lyla is something else, and it’s just really a great start to the season that will, unfortunately, be it’s last. Supergirl finds herself at odds with a Luther, one she didn’t expect, and yeah Lex is a problem too. Every “main” character has their own little stories happening within the big story with the intriguing big bad, and it all flows quite nicely. Also, Melissa Benoist is an absolute dream in this role. Legends of Tomorrows fourth season starts in 2018 but it’s a midseason show, but it returns in April of 2019 with quite an interesting time bureau story, addition of mona, Nate and his dad, Constantine, Desmond, Neron, Nora, Ray, (and this story is NUTS) Sara playing matchmaker, dealing with the breakup with Ava, they change history which we’ll see unfold come season five in a few weeks, and somehow, it all works. Crisis on Infinite Earths is the long-awaited crossover the arrowverse and we are still waiting for the last two parts and I don’t want to give anything away if some haven’t been able to watch it, but the first two parts have SO MUCH in them, you cannot tear your eyes away because you’ll miss something. Connections are made, the guest stars are AMAZING, they leave you guessing, and they leave you in our feels and it’s all incredible.


6. Chicago Fire

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Chicago Fire has been on the top of its game this season. It’s an incredible show all around, but this season is something else. They killed off one of the main firefighters on the show, and it hurt BIG TIME. They took the time to show the grieving of his best friend, dealing with a replacement, finding memories after a little time passed, trying to memorialize him, not being afraid afterward. Deals with Sylvie realizing that what she thought she wanted isn’t what she wanted, and it’s changing her and you find yourself screaming at the TV because you know this character isn’t acting like the character and they know it too but its taking time to figure it out. They lose one guy who needs to help out at OFI, a past love comes around and my gosh, on top of all of that, there are so many scary fires and medical situations that need dealing with! And ON TOP OF THAT, the midseason finale ends with quite the cliffhanger like they always do and they keep you nervous until the winter hiatus is over. And that is literally just the current season, not even to mention the end of last season which was also in 2019. All the one Chicago shows are good, but this one is special.


7. The Magicians.


This might be one of my all-time favorite shows. Magic is rationed, except the main characters now have alternate personalities and have no clue who they used to be or the fact magic even exists and to my surprise, this lasts more than one episode. The story of Eliot being trapped in his own mind while the monster is in control not only is terrifying and sad because Eliot is a dreamboat, but it showcases the outstanding talent that is Hale Appleman. Summer Bishil who plays Margo brilliantly also blew me away this year with her acting, with the singing, with Margo’s story as a whole. Episode ten has one of my favorite musical moments, but it is also one of Margo’s most powerful episodes. She breaks down, she’s stripped-down, emotional and raw and this isn’t something we ever see and when she starts talking about her father and fucking things up, I got chills. It’s absolutely astounding. The final episode of the season completely broke me because god damn it, I get too attached to these characters and we lost one and it was heartbreaking all around and while I cried like a baby, it was incredible writing. And I cannot wait for season five with is thankfully coming in just a few weeks!

8. Younger


Season five of Younger finally got me to choose between Charles and Josh. Most fan it seems, made their choice a while ago, as Liza had seemed too, but I couldn’t. I adored them both, and while I still do, I know now that I’m Team Josh 100%. On top of this Josh become a dad, Kelsey tries to navigate running a company, Charles and Zane have a major secret, Maggie discovers a fear, Enzo and Diane showcase their love story with absolute certainty as Liza tries to figure out her love story with Charles without being able to shake off Josh, and SO much more.


9. Legacies


The third installment of the Vampire Diaries vibe is incredible. Most of the main characters come with backstories leading to TVD and The Originals. The end of the first season and beginning of the second tell a powerful story. I love following Hope Mikaelson as she navigates literally everything. From love to strength, to friends, to father figures, all the way to demons and monsters galore. Danielle Rose Russell is out of this world talented, she’s had me emotional more times than I care to admit, and she has you rooting for her every damn time she struggles and praising her when she succeeds.  You watch shifts in the Saltzman twins; you watch the learn of the dreaded Gemini Merge and so much more. It is so much fun to watch, and I highly recommend jumping on this train because Julie Plec, as always, is a genius.


10. Stranger Things

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When a new stranger things comes out, I’m anxiously awaiting it and I binge watch it as soon as humanly possible. The characters of this show are getting older and somewhat more mature and I love watching that happen. I love Dustin and his Suzy story that no one believes but is actually true. I love Will trying to deal with the fact that his friends don’t necessarily want to do the same things he does. Eleven and Mike navigating a relationship and Hopper dealing with a dad with a young daughter in a relationship while also thinking about one of his own with Joyce is such an excellent addition to this show. Billys story and how max deals with that. The friendship between Max and Eleven is one of my favorite parts of this season. Elevens vulnerabilities are showcased, and the overall story is beautifully done, and I highly recommend this show, and this season is one of the best, I think. Get on it.


 11. Supernatural


One of my favorite shows of all time is coming to an end in May of 2020 after fifteen seasons, and it hurts. The year of 2019 has been bittersweet because, at the end of it, we started the beginning of the end. The final episode of season fourteen left us with a mess, and supernatural has been in messes before, many, multiple times an episode, but this was an all-holy mess. The unfolding of this mess in the second half of 2019 has been terrifying, and incredible, and emotional, and nostalgic. There will be so much more written about this show as the real end draws closer.


12. Riverdale


This season of Riverdale as really walked the line between unbelievable yet intriguing and unbelievable and what the hell am I watching right now. Jugheads story is my absolute favorite, as well as Betty navigating her dark side and while Jugheads fate hangs in the balance, I cannot wait to solve the mystery. They opened the season with a stunning tribute to Luke Perry and throughout the season Archie, who father was played by Luke Perry spends a lot of the season trying to give back in a way that could honor him. Veronica and her father up the antes on their feud, Betty has another brother who… is questionable at most, we get to hear Kevin sing, even though its just for a second, FP and Alice are living in the same house, and Cheryl thinks she’s being haunted by both Jason and her “twin” that she apparently absorbed in the womb all while Toni stays by her side through every insane moment.


13. The Mandalorian


The Mandalorian is worth the price of Disney Plus. Jon Favreau created the most incredible show that is not rushed, tells a perfectly paced story, has an adorable baby Yoda who probably isn’t a baby Yoda but looks like Yoda, uses the force and it works for now. The likes of Deborah Chow, Brice Dallas Howard and Taika Waititi have director credits and some of these scenes are simply incredible. The Mandalorian story is very interesting to me, and all else that comes with it adds on top of that. It is so incredible and all eight episodes of season one are on Disney plus now with season two coming along in the fall of 2020.


Honorable Mentions:

  1. Jessica Jones


Season Three would end up being the final season of this show, which is a damn shame, but they were able to wrap up the story, which again, is all you can really ask for. But this season was special because you watched as Jessica and her “sister” Trish kind of switched roles. Trish is so focused on being a hero that she actually ends up becoming the villain. Krysten Ritter and Rachael Taylor knock it all out of the park every insane step of the way.

2. Game of thrones.


While it had man problems, and I will forever have a million issues with the ending, it had many, many good moments. I truly loved the directing and cinematography. When some thought it was too dark, I disagreed, and I thought it added to the scenes and the vibe of the episodes. I loved Arias’s story so freaking much, and while kind of rushed, the Jon Snow and Daenerys story unfolded the best it could I think with the time they had to tell the story. Sansas ending was perfect. Brienne of Tarth got knighted and honestly, I teared up. Jaime Lannister had quite a turn around from season one to this final season and even though they had him turn around and go back to Cersi in the end, I like to forget that part and just think of him as the one who gave Brienne all she ever wanted. There were many problems with the final episode, but there was also good parts I thought, and those should be remembered and not just the shitty ending, because yes, it was fucking shitty.

3. Jack Ryan.


I really, really, really love John Krasinski in this role. I think he is absolutely perfect for it and season one was out of this world. I binge-watched the first season in like maybe a day? and the same happened in season two. This political thriller is incredibly action-packed, and thankfully got renewed for a third season. Wendell Pierce alongside Krasinski is quite the duo as they play off one another so well even though they see each situation very differently.  It is a stunning dynamic. I still believe that season one was better than this season, but I am anxiously awaiting season two.


There was a lot of incredible TV this year and I have many shows such as You, The Witcher, Fleabag, Dead to me and more than I have to get around to watching someday soon! I noticed that many people had similar best of 2019 TV choices and I think mine is much different because I have incredibly different tastes than everyone else. 2019 gave us some truly special stories and I cannot wait to see what 2020 brings us.

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