28 must-watch Netflix shows

I am in love with TV. Seriously I watch so much TV, probably more than the regular person. In the fall, my line up is impossible to keep up with, and it is absolutely impossible to watch it all live when it’s on, which is always a shame cause I also really love live-tweeting. With Netflix, I have found even more TV! So many incredible stories, and honestly, I pick my TV shows based on good storytelling. I’m not much for a simple 30-minute comedy sketch kinda show, unless it’s The Office, (but that also had some good stories too). Anyways, as if I needed more TV to add to my line up, Netflix has given me just that. From their originals to gems you can find because you missed it when it was on live TV or even shows that you might have seen a clip for, or heard about that is still on TV, but you need to catch up on past seasons, Netflix has SO MUCH. So I searched through my Netflix and put together a list of 28 shows that I see as much watch. I have watched every single one of the shows listed because I’m obviously not going to recommend something that I’ve never seen even if the entire world swears its good, that’s not how I roll. It is impossible for me to put them in order of my favs, well maybe not impossible, but It would take me forever, and let’s be honest, I don’t have that kind of time at this point in time, so there is no particular order with this. I did, however, separate the shows into three categories. Netflix Originals, Shows that are no longer on TV, and then shows that are still on TV and Netflix for catch up! (About two years ago I did a post naming just five shows netflix has that also had new seasons coming on TV, that I recommeded.  As I re-read it I was shocked at how many netflix shows I’ve watched since then!)

Lets get into it


Netflix Originals 

  1. The Order

This show currently has only one season, with season two soon to be put together. I found this show because I really love sci-fi magic kinda stuff and I was scrolling through netflix just looking for something new and after the first episode I was hooked, and by the end of the first season I was BEGGING for season two.  It is just really a magical show. So if you like this genre of show, I highly recommend it.

2. Stranger Things

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve at least heard of Stranger Things. I was so hesitant to watch this at first because I am not good with scary shit, AT ALL, and it really looked like it was going to freak me out. BUT some co-workers would not stop telling me how good it was and they swore I’d like it. and guess what? I freaking loved it. There are, of course, some parts that I kinda freak out about cause I’m a wimp but it’s like the best kinda freak out. So, if you’re like me and it doesn’t look like you’ll like it because it looks scary, do it anyways, because the story, the acting and the all around vibe of it is so good.

3. Designated Survivor

So, Designated Survivor used to be on ABC, and then ABC canceled it and Netflix saved it, so it’s technically now a Netflix show, not an Original, but I’m still putting it under this list. This is a political drama kind of show (I’m terrible with specific genre naming), it stars Kurt Sutherland, who plays the President, and he is a gem, the entire cast honestly are gems. I will never understand why ABC canceled it, and unfortunately Netflix also canceled it after the third season aired. Thankfully it does get a nice closing at netflix, which I for one was thankful for because season two ends on a cliffhanger and it needed more, I needed answers. So while it is cancelled now, I still highly recommend it because it is such an incredible show.

4. Jessica Jones.

I am obsessed with this show. (And honestly shame on netflix for cancelling it, I hope Marvel puts it on the new Disney plus streaming show because I want more. Kristen Ritter plays this character so well it is mind blowing, and the story behind Jessica Jones is outstanding, and every episode keeps you not just wanting, but needing more. Out of all the Marvel Netflix originals, Jessica Jones is my favorite for sure.

5. Daredevil

Daredevil is so cool. Cool is the greatest way to describe it. The story of Daredevil, like Jessica Jones is so insane and the villians in this show are incredible to the point where I find no sympathy for them, for the most part. If you are a marvel fan, and you’re not watching it, you’re missing out. And yes, Netflix cancelled this too, but that doesn’t even matter, watch it before it goes.

6. Luke Cage

Luke Cage was the first Marvel Netflix show that I watched and I absolutely fell in love with this cast. So much action, it has such as vibe, the villians are mindblowing and Mike Colter just blows me away as Luke Cage. Netflix also cancelled this, which was annoying as hell, and I also hope it gets on the new streaming service, but it is so worth it to watch it anyways.

7. The Defenders

So this show brings Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Daredevil and Iron Fist together which was the COOLEST thing. I wish that netflix hadn’t cancelled these shows and we could get another defenders because the actors, the characters, the stories all mesh so damn well together. I recommend watching the solo shows first, except for the last seasons, and then watch this. You’ll see that I didn’t add Iron first to my list, because I didn’t watch it, and I watched the defenders, and I honestly don’t think you need to, watching the defenders you get enough backstory in the dialogue to understand him.


No longer on TV. 


  1. The Vampire Diaries

I am full on obsessed with this show. This is one of the shows that I think I really realized how much I love TV and I appreciate a damn good story. It is based from the books of L.J Smith, and created by Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec. Julie Plec is such a gem, I absolutely love her writing and I swear I’ll watch anything she’s credited on. It is, as you can guess, vampires, and teenagers, friendships, love, family, and just SO much, wonderful things that I absolutely fell in love with. It runs eight seasons, and as a long time fan, I was an emotional wreck at the end, but it is all worth it. This is technically the first installment of the next show on the list.

2. The Originals.

If you watch the Vampire Diaries you are introduced to this family in season three, and they are insane, in the absolute best way. I feel like you could watch the originals without watching the vampire diaries but it would so not be the same. This original vampire family is a family with such strong personalities, each that can teach you a little something about yourself. This show has five seasons with the most incredibly passionate ending that will break your freaking heart. The gem who is Julie Plec created this spinoff and found a cast that started on the vampire diaries and easily grew into its own entity. This show also developed into another spin off that I’ll talk about in the next category because it’s still on TV.

3. Bitten

Keeping on the supernatural train, Bitten involves werewolves. It’s another show that I found on accident, simply from scrolling through netflix and it only has three seasons, which is insane because I definitely needed more. It is a canadian television series that aired on Syfy, with a strong female lead played by Laura Vandervoort. If you like this genre, I highly recommend this hidden gem that I feel like not enough people know about and that’s a shame.

4. Quantico

My admiration for Priyank Chopra came from watching this show. The story and the way the story is broken down with flashback and all is amazing. I always love a good police/cop/law enforcement show, but this was a little different because they’re just starting out as FBI agents, they’re still learning everything, going through the ropes. Some seriously awesome strong female characters in this one too, which is always a plus.

5. Colony

This show stars Sarah Wayne Callies and Josh Holloway, which is what drew me to it in the first place. It originally aired on USA network, and then they unfortunatley cancelled it. It was a real bummer because it had the potential to tell so much more of the story if given the chance. Nonetheless it is a hell of a show, right up my alley with the supernatural, sci-fi kinda feel to it, with a twist that makes it so much different than any other kind of show like it. Callies and Holloway are mindblowing in this, as is the rest of the cast. It has three seasons, that even though it’s done now, they are more than worth watching.

6. Gossip Girl

This isn’t typically the kind of show that I’d be interested in, but man, I fell in love with it. I absolutely adore Blake Lively which is why I even gave it a chance. I believe I watched it, on netflix of course, about four years ago. I was going through some shit and maybe that’s why I watched something so different? I really let myself get lost in it, and honestly I needed too. This show puts you through so many emotions but in the best way. Even now, when my TV card is overflowingly full, I sometimes think to myself “hey maybe I should watch Gossip Girl again” it’s insane. I think it’s one of those classics everyone should give a chance.

7. Weeds

I watched this show AGES ago, I couldn’t even tell you how long ago it was. Mary-Loise Parker is a gem. I absolutely love her in this, and I’m willing to try watching ANYTHING she’s in because she is the best. The theme song is catchy as hell, the story is so different, and it’s just a great freaking show. Bottom line. Get to watching.

8. Scandal

Olivia Pope, Kerry Washington, Shonda Rimes. My goodness. Talk about insanity. The way that Kerry Washington plays Olivia Pope and Shonda Rimes writes the character just screams confidence. I spent more of the show wishing I could have one single ounce of her confidence, her badassery, her strength but also her vulnerability. It’s a great take on the inside world of politics. OH and Jeff Perry, who plays Cyrus Beene, freaking blows me away. His character goes through so much and the acting ability on Jeff Perry is outstanding, you are seriously missing out. Also, I’ll watch anything Shonda Rimes touches because she is a queeeeeeen.


Still on TV!

  1. Roswell, New Mexico.

Obsessed. This is a very new show of an old one. Did that make sense? I hope so. Anyways, created by Carina Mackenzie, who I just absolutely adore, who also wrote for The Originals. This show is currently on the CW with one season out on netflix, with season two coming to the CW in October. I saw a million commercials for it while watching my other CW shows but I just kept telling myself I couldn’t make room for it, even though it was right up my alley, ALIENS guys, ugh so cool. So, I finally watched it on netflix about a month ago, I was hooked right away, I am obsessed with the stellar cast they put together, I think I finished it in three days and I’ve been itching for more ever since. The writing is amazing, the acting is insane and it is more than worth the watch. Nathan Parsons, Tyler Blackburn and Jeanine Mason are just three of the incredible talents on this show.

2. Supernatural

From one show that I’m newly obsessed with, to an older show that I’ve been obsessed with for what feels like forever. Supernatural follows two brothers who are in the family business. Saving People, hunting things. They come across angels, demons, leviathan, prophets, shapeshifters and about 100 other things. They fight together and occasionally bring in a few friends along the way. Supernatural is the ultimate supernatural genre vibe of a show with an incredible family dynamic, and has the most incredible fan base and fan/cast relationship that I have ever encountered, and that I’m incredibly blessed to be apart of. At first I was afraid the show was too scary for little old chicken shit me, and there are some seriously freaky parts, but oh it’s so worth it. This show currently has fourteen seasons on netflix with their record breaking fifteenth season coming in the fall to the CW, which will also be its last.

3. Legacies

So, Legacies is the third installment of Julie Plec’s Vampire series. Again, I don’t think you HAVE to watch The Originals and The Vampire Diaries for this show, but I promise you will not get the full effect. Some characters in Legacies started on TVD, some started on the originals, and some are brand new stunning additions, but backstory is definitely important. I was hesitant at first with this show because it does have a bit of a different vibe than the others but still right there in my lane with the monsters and vampires and what not, and it is a beautiful continuation of a story I fell in love with long ago. It is currently going into its second season this fall on the CW and obviously season one is available on netflix right now.

4. NCIS.

This show is a swerve from my usual supernatural/vampire/monster business for sure. This is an action police procedural show (yes, I googled this), that airs on CBS. It debuted all the way in 2003 and stars Mark Harmon Sean Murray are OG cast members from the beginning that are still solving cases today. Recently Wilmer Valderrama joined the cast and he is the ultimate gem and an excellent addition. It has sixteen seasons on netflix and season seventeen is being filmed right now. This is the kind of show that I could watch random episodes on USA network or netflix and be completely entertained for the hour or multiple hours. (There is also an NCIS LA, that I’m obsessed with, that is SO worth watching, but unfortunately isn’t on Netflix or hulu or anything, and it’s a god damn shame).

5. Greys’ Anatomy.

This brilliant piece of TV is also written by Shonda Rimes, just like scandal. It recently became the longest running prime time medical drama last season, passing ER with a whopping 332 episodes and counting! The lead Character Meredith Grey is my spirit animal, I connect with her on a whole other level, and Ellen Pompeo who plays her is another actress and human being on my list of TV queens. Their 17th season is currently being filmed so you have 16 whole seasons to watch on netflix. It is a LOT, but it is so worth the binging. This show truly has everything.

6. Riverdale

If there is any show that I am currently obsessed with merchandise and all that isn’t supernatural it is Riverdale. Riverdale is an American Teen Drama based off of the Archie Comics. It debuted in 2017 on the CW, currently has three seasons on netflix, and season four is being filmed right now! I wasn’t sure about this show at first when I saw previews, mosty because it was based in high school, im 26 now and kinda figured I was over that vibe.  Then one night after supernatural, the first epsiode was on and I hadn’t changed the channel, I was still scrolling twitter reading after supernatural reactions and I’d pick my head up a few times and then by the middle of the episode I was totally into it! What i thought was just another Teen drama was SO MUCH MORE, the fact that they are in high school hardly even matters. I basically end every episode with the what the hell just happened reaction, but in the best possible way. The main cast is practically my age, or a little younger, and they are an incredibly talented group that I’ve grown to admire, and dear Luke Perry is also in this show.

7. The Magicians

This is another show that I found on accident, simply by scrolling through netflix. You can assume by the name that, yeah this show is my vibe. I realized I love the idea of magic even more by watching this show. One major thing about this show is the very special cast it has. The characters in this show are magical, all the puns intended. There are also a couple musical type episodes that are such a treat. It airs on Syfy network and there are currently four seasons up on netflix. There is no official word on when season five will debut but all the other seasons the first episode aired in late January so that’s the speculation. And no, this isn’t a show about Magicians in the sense of simple magic tricks like cards and quarters, although you will see that in the beginning. This story takes the most incredible journey, and I will warn you now the end of season four will rip you apart unless you don’t have a heart. But it is worth all it, I swear.

8. Shameless

I am crazy gratful that Netflix has shameless because showtime is not something extra I can afford but this show is SO GOOD. It is crazy disfunctional, I related to Fiona so much in the beginning and it is such a mess, but a gorgeous mess that you just cannot stop watching unfold. I have NOT watched the latest season yet, it is on my to-do list but i feel confident recommending this show based on knowing the other eight were golden.

9. Arrow

It should be pretty clear that I’m a big supporter of the CW shows, the DC Comic ones are absolutely no exception. Stephen Amell as the green arrow is stellar. This show has two of my all time favorite lady charaters in Felicity Smoak played by the incredible Emily Bett and Sara Lance played by Caity Lotz. The beginning almost made me think I might not be all about it, only because I don’t think it’s a secret that Oliver Queen starts out as a spoiled rich kid but it is so much more. It is also so much more than another superhero show, how do I know? Well my mom HATES superheros, absolutely hates it, but I got her to watch Arrow and she really liked it, and she REALLY liked Stephen Amell. If you’re going to take the dive into DC comic TV, this is where you should start. Arrow is entering its eighth and final season this fall but all previous seven seasons are on netflix right now.

10. D.C’s Legends of Tomorrow

It is almost impossible to put this show into words. Sara Lance a.k.a the white canary played by Caity Lotz from Arrow brings her character to this show where her team of misfits must keep the timeline of the world intact and fix any problems. You get some fabulous outfits when they travel to different eras and decades, you get incredible stories from each member of the team, and so much more. This show is so fun and in my opinion one of the best shows out there.

11. The Flash 

This entire cast is full of stellar talent but the character of Cisco Ramon is one of my favorite characters in all of TV. He is so funny and real and just incredible. Carlos Valdes is a dream boat in the way he plays this character. Grant Gustin plays the flash in a way that I have a hard time imagining anyone else in that role. Team Flash is so diverse and talented, you’ll fall in love with all of them, and even hate a few but in the best way.  5 seasons are up on netflix right now with season six coming this fall.

12. Black Lightning

Black lightning has such a different, incredible vibe to it than the other DC comic shows. I quickly became attached to every single one in the very beginning especially Nafessa William and her character Anissa. This show has extremely strong family dynamic that practically seems unbreakable. Black lightening has two seasons up on netflix with season three coming in the fall.

13. Supergirl 

Last, but certainly not least, Supergirl, portrayed by the incredible Melissa Benoist has four seasons up on netflix with season five on the way. I was very unsure about this show because I never gave superman a chance so why would i give supergirl one? so wrong. Between Benoist incredible supergirl portrayal, Chyler leigh (who I loved in Greys Anatomy) portrayal of Alex Danvers, the way Katie McGrath plays Lena Luthor there is so much girl power in this show, which takes nothing away from the badass men in the show. It was actually because of supergirl that I gave Superman a chance. After watching supergirl, I went and watched all the superman movies and realized, Hey I kinda love Superman, who knew. I wouldn’t of, cause shame on me.

Currently Watching on Netflix:

Right now I’m on season five of Once Upon a Time. I’m loving it so far. I love the fairytale dynamic, but how more real it all seems. I absolutely loved fairy tales growing up, but I think I like this version 110% more. I fully understand why I heard such wonderful things about it when it was still on TV. ABC ended it a while back, but there are seven seasons up on netflix if it seems like your kinda thing, so far so good for me!

Netflix not your thing? Already watched everything possible? Then be on the look out in the near future for my list of must watch Hulu and Amazon Prime shows!

Have any netflix suggestions that you don’t see on here? Something I might like? Tweet me at @/amandaraee_x3 or leave a comment!




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