All Elite Wrestling: All Out PPV Thoughts

Ah, here we are coming upon another AEW PPV. It has been so much fun following this company on social media. Seeings the strides being made, the changes, the passion of its owners and talent. The hype up of the matches, the video packages, everything has been stellar. All In, double or nothing had both lit a fire under me and my love for wrestling. Sometimes I don’t recognize everyone they have on the card, and it is so much fun learning to love them by the end. I love the vibe surrounding this new company and the excitement of what they have the potential to be. I’m excited for the 5-star show they’re going to put on tonight as we get one step closer to their TNT Live TV Debut on October 2nd.

Here are some of my thoughts on the upcoming matches. 

Private Party vs. Angelico and Jack Evans.

I’m still very new to these two teams but remembering their bouts from the last couple of shows this is going to be an incredibly fun pre-show match.

Womens’ Casino Battle Royale.

The entire AEW women’s roster that they have put together is full of so much talent, and I know that even more will be joining in as time goes on. The winner of this Royale receives a shot at the inaugural women’s title. There are only a few ladies announced for this royale so far, including Britt Baker, Jazz, Sadie Gibbs, Teal Piper, Big Swole, Aerial Monroe, Brandi Rhodes, Nyla Rose, Allie, Yuka Sakazaki, Ivelisse and Awesome Kong. While I fully suspect Kong and Brandi shinanigans, and anything can happen with that, I do have a few favorites going into this. I know I’m late to the party but when I first watched Britt Baker wrestling at All In, in the fatal four-way I was blown away, and since then she’s continued to make me a fan, so seeing her win this for a shot at the title definitely makes me happy. I’m also a big Allie fan, so I’d certainly be down with that. I haven’t watched much from Ivelisse as of late, but a while back I remember really loving watching her wrestle so I’m on board with that too. I’m a big fan of women’ wrestling so I love how women like Jazz, Sadie Gibbs, Teal Piper, Big Swole, Aerial Monroe are in this match and I’ve only vaguely heard of a few of them. I’m looking forward to finding a few new favorites!

Luchasaurus, Jungle Boy and Marko vs. SCU 

Big fan of both of these teams. I loved watching Christopher Daniels and Kazarian back when they were in other promotions, and Scorpio sky is so much fun to watch. That being said Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus have taken up a special place in my wrestling loving heart. Whether wrestling together or separately I truly love watching them so I would be very happy to see them pick up the win in this match.

Best Friends vs. The Dark Order 

AEW really did the damn thing when getting tag teams to their brand, didn’t they? The Best Friends are definitely my pick here. I really like them, I think they have incredible chemistry, and they’re just, so fun to watch.

Joey Janela vs. Jimmy Havoc vs. Darby Allin 

I knew very little, if anything about these three until AEW, and damn was I missing out. Darbys match against Cody was mind-blowing. Janela vs. Moxley was mindblowing, and Jimmy Havoc is on a whole other level. All three of them have quickly become my must watches, but there is something about Darby Allin that gives him the edge for me, and he is who I’d like to see win this triple threat.

Riho vs. Hikaru Shida 

I was instantly drawn to Riho for reasons I still don’t know, but the talent is insane. Hikaru Shida as well. When they first came onto my TV, I had no idea who they were, or what Joshi wrestling was, but I think I speak for everyone when I say we were in for a treat. I wanted more as soon as possible. In this case, I’d really love to see Riho get the win.

AAA Tag Team Championship Match: Lucha Brothers vs. The Young Bucks. 

These guys never, ever disappoint. Their match at double or nothing, their six-man tag at fyter fest against one another with the additions of Omega and Laredo Kid. They make magic together no matter what and tonight at All In should prove no different. I’m not too stuck on who I truly want to win, but The Young Bucks do have a little bit of an edge.

Kenny Omega vs. Pac

I was one of the many totally bummed that Jon Moxley couldn’t wrestle this match tonight. I was bummed because he was hurt, that it was another infection. I was bummed because he seemed so bummed, and I was bummed because I just like watching Moxley wrestle, and the lead up to his match against Omega has been stellar. BUT if anything waiting a little longer will only make the pay off even better. I was a huge fan of Pac when he wrestled under the name Neville, and the wrestler he has made himself into sense seems 100% even better, so I’m very excited to see him square off against Omega. When looking for a replacement so late in the game for Omega to face, they did a fine job with putting Pac in his Moxleys place. I’m a little torn on who I would want to see win this. I think the audience wins, no matter what. I’ll decide mid-match I’m sure.

Cody vs. Shawn Spears w/ Tully.

This whole feud kind of came out of nowhere, and it has been built up so beautifully. I’ve always thought both guys were more talented than they were ever given a chance to show and this match should prove to be another showing of how I was right. These two, in my opinion, are two of the very best who never got to show it. This rivalry has become VERY personal, and that kind of emotion can change the game and isn’t always easy to stay true too in wrestling. I feel like sometimes it can get lost after a while, but not with these two. I certainly can’t pick a winner here. Half of me wants Cody, and half of me wants Shawn, but what I want in all of its entirety is for them to show what they have both physically and emotionally. They’re going to tell one hell of a story tonight.

AEW World Championship: Chris Jericho vs. Adam Hangman Page 

I’m still very new to the Hangman bandwagon, but Chris Jericho has been one of my all-time favorites FOREVER. I’m in love with everything he does, every time he reinvents himself, no matter how cocky he gets, he is my guy. But at the same time, I don’t know if AEW necessarily needs that as their first-ever world champion. I feel as though I’ll be rooting for Jericho as a fan, even if it makes more sense that a guy like Page should be the one walking into TNT TV on October 2nd as champion. Either way, it’s going to be a hell of a showing.







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