Lets’ talk Summerslam.

Last night we saw another spectacular showing from the talented NXT crew. From the stellar tag team match to kick us off, to the outstanding women’ fight between Io and Candice, to the stunning north American championship match, seeing the NXT women’s championship match contested with Shayna and Mia, and of course, the mind-blowing matches between Adam Cole and Johnny Gargano. The talent within the NXT brand continues to get better and better and even a match we’ve seen multiple times before as with Cole and Gargano it never, ever stops amazing me.

But that was last night, lets chat about tonight.

I’ve learned a long time ago not to get my hopes up because WWE is so good at tearing them down, and that just makes me mad, and then it is no fun for anyone, so doing things like this isn’t easy anymore. But I obviously still have my favorites so here’s what I’d like to see go down tonight.


Becky Lynch vs. Natalya (Submission Match; Raw Womens’ Championship)

I am so very excited about this. I’ve been a very big fan of both of them for a long time. While Becky retaining would be fine with me, my heart is with Natalya. She truly has been overlooked for well… ever. And while she has had a couple title runs, it’s hardly been what she’s deserved. I’d love to see her wearing that gold tonight. And not just because it’s in Canada because we all know home field advantage means nothing when it comes to Nattie.

Kingston vs. Orton (WWE Championship)

I definitely love this story. It feels like this is the longest storyline WWE has ever managed to keep together. I mean one where within a week or so they were teaming up pretending to like each other. That being said, the last thing WWE should do is have Kingston lose to Orton. The absolute last thing. So there isn’t much I’m rooting hard for tonight, but Kingston retaining, is one of them.

Bayley vs. Ember Moon (Smackdown Womens’ Championship)

I kind of lied, this is another match that I absolutely have a winner in, and that is Ember Moon. I think it is insane that it has taken this long for Ember to hold a title in WWE, but here we are. Ember Moon deserves to become champion tonight.

Kevin vs. Shane McMahon (If Owen’s loses, he will quit WWE). 

Okay, I keep lying, this match also has a clear winner. Kevin Owens 100% needs to win this. Not only because it would be a damn shame for WWE to lose a treasure like KO but I’m so freaking over Shane McMahon.

Goldberg vs. Ziggler 

I couldn’t give less of a shit about this. Why Nakamura and Ali don’t have a spot on the card, but this does, i’ll never know.

AJ Styles vs. Ricochet (US championship match) 

This has the potential to be show stealing, IF the OC stays the fuck out of it. Excuse my language, but incredible heel fraction or not, I hate when a potential 5 star match gets ruined because of heel necessity. I’d also love to see Ricochet get the upper hand and maybe regain that title, because he certainly didn’t have enough time with it, and what an underdog win it would be.

Finn Balor vs. “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt 

First of all,  The Fiend, geniunly freaks me out. That mask is seriously made of nightmares. If WWE doesn’t release The Demon in Balor and make this Demon vs. Fiend, they are making an insane mistake. In terms of a winner? I’m not sure it matters.

Brock Lesnar vs. Seth Rollins (Universal Championship Match) 

Easy, Seth wins. the end.

Trish Stratus vs. Charlotte Flair 

Besides the Nattie and Becky match, this might be the match I’m most looking forward too. I’m very excited to see this match. I think that it would have been a HUGE missed opportunity if they were never able to have it. It truly is a battle of the Queens from their Eras, and it is incredibly special. Trish was my favorite from then, Charlotte has been one of my favorites now, so really just getting to see this mtch at all, is the win for me.

Drew Gulak vs. Oney Lorcan (Cruiserweight Championship) 

The cruiserweights always show out. ALWAYS. But I’d be lying if I said I was looking forward to it, or had an opinion on it.

As I’m in the middle of writing this, WWE added two more matches to their kick off card. Which honestly makes since considering how long their kick off is.

Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross vs Peyton and Billie (WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships) 

I’m still bitter that WWE never gave Peyton and Billie the chance to be the champions they could have been. And if I ever hear another person say that Peyton and Billie were terrible champions and don’t account for the fact that it was WWE’s fault I think i’ll scream. It’s not to say that Alexa and Nikki don’t deserve it, or they won’t be great champions, because they will. I guess my point is, if Peyton and Billie win, simply to not get a chance to do anything, then don’t bother. We know that when Alexa Bliss touches something it turns to greatness, so I hope that happens here.

Apollo Crews vs Buddy Murphy.

This match sounds incredible, although I don’t understand it. especially when Nakamura and Ali aren’t on the card, but it should prove to be fun. I’d like to see Crews win, only because while Murphy is out of this world talented, I like Crews better, and he is insanely underrated.


One thing is for sure, there is going to be a lot of wrestling tonight. It might seem like too much, I’m sure I’ll be complaining a little bit, that’s just what happens, but nontheless the talent is out of this world, and the matches, (maybe not the outcomes) but the matches themselves should prove to be beyond entertaining. Also, I’m glad that there are so many womens matches on the card!

I’ve had a SHITTY, and I mean SHITTY, couple of days, so I cannot even tell you how much I’m looking forward to this incredibly long distraction!



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