My 20 favorite TV ships of the decade.

A couple fast facts for you:

  1. I’m obsessed with TV.
  2. An entire decade has gone by, and everyone is noticing it.
  3. There is nothing better than getting hooked into a TV relationship and holding on through all the crazy, defending it, and falling in love with it all.


Some people can get insanely defensive of their preferred “ship,” I mean, scroll through a fandom twitter every once in a while, and it can get kind of scary. That’s a downside to it, but in all honesty, becoming so enthralled in a TV relationship because of the writing and the acting is an incredible thing, or so I think. Honestly, it was in this decade that I really found my love of TV, and the writing and the characters and the actors, the entirety of it really, and within that, I have fallen in love with my fair share of character relationships in this last decade.

I wanted to do a post about my favorite ships of the decade, and the prep for this was harder than I thought for a couple of reasons, one being I have a terrible memory, and I was afraid that I would forget one, but in all honesty that is inevitable. Two: I have too damn many. I made a list and I had almost FORTY! I could have written a post on 40 of my favorite ships of the decade, but I honestly thought that was too much and who wants to read ALL of that from little old me. So, I narrowed it down, the best I could, which was painful to do because my heart is so full of TV love.  I decided to cut my initial list in half, and I also keep the list wi,thin the decade. So, couples just as Jim and Pam, Peyton and Lucas, Hayley and Nathan, anyone from gossip girl, all of whom I loved dearly are not featured because they were only apart of this decade of tv for the last three years. I obviously didn’t necessarily follow this to a T (such as the shows which might have debuted in 2009 or something like that), but for the most part, that’s what I tried to focus on. I had to give myself some kind of guideline, or else this list would be out of control. This list is also in no way shape or form in order, my anxiety would see that as too much to handle. ;P


Here are my personal 20 favorite TV ships of the last decade.

  1. Oliver and Felicity.
  • I do not know of many who watch Arrow and have not fallen in love with these two from the very beginning. Throughout the last decade, they’ve gone through danger, uncertainty, pure insanity sometimes and while they both are very different in many ways, they complement each other perfectly. The on-screen chemistry between Stephen and Emily brings a lot to it, on top of the writing and the overall storyline, this is undoubtedly one of my favorite ships of all time.


  1. Damon and Elena.
  • This is probably one of the very first ships that I held onto tightly and really just let myself go along for the ride. It’s also one that is quite controversial. Was Elena meant to be with Stefan or Damon? Is this relationship wrong? Were the writers wrong to go with it this way? Twitter can give you an earful on this topic, and it can be a… lot. I stand by choice to want Damon and Elena to be together and while I liked Stefan and Elena together in the beginning… it wasn’t a long term thing, and I’ll explain why when I give you my third ship in just a second. TVD gave us SO many possible ships throughout its time on TV. In my original list, I had quite a few and it wasn’t easy to leave them off of this.

damon elenadelena

  1. Stefan and Caroline.
  • Caroline was my least favorite character in season one, and in season two and beyond was one of my absolute favorites. Another thing that happened in season two was I started to realize how much better of a pair Caroline and Stefan were. They were not only becoming incredible friends as Stefan helped her with her vampire transition but their chemistry went much further than just friendship, and while it was such a long wait to get what I wanted, it was so worth it once I did. This is absolutely a ship worth the wait.


Credit goes to the person who put this image together!
  1. Caroline and Klaus
  • Technically I’m looking at this as not being the third TVD ship and more like the first The Originals one. Even though when they first met, Klaus was the ultimate bad guy on TVD; you could not deny the different dynamics between him and Caroline. Anytime they had a moment, I couldn’t take my eyes off the TV and that followed them to The Originals. When The Originals were coming to an end, I had hoped we’d get more Caroline, and we did, and it was perfectly done. By this time, unfortunately, Stefan was dead, and there was a time jump so I didn’t feel as though I was cheating on my other ship with this one by this time. (If that makes sense?) What those two brought to the screen was very special and I’m glad we got an ending that brought it all together.


credit to the person who made this image!
  1. Hope and Landon.
  • The third installment of the TVD world is quite different from the first two and in the best way. Following Klaus’s daughter, Alaric and Jo/Caroline’s twins and all their friends fight monsters, and navigate their abilities and also figure out how to be teenagers on top of it all is quite a dynamic. One of my favorite things is it is Hope and Landon. They are messy and complicated, and absolutely perfect for one another and I love watching this young love story unfold.

hope and landon

  1. Michael and Alex
  • Okay, I’m done with the vampire love, let’s now focus on some alien love, shall we? Roswell New Mexico is one of favorite new shows, and the characters of Michael and Alex are one of the reasons. I really love the Michael character as he is and the dynamic of Alex is interesting and real and together, they’re simply explosive. To see how one is so okay with who he is, and another who just is not ready for the world to know because he’s still confused is something I don’t think we see too much and I love it. We are only one season into this show but the way they’ve set this up, it is going to be a pleasure to navigate the waters of this ship.

roswell malec

  1. Liz and Max.
  • These two are also on Roswell, New Mexico and they’re a major part of the mystery for the story. I highly recommend you watch this show so I won’t go into much detail, but their relationship is so messy, full of conflict and at times, heartbreaking, but also loving and necessary. It’s one of those relationships that you want to fight to see work.


maz and liz
Credit to the person who made this!


  1. Magnus and Alec
  • Shadowhunters quickly became one of my all-time favorite shows and in it, you see Magnus this very old warlock with a young classy attitude and Alec who is still trying to figure out who he is, and fighting how he is perceived to be, who his family expects him to be. You see them go through incredible life-changing events apart and together and through all of it, they have each other, and it is a very special love story.


  1. Jughead and Betty
  • Riverdale is one of those shows that can get a little crazy, almost unbelievable sometimes, but so outrageous that it’s must-see. Jughead and Betty falling in love is one of the best parts. Some of the internet will tell you that Archie and Betty are the ones that belong together and everyone is entitled to their wrong opinion. Their idea of a perfect date is solving a mystery, and they deal with each other quite literally insane family members and support each other and their friends through every odd encounter. It is one of those teenage relationships that seems much more mature than it is, and you cannot wait to see what they’re going to get themselves into next.


  1. Cheryl and Toni
  • This relationship was one that I didn’t know I needed until it happened. Learning Cheryl’s story and what her family put her through when it came to her sexuality was legitimately heartbreaking, and she goes through a hell of a lot in these three seasons and in the end of it all, Toni is always there, through all of Cheryl’s over the top craziness, she’s always there. It is a charming love story in a town full of crazy.


  1. Sara Lance and Ava.
  • Sara Lance is one of my favorite TV characters ever, and I’ve enjoyed watching her navigate herself, and whether it was with men or woman just let herself go sometimes and have fun and then Ava came along and you noticed that that changed because she genuinely liked her even though they are two completely different people. At some points, I didn’t think it was going to work, but then it would and it’s nice that she has that other kind of stability besides her fellow legends.


  1. Severide and Stella
  • On Chicago Fire, there is a lot of action, danger, twists and turns, it really is a whole thing and I love every moment. Severide used to get around… well, let us not sugar coat it… a lot. Seeing him settle down with Stella the way he FINALLY has is so nice, and she is truly SO good for him and it’s just another fantastic layer to the awesome writing done on this show.


  1. Meredith and Derek.
  • I mean, duh. Does anyone who has watched Greys Anatomy not loved these two? Their relationship was far from perfect, and there were plenty of times where you might have questioned it, especially because Derek is not perfect, but in the end, it was iconic. It was iconic and it was sweet and heartbreaking and I loved being along for the ride for it as much as I loved watching Meredith come out the other side.


  1. Mark and Lexi.
  • I hardly ever see anyone truly talk about this ship. I wonder if it’s because by the time it really came together in the end, they both died, or it just gets forgotten because there are so many amazing ships on this show, but this one is one that I wish so hard could have had the time of day to be something special. By the time these two figured it out, and let go of their fears, the other was gone, and that was one of the most heartbreaking things ever, but the time they did have was quite cute and worthy of my list.


  1. Killian and Emma.
  • I binge-watched the heck out of Once upon a time on Netflix a few months ago and I absolutely fell for these two as a couple. In the show, it does follow a lot, but not all love stories from the fairytales to a T, but with Killian and Emma, you didn’t have a clue and while it was quite messy at times, I absolutely loved every minute of it.


  1. Fitz and Liv.
  • Oh, Scandal. I also binged the crap out of this show on Netflix earlier in the year, and I was so enthralled in it I couldn’t stop watching. Fitz and Liv were problematic and controversial and all-around a mess, but yet you rooted for them to figure things out. You rooted for it whether it was the little moments or the big moments, you fought for them the way you wanted them to fight for each other.


  1. Tony and Ziva
  • NCIS has been on since 2003, and Ziva joined the show in 2005 BUT these two did not start genuinely letting themselves even entertain the idea of anything until a few years into the decade, and their first on-screen kiss wasn’t until 2013 when Ziva was leaving the show. The reason that I put this on this list is because not only were fans, myself well included rooting for this long before the two characters had figured it out, but because it was revealed years later that they actually had a daughter together, and Ziva recently came back to this current season and while Tony is no longer on the show, Ziva’s comeback story has a lot to do with them and fans are yearning for an on-screen reunion that we do not know if we’ll get. It is a special relationship that wasn’t rushed or overdone and it’s on a show that doesn’t showcase romance much because that isn’t the point. But with them, it’s special. This is one ship that I broke my own rule for because I feel like not many people watch this show but they should.


credit to who made this!


  1. Kenzie and Deeks.
  • On the spin-off of NCIS, NCIS LA, Kenzie, and Deeks had a very slow burn but unlike Ziva and Tony, we get to see this one unfold in all of its complications. They have differences and similarities and fears and traumas and moments of uncertainty and insane jobs to top it off but yet they’re light of the show.


  1. Quinten and Eliot
  • You want to talk about amazing TV you have to think of The Magicians. It is one of the amazing TV shows I’ve ever watched. The characters make you fall in love with all of them and then when they fall in love with each other? Oh man. Quinten and Alice’s relationship was the cutest thing when it first started, and then it got messy, at times, really messy and it seemed to be that had run its course. Then kind of out of nowhere this Quinten and Eliot moment happened and secrets were shared, and moments were revealed and I found myself rooting for this, so hard. There is so much that happens in this show, but it was beyond nice to see love sneak up on you the way this one seemed to, for me at least.


  1. Liza and Josh
  • Younger has the ultimate love triangle. The dynamic through the seasons brings you from Josh and Liza to Liza and Charles, and you have Josh and Liza at the beginning, then you have Charles and Liza, and for me, I had the hardest time choosing ONE! This is one of the few times where I cannot decide who I want with who because the writing and chemistry of it all is perfect with everyone but this last season I did realize that Liza and Josh is the better pair for me and there is a LOT of opinions on this love triangle and it makes it that much more incredible. Younger is a show that I wish more people knew about because it really is a thirty-minute hidden gem, and Josh and Liza’s dynamic is one of the reasons it’s so special.




A couple of honorable mentions:

  1. Barry and Iris.
  • I do love this relationship on The Flash, and for most people, this would be on the top of the list. My only issue is that Iris is not my favorite, I cannot really pinpoint why, I mean she definitely has her moments no question, but she also erks me sometimes. With that said, there is no denying the unbelievable love story between these two.


  1. Brett and Casey.
  • On Chicago Fire, most fans believe that Casey belongs with one person and one person only and that’s Gabby. While I can see why, as the characters have quite the chemistry, I never thought that Gabby was quite right for Matt Casey. When I saw the dynamic between Brett and Casey after Gabby left him and the show, when they were teasing the possibility, I realized oh man, I WANT THIS. It is VERY up in the air as to whether or not this ship will come to fruition, but I’m holding out hope.


  1. Hayley and Elijah
  • Whether it was on TVD or The Originals, for a few hundred years, Elijah Mikaelson never had much luck with women, even though he was always my favorite Mikaelson. Hayley might have ended up having a child with his brother, but that was never more than a one night stand and while Jackson could have worked out, the one she was meant to be with was Elijah. It was messy, and they never did get their happy ending, but I have zero regrets putting my heart into this ship


I am quite aware of the kind of love story I fall ,in love with. As you noticed from reading “messy” came up a lot. I love a relationship that is a mess. It’s not perfect, there are f,laws, and problems and obstacles. Granted some of those obstacles in this list are of the vampire, witch, ali,en, murder for a father kind of obstacles but none the less. I want a love story that needs to be fought for, not just handed to them or the audience. Those are the absolute best ones to get lost in.


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