Saraya Jade Cosmetics Review!

Honest Truth: I have been working on this post for weeks, actually scratch that, months! MONTHS! It’s the longest I have ever worked on a blog post, and that’s because I wanted to get this right. My anxiety kept telling me, this isn’t good enough. Saraya (a.k.a) Paige’s products are too good, and you need to get this post right. And I do. But I’m also well aware that my anxiety can make me a little nuts in the control department. So this is the post. I love Saraya Jade Cosmetics, and It has unintentionally made me feel a whole different way about make up and about myself.

So, I have never been one for makeup, and if I wore it, it was a little eyeliner and mascara, and I’m good to go. That has changed since I woke up being 26 and realizing that it bothered me how little I cared about what I looked like when I went out. I mean yeah, I’d be showered, and my hair would be done just enough to be put together but still… I wasn’t happy.

And this revelation wasn’t for anyone, but for me, just me. I struggle with anxiety and self-image and all that good stuff and as weird as it might sound, focusing on myself, a little self-care, goes a long way and a part of that is when WWE’s Paige, a.k.a Saraya launched her cosmetic line. Both The Break Up Collection and the collaboration with Hot Topic.



Now I’m not one to get all dolled up for work. I work in retail, its gross, and it’s summertime now, so I sweat ALL THE DANG TIME, but if I go out with friends, the grocery store, to run errands, yeah I put in a little more effort. I’ll have a whole other post on my skincare regime I’ve finally adopted and the other make-up products I’ve started using but for now, let’s chat about Saraya.

Before I get into the shade by shade talk, one of the major things that drew me to this brand wasn’t just because I’m a huge fan of hers and her wrestling career, but this line is cruelty-free & vegan which means everything to me when it comes to any kind of beauty product. Also, these lipstick don’t dry out my lips, and they stay on through so much! I’ve eaten sandwiches, pasta, had drinks, and so on with this lipstick on and it powers through!


and it comes with a built-in mirror and a light for on the go application!

Now I haven’t tried ALL of them, there’s at least one or two that just are not me, so I don’t have them, and I wouldn’t dare try to tell you something is great without having actually tried it myself, but I cannot wait to tell you all about my favorite Saraya Store Cosmetics!


20190621_172923 I don’t need you is my favorite everyday shade because it pops but it’s simple. It is from the Saraya Jade Break up collection.  It’s perfect for just running errands, and it can be paired with just about any outfit. This is the shade you’ll catch me in most often, even if it’s just a Saturday trip to the grocery store.



This shade was developed with the Saraya store and lindy sue, a makeup artist that used to work for WWE and is now working solely for Saraya as her make-up artist. I assume it was named Charlotte because Lindy Sue first put it together for WWE Superstar Charlotte, but that’s just an educated guess. It is also from the Saraya Jade Break up collection.  This color is much bolder, especially for me, but I love it. It’s bolder, so it makes me feel more empowered. And it really went perfect with this outfit above. Below is a picture of charlotte, from the photo shoot where she first rocked this shade, I’m obsessed with it.




This shade of red is gorgeous, and also, for me, terrifying. It’s from the Hot TopicxSarayaJade Collection. It screams all eyes on me, and I am not that girl, but I bought it anyway figuring someday I’d feel bold enough to try it. And that day did come. I didn’t go out with it on, of course, I wasn’t feeling that bold, but I did feel like trying it out, at home, in a mirror, and I LOVED IT. Like I said, I loved it, and if you are a red lipstick loving kinda person, then I highly recommend giving this one a shot.


20190621_172844This was actually the first shade I ever bought. It was around my birthday, I went into Hot topic, and there they were. I got this one because it was a nice light pink color, nothing too crazy, and that’s when I realized that maybe I am a make-up kinda girl. This is one of four colors specifically made in collaboration with Hot Topic.



Rebound is also apart of the Saraya Jade Break up collection. I like to think of it as the perfect in-between of I don’t need you and Charlotte. I don’t wear it as often as I do the others, but it is definitely a shade I love.


So the HotTopic collaboration collection comes in these super cute packages, so cute that I kept them just because! It doesn’t seem like you can get these at Hot Topic anymore, but they are currently in stock at!


The breakup collection has some seriously awesome features that I’m not sure many other lipsticks have, correct me if I’m wrong, because I am not an all-knowing makeup gal, but I’ve never seen this feature before. These Saraya store products have a built-in light and mirror for on the go application, and even if you have access to a mirror, the light makes it so much easier to apply!


screenshot of the website!

When Saraya finally launched her collection back in November, it sold out in its first 24 hours! And since then it has continued to grow. Not only does it have the collections I’ve mentioned but also a lip scrub, eyeshadow palette, highlighter palette, and four new nude shades are being released soon. Shop the website

OR if you’re still not sure, follow Saraya aka Paige herself @/realpaigewwe and @/thesarayastore to see more looks, and to learn a little bit more about Saraya herself. Also, Mariah, who handles the Saraya Store Instagram is always sharing tips and tricks for the lipsticks, giving any new information on products, and constantly sharing pictures of everyone rocking these products.



Like I said, I am not a make-up expert, I basically know nothing. But what I do know is that for someone with dry lips these lipsticks do not dry them out, the shades are long-lasting, I’ve even made it through a bowl of pasta no problem, they’re vegan and cruelty free which as I said is VERY important to me, and for someone like me, as I explained,  they give a little extra pep in your step! So check it out, share your picture and thoughts on instagram by tagging #sarayajadecosmetics and tagging them,  I cannot imagine that you’ll be disappointed.

Also feel free to hit up my instagram @/amandaraeex3 and tell me what you think !


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