Top Ten List: Marvel Movies.

So, tonight, 7:30 PM you can find me in my local theater, in leggings, marvel attire, water, popcorn and an abundance of tissues ready as I’ll ever be for the end of an era. I spent the last couple of weeks whenever I had a few free hours re-watching the Marvel movies, whichever one I could find between all my streaming services and on-demand TV services. I thought that it would be fun to put this together before Endgame. And I’ll be honest it was more stressful than I thought because I cannot even tell you how hard it was to put this list together. There isn’t a single Marvel Movie that I don’t like. Not a single one. I love them all, and usually for more than just the fact that they’re Marvel movies. And quite honestly if you asked me next week, I’d probably tell you something different.


Here’s what I decided:


  1. Age of Ultron
  2. Black Panther
  3. Thor: Ragnarok
  4. Infinity war
  5. The Avengers
  6. Civil War
  7. Strange
  8. Captain Marvel
  9. Guardians of the Galaxy 2.
  10. Captain America: The First Avenger.

Now let me try to explain without rambling…


Age of Ultron is my go-to movie. It is hilarious, and SO much happens. I can watch it over and over again and not be sick of it. It’s also the movie that introduces one of my absolute favorite characters: Scarlett Witch and when Hawkeye also became one of my favorites as well.

Black Panther still blows me away every time I watch it. The cast is outstanding. Michael B. Jordan and Chadwick Boseman scene give me chills. I’m obsessed with Okoyo and the Dora Milaje, and Suri is a gem. It’s a powerful film not only in the Marvel Universe but also in everyday culture right now. Just powerful.

Thor: Ragnarok. I love the side of Hulk that we see in this movie. I love how Thor and Loki CAN work together when they absolutely have too. Hela is an insanely perfect villain, and the fight of Thor in this film is something else. It’s also super funny, and if you can make me laugh and have a ton of action as well, well… ya got me.

Infinity War: I watched this yesterday for only the second time. I got chills watching it, almost like it was the first time. I knew what was happening but yet the dialogue, the emotion and the story itself from Thanos, to Cap and Stark still not speaking, to Thor’s grief, to Hulk and Banners relationship issues and Wanda and Visions love, it’s just so much but in the BEST possible way. It also made me extra nervous for tonight because it’s all so fresh in my mind, which was the point, but till I’M EVEN MORE NERVOUS.

The Avengers: I love this movie as we get introduced to so many characters, but all in the best way. Seeing how Black Widow works, her relationship with Hawkeye. Captain America still getting readjusted, Bruce Banner still unsure of himself, Iron Man as cocky as ever, Loki as evil as ever. And so on. Sometimes a movie that needs to introduce a lot of characters and stories and connections can get messy, but not this one.

Civil War: This movie made me pick a side that I always thought I’d be on but didn’t wanna choose. I understood Tony’s ideas and his anger, but I’m still Team Cap all the way.  My favorite part of this movie was the story that was being told. History being unraveled. Strength in friendships and values. As well as the expansion of the Avengers really coming together as one.

Dr. Strange: It’s kind of hard for me to put together why I love this movie so much. I think it’s the magic of it. The literal magic that Strange learns. I’m a sucker for that. He’s an incredibly complex character, and it’s played and portrayed so well it’s mind-blowing.

Captain Marvel: When I first heard we were getting this movie I was definitely looking forward to it, but I didn’t know anything about her, and as the film got closer, I still didn’t know much. But then I watched the movie and realized that I didn’t need to know anything because the movie told me all I needed too. Captain Marvel is a BADASS. Her best friend is BADASS. And her and Fury as a team is BADASS. Oh and as someone born in the 90s, very cool to get all the 90s vibes throughout the film.  I’m excited to see how she functions with the other Avengers.

Guardians of The Galaxy 2: Character Development. That’s my favorite part about this. I didn’t think I actually gave a crap about Yondu until he died and I freaking cried. Or how Rocket changes, and how Drax is the one to call everyone a family. The lesson of sometimes what you think you want isn’t it or turns disappointing.

Captain America: The First Avenger. I love the backstory of Steve Rodgers, I love the 1940s look, and I love Peggy Carter.  Captain America was my first ever favorite superhero, and he’s remained one of my favorites and he always will.


I have zero doubt that Endgame will end up on this list quite easily, I’m also very certain I’ll be covered like a blanket in tissues because I can be a hot mess on a regular basis, and after this? My goodness, I know myself well enough to know that there will be tears on tears on tears. And I’m good with it.  I love TV, and these damn characters and I’m not sorry about it.

I plan to put up a review a few days after the shock and awe wear off, when I’m finally able to process everything, and after everyone has had a chance to watch so I don’t accidentally spoil anything for anyone who reads it.

If you’ve ever thought about watching these movies, I highly suggest you get on it. You can find the lists online of how to watch in order if that’s what you want to do. Or if you realize you just like Thor, hell watch Thor, or you just like Captain America, watch Captain America, (and then I bet ya you’ll be hooked and want to watch ’em all!)

So until next week,

Peace Out from this Insanely Invested Marvel Fan 😉

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