War Games and Survivor Series 2019!

Another fabulous weekend of wrestling is upon us. Survivor Series is definitely in my top three favorite PPVs, and I’m even more excited about it this year because of the addition of NXT, which I think was an incredibly smart and necessary move. War Games in NXT always bring out the very best in everyone involved, and I’m excited to kick back tonight and watch it all unfold! Here are my thoughts and predictions for both War Games and Survivor Series 2019!

War Games 2019!

waarrn games

Women’s War Games!

  • Shayna, Shirai, Belair, and Kay Lee Ray vs. Rhea, Candice, Teagan, and Mia.

We’ve witnessed a lot of firsts for the woman over the past few years, but I think I might be excited about this one even more than the rest. The men’s war games in NXT have been some of the most incredible matches I’ve ever seen and showcased talent I would never have expected to do the things that they can do. This group of woman that NXT has right now, they have this badass vibe surrounding all of them. It doesn’t matter if you’re a face or a heel they have that vibe around them either way, and I think that’s really going to come out in full force during this match. I’m a Candice LeRae lady through and through, so I’m definitely on team Rhea, but even more important, I’m on Team Women.

Men’s War Games!:

  • Undisputed Era vs. Ciampa, Dominic Dijakovic, Keith Lee and TBD

The whole mystery factor surrounding who Ciampa has mapped out for the fourth guy is quite exciting. There are a half dozen options, but they’re hyping it up, so it better be someone good, someone maybe we haven’t seen before, or haven’t seen in a while. Either way, I’m certainly team Ciampa for this.

Finn Balor vs. Matt Riddle.  

Their brawl on Wednesday night made me excited for this one. I’m always excited for a Balor match, and Riddle is more than talented, but I’m not his biggest fan either. So it’s no question that I’m Team Balor tonight

Dunne vs. Priest vs. Dain to determine No. 1 contender to NXT Championship to face Adam Cole at Survivor Series.

This is one hell of a stacked three-way match up to determine Adam Coles’s opponent at Survivor Series. I’m rooting for Pete Dunne because, honestly, I’m always rooting for Pete Dunne. Although a Killian Dain win here would be pretty cool, I still think it’s too soon, but he doesn’t bring another element to this number one contender match nonetheless.

Kick-off Show match:

Isiah Swerve Scott vs. Angel Garza:

This will, of course, be an excellent match up, and will probably give us a number one contender for Lio Rush and his NXT Cruiserweight championship. It’ll be a fun way to kick off the action tonight. I think I’ll go with Isiah; I like him better.


Survivor Series

survivor series


Adam Cole vs. TBD; Either Dunne, Priest, or Dain.  

I mean, does it really matter who Cole faces in this? It’s going to be outstanding regardless of the opponent. I am writing this before WarGames takes place, but I’m hoping for a Dunne win there, regardless it’s going to be a hell of a weekend for Adam Cole, and even with that, I still see him walking out of Survivor Series with the NXT Championship. BUT on the off chance that Cole does lose, I hope it is to Dunne, and it won’t hurt him because it’s obvious he’s faced grueling competition all weekend long.

Brock Lesnar vs. Rey Mysterio- WWE Championship.—No holds barred, no disqualification.  

It’s weird because on WWE Backstage CMPunk kind of said all that needs to be said about this, basically, if Brock truly shows up, this match will be one of the greatest of the evening, but if not, it’ll be just another squash match that neither the fans nor Mysterio deserve. I’m hoping for the better option, but I’m definitely expecting the worst. Either way, I’m rooting for Mysterio, because I never root for Lesnar.

Bayley vs. Shayna vs. Becky.

I’m torn with this match — my heart roots for Becky 100%. I am not a Shayna fan, I’ve tried, I just don’t really like her, I’m over her reign, and I cannot wait until it’s over. Bayley is also not my favorite; I can’t put my finger on what it is, I just don’t’ care about her, even with the heel turn, my favorite part of her is her new hair. It’s not to say she’s not in ring talented because she is no question, but I’m just not really on board. With that said I think for the sake of the story and all that, Bayley needs this win more than anyone else. Becky is obviously standing tall atop the women’s division, and Shayna has proved her dominance on more occasions than is necessary. Either way, all three women are incredibly talented, I’ll never deny that, and this match has the potential to steal the entire night.

Roderick Strong vs. AJ Styles vs. Shinsuke Nakamura  

I know I just wrote about the women stealing the night, but this match, well, I can’t imagine that it won’t be hard to beat. The talent is off the charts, no question. If I’m to pick a dog in the fight, I think I’m going with Nakamura. I just have a feeling. It’ll be a treat for fans, regardless.

Undisputed Era vs. The Viking Raiders vs. The New Day.

I’m very excited about this because we’ve never seen it before. That’s always fun. I always end up rooting for The New Day, even when I say I won’t, because I’m just a big fan. BUT honestly, I’d like to see The Viking Raiders win. I’m not sure many expect them too, but I think it’ll elevate them if they do.

Men’s Survivor Series Elimination Match:

  • Team Raw: Rollins, Owens, Orton, McIntyre, and Ricochet
  • Team Smackdown: Reigns, Corbin, Ali, Chad Gable, and Strowman
  • Team NXT: TBD

While writing this, we don’t know who Team NXT is going to consist of, and even then, I find myself being Team NXT. I’m team NXT most times anyways because I genuinely think it’s the better brand. It’s the one I’ve been watching every week. I don’t watch Raw or Smackdown hardly at all, but while I don’t always watch NXT live, I almost always watch it the following day on demand, because it’s just all-around good wrestling, and so much less nonsense. I’m looking forward to Rollins and Reigns on opposite teams, Anyone on Team NXT interacting with anyone on either side, and I think it’d be cool for a surprise on Team NXT, just ya know… not HHH cause that just seems silly.

Women’s survivor series elimination match:

  • Team Raw: Charlotte, Natalya, Kabuki Warriors, and Sarah Logan
  • Team Smackdown: Sasha, Carmella, Dana, Nikki Cross, and Lacey Evans
  • Team NXT: TBD

Again, Really determined to be Team NXT here, again, without knowing the teams yet. I’m tempted to be Team Raw because Nattie and Charlotte are on it, so I definitely hope they’re the final two for Team Raw, but I’m also a Carmella girl so here’s to hoping she makes it to the end of the match, it would also be cool to see Dana make it to the end. Will Team NXT be the same as the one we saw on Smackdown? Which is the same team as war games just with the addition of Toni Storm? It would be cool if it were, but I also know there’s other woman that are in NXT that could take a spot or two, but who knows. Either way, I’m Team NXT again. (Unless it’s the two other horsewomen on the team and then I’ll reconsider my pick because I’m not their biggest fans either).

Universal Championship: “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt vs. Daniel Bryan.

I am definitely not ready to see The Fiend lose the Championship just yet, so I’m rooting for him to retain it. I’m also intrigued by this match. Wyatt and Bryan always have great matches, and there is a lot of history between them, I think it is a fantastic first feud for the Fiend.


Survivor Series kicks off at 5 pm for the pre-show and then the real show starts at 7. My Dallas Cowboys are playing at 425pm, so I won’t be tuning into this until after the game, probably closer to 8, so I’m hoping that nothing major goes down, but this game is one I won’t miss a second of. Big football stakes.

I feel like I write this every time there is a PPV that I’m interested in, but I don’t watch much Raw or Smackdown. With the invasion angle I mostly watch clips of things after the fact, but I still watch NXT every week; I think that is where my loyalty lies; the brand that keeps me watching is the brand I’m going with. This weekend has the potential to really raise the stock of WWE. It has some of its very best contenders fight one another or alongside one another, without any nonsense, or to be quite honest, STUPIDITY, this should be an excellent weekend for wrestling, it’s at least gotten me to tune in, and while I probably would have watched war games anyways, getting me to watch Survivor Series mean they’re doing something right.

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