17 Self-Care Last Minute Gifts.

When I was writing down ideas for my holiday posts, I wanted to do a gift guide but only one because everyone does gift guides. Self-Care is a major topic right now, as it should be. Even so, I don’t think it’s talked about quite enough just yet. So I decided to use self-care as my topic for this year’s gift guide.

Self-Care is something that is really important to me. It’s been a struggle to allow it, and a struggle to keep at it, and a struggle to figure out exactly what kind of self-care was needed when. My best advice on that would be to listen to your instincts and trial and error is all you can do. I have owned and used most of the products I’m listing, and of course, there are a couple I just wish I had and see their value. It’s cutting it close but it seems most of them are also still available at places such as Amazon.com and Target and will get to you before Christmas. While this was indented to be written as ideas for you to buy for someone else, they can absolutely be options for you to add to your own self-care routines!

Okay, let’s get this show on the road.


Seventeen Self-Care Last Minute Gifts



 Jade Facial Roller


I Actually recently bought this for myself, and I love it. I’ve used it at room temperature, but nothing beats using it when it’s cold, you simply feel twice as refreshed. It’s the perfect stocking stuffer, and reasonably priced too!


E.L.F face mask


If you know anything about me at all, it’s that I love e.l.f. The company is one of my absolute favorites for everything from skincare to make up. These sheet masks are awkward at first, at least for me and my clumsy self, but my face felt fantastic afterward!


Lavender Epsom Salts

bath salts

My feet and my lower back are my biggest challenges, and taking a bath in Epsom salts is sometimes the only solution. I really love the lavender personally because it is calming. Dr. Teal has become my favorite brand, but I’ve gotten the knock off target brand before as well, and I barely notice a difference.


Felicia Days book

felica day

I preordered this book because I just knew this was the book for me, and I was so right. I’m only halfway through it, as I’m purposefully taking my time, but the writing exercises have been very cool and certainly does open your mind and make you embrace your weird.


BONUS: Big Magic

big magic

I added in this bonus book because I’m truly obsessed with it. I cannot put into words the way I felt when reading it. It’s something that has always stuck with me, and that I go back to when I feel stuck. It was really good or my anxiety and my writer’s block.

Color me calm book


Last year my friend got me a book like this, except it, was animals with swear words and I’m telling you it works. If you’re overwhelmed, this is an excellent remedy. Sometimes all it takes is something simple to focus your mind on something else to overcome the current battle your facing.



Fuzzy Socks

Bath Robe


You really cannot go wrong with these. Sometimes a little self-care means simply being comfortable, getting comfy, and all of these fit that bill. I actually have the sloth slippers, and they’re not only cute but warm and comfy.


Bath Bomb

bath bombs

Bath Bombs take baths to a whole new level, am I right? They can be pretty, they can smell good, they can have calming effects, they’re the whole package truthfully.




I’m obsessed with candles. Not only with the smell but the overall vibe that they bring to a room, especially during the holidays. Apple Cinnamon, Vanilla, Fruity scents, and recently, Lavender are my go-to ones.


Cooling eye mask


I do not have this, but I certainly need it. I found this on Amazon, and I was drawn to it because it mentions how it helps with migraines. I can get terrible migraines sometimes, so badly I feel nausea. This can also help when I get anxiety attacks at home. To be honest, sometimes I just lay down and put a bag on ice on my face, but this seems like a much better, more comfortable option.


Not your Mother’s: Dry Shampoo

dry shampooo

This might seem like a weird gift. But considering this is a self-care version of a gift guide, this makes sense. If you’re like me or know someone like me, who suffers from anxiety, depressive episodes, sometimes washing your hair is simply too much. It seems crazy, but it’s true. I only started using this this last year but I cannot tell you the number of times I used it instead of washing my hair and still was able to feel like to accomplished something.


Coffee Mug

coffee mugg

Whether you like hot chocolate, tea, coffee, or even just ice water, relaxing with our favorite mug can make a difference. I’ve made a point this year to get up a little early on the weekends, simply to have a cup of coffee in the quiet, which I do not get much of in this small apartment occupied by three other people. I’m not sure why, but I feel like a regular old white coffee cup wouldn’t have the same vibe to it. I have a million mugs, and I’m constantly picking out new ones that I wish I could have. This is a sweet, simple cute gift for sure!


Dr. Teal Body Lotion 

teal lotion calming

Dr. Teal has a few different lotions, but I have been using this one for a year or so now. I had a hard time finding a lotion I liked that wasn’t too thick, didn’t dry out my sensitive skin even more, and so on. I bought this one because of the calming label, as it has camomille essential oils in it and it’s the best lotion I’ve tried.


Yoga Mat

yoga mat

I can see how this could be an odd gift too, but even if someone isn’t into yoga, maybe they’re into meditation, or even just a space to relax a yoga mat can transform that space. I think the thicker, the better, it’s more comfortable for me. Yoga never hurt anyone, and I think it’s an extremely beneficial process.


Wine Tray for the tub

wine tray

I have ALWAYS wanted one of these. I don’t know if my small ass tub fits the bill for it, but I want it none the less. So many things that I mentioned in this post can be put on this tray and used to help with your self-care routine. They can be a bit pricey, but maybe it’s time to treat yourself.

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