5 reasons to watch Stranger Things Season 3 ASAP.

After a few hours of work, I ended up spending the remaining fourth of July binge-watching the new season of Stranger Things, that I, like many have been anxiously waiting for. It’s only been out or a couple of days so while I thought of doing a quick blog review of the show, instead I thought if I’d put together some reasons why, if you have not watched it yet, whatever their reason may be, then here are five reasons why you should get on it, asap.

(Also, if you haven’t watched a single episode, I highly recommend you start at the beginning, asap.)


5 Reasons to watch Stranger Things Season 3, asap.  


1. The Friendships. 

  • Throughout all the seasons, the friendship of Dustin, Lucas, Will, and Mike has been a focal point. An incredibly important one, I might add. This season we got a dose of more friendship that gave it a whole new element. The friendship of Dustin and Steve begins in season two if I’m not mistaken, but this season they take it to a whole new level, and it is must see.  Also, The emerging friendship with Max and Eleven, which you see in the trailer, is even better than you could think. It is something that they both need, probably Eleven just a bit more, and I think that it is an incredibly important example of why, regardless of relationships, friendships can be even more important. Hopper and Joyce, Winona and David, they just play off of each other so well, and they get so much screen time together, and even though a lot of it is intense, it is also just brilliant.

2. The incredible acting throughout the cast.

  • The entire cast is made up of incredible talent, mostly young talent, which will all blow you away.  Two that specifically shine, in my opinion, this season are Millie Bobby Brown, who plays Eleven, and Dacre Montgomery, who plays Billy. Without giving much away, Billy is a MAJOR part of this season and Dacre puts on such a powerful performance it’ll blow you away. As with the last two season, Millie Bobby Brown showcases her talents in a big way. Every year she brings something new to Eleven, and in my opinion, she’s become one of my favorite young actresses, but she also experiences different emotions this season that she hasn’t before, and being as naive as she is, Millie does an excellent job at portraying those emotions with all of Elevens past mixed in. Everyone, child, teenager, and adult are all on their A-game every single time, but I think these two really stand out this season.

3. The cast additions. 

  • While the OG cast is fantastic on their own, this season we saw four new additions to the story that added to it majorly all in their own way. Robin: In the first few episodes, you don’t’ really realize how important she is going to be until she is. She gets a lot of screen time with Steve, and they play off one another so well. Murray: You meet this guy in the later episodes as an eccentric friend of Hopper’s, and while at first, he might seem a bit crazy, he definitely proves some comic relief in an incredibly intense story. Alexei, A.k.a Smirnoff: You get introduced to this character very early, but it’s only for a split second, you’d be quick to assume he was irrelevant, I did, but through the final episodes, I promise you he is anything but. His dynamic with Joyce, Murray, and hopper, all of which he spends his time with, is different, funny, and beyond enjoyable. And finally, last but not least, Erica: We get introduced to her in season two I think, maybe even quickly season one, but I don’t remember. She is Lucas’s sassy younger sister, and honestly one of the best characters in the entire show. You’ve probably seen the phrase “can’t spell America without Erica” floating around, and that is only a tiny piece of the comedy she brings. She also brings braveness, incredible sass, and just a kickass character all around. I certainly hope she’ll be around for seasons to come.

4. The Music.

  • You’ll probably hear plenty of people tell you how good the music is in stranger things and they’re not kidding. You’ve got some Madonna, some Reo SpeedWagon, The Who, and Foreigner, just to name a couple. And no, I wasn’t born in the 80s, and have a bias, I was born in 1992, but I just absolutely love the music from that era, and you get more than a few treats throughout this season.

5. Hopper and Elevens Relationship. 

  • I think that this relationship has evolved into one of the most precious ones of the whole season. Yes, there are plenty of relationships throughout the season that are explored, but the father/daughter dynamic between hopper and eleven is something so special. He didn’t have to be a father to her, and she didn’t have to let him be a father figure, but they did, and they’re both better for it. There are not on screen together through the entire season, but when they are, it is something else. You see them navigate real-life father-daughter things, or even just parent and child things, like dating, for example, which while being a serious thing, the way Hopper handles it at first is honestly hilarious.


So, there you have it. My five reasons to watch stranger things season three asap. I guess they could even be seen as five reasons to watch the series in general. Everyone will have different reasons to watch, I’m sure. So share them in the comments! I really thought this season was wonderfully done, and I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for a season four, and five, and as many as it takes to tell the entire story, properly.

So get binging 😉





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