Who could be WWE’s next rising stars?

In one week, WrestleMania is over and the new season of WWE begins. This time opens up opportunities for some to sneak on in and show what they’re made of. Whether down in NXT or right on the main roster there is no denying that WWE has a plethora of talent in their midst. Here are just a few that I hope to see earn a shot to shine this year.

Main Roster:

  • Nikki Cross: In my head, her in the role of Smackdown Women’s Champion just I cannot even imagine how she could bring a whole other light to the championship with her personality and character.

nikkic rossss

  • Ember Moon: On the red team, I cannot imagine Ember Moon going another year without a run with the Raw women’s championship. Her look, her personality, and her in-ring ability all together make for THE face champion that Raw could really Imagine her entrance when she comes into the light, and she’s got gold on her shoulder? Yes, please.


  • IIconics: I have the hope that WWE goes big and throws the women’s tag team championships on these two women at WrestleMania. It’s a long shot, but I’m hopeful. In the event that this doesn’t happen, I don’t expect them to go very long without a tag team championship run. They are the tag team that has been together since their NXT days, and even before that. These titles are made for them, and they have the perfect personality to bring them to life.


  • Zelina Vega: I love her fire. I followed this one before she even got to WWE and she’s just incredible. She has allowed her personality to really come through while managing Andrade, and I’d love for her to bring the fire she throws behind him, to herself. If she weren’t holding gold by years end, I’d be disappointed.


  • Riott Squad: Picture it: Ruby Riott as women’s champion and Liv and Sarah as tag team champions. They could run through the women’s division like that, they’d take joy in it, and I believe the audience would thoroughly enjoy it as well. Considering these three were three separate people for all of their NXT careers they have incredible chemistry together that gold would only amplify that.


  • Sanity: Since their main roster debut they’ve done much less than I was expecting them to do. The entire stable is extremely talented, and with only a few main roster tag teams on both sides it leaves the field very open for different competitors to come in, and I think Sanity as championship would incredibly entertaining.


  • Aleister Black: I would not only be disappointed I’d be shocked if this guy wasn’t universal or WWE champion before the year’s If you’re looking to spice things up, get rid of the same old same old champions and main eventers, this is the guy.


  • Elias: I’ve been saying for quite a while, that while Elias musical acts can be entertaining, he’s more than his guitar. We’ve seen him wrestle, and his bouts with Ambrose were fantastic IMO, and we should see more of it. Instead of nightly feuds, let’s get a long one, and while we’re at it, let’s get the Intercontinental Championship in the mix, I’d like to see him with this by years end.


  • Andrade: So, it took me a while to warm up to Andrade. I wasn’t sure what it was in NXT, but I just didn’t care for him. It wasn’t that he wasn’t talented; I just always felt meh. I’m not quite sure what has changed, but I have a much bigger appreciation for this guy and what he can produce in the ring. While I don’t know if WWE Champion is in his near future, I could see the United States Championship around his waist sooner rather than later.


  • Ricochet: He might be the most athletic guy the WWE has as a whole company. I’m serious. He’s flashy, with the talent besides just flipping around to back it up. I could get behind an IC Title run for sure.





  • Bianca: First and foremost, Bianca BelAir: I’m hoping that she takes home the win at NXT Takeover this weekend, but if she doesn’t I can’t see her staying out of the title picture for very long. The first time I saw her wrestle on NXT was the Mae Young Classic I THINK, and I was glued. Then every match after she just seemed to get better and better. An NXT women’s championship around her waist would be the next best accessory after to her hair for sure.


  • Mia Yim: It’s like this lady breaths confidence. She has a unique, incredible look with a kickass attitude in the ring. She could square up against any women down there, and on the main roster for that matter. It’s hard to tell when the NXT Women’s title is going to change because it does happen very infrequently, BUT even if she doesn’t see it this year, I expect her to make a huge impact still.


  • Kacy Catanzaro: I’m not sure if I’ve ever witnessed someone come into the WWE, never having done it before, and pick it up as she did. Coming from America Ninja Warrior along with an already incredible background certainly helps but some never get it, even with hard work and long years but it looks like Kacy isn’t having that problem. While it’s unclear whether she’ll be seeing any gold this year, I can’t imagine that her name is constantly in the conversation of the next best.


  • Velveteen Dream: I say it all the time, but I can’t believe how quickly this guy managed to change my mind about him. When he was his alter ego Patrick Clark on tough enough I literally couldn’t stand him, not one bit. But he took this character and blew me away. Not only does he have an incredible in-ring ability but this character could not be done by just anyone, but man is he good. He’s already the North American Champion, I’d like to see him with a NXT Championship run, but something tells me he won’t be away from the main roster very long.


  • Steve Cutler, Jaxson Ryker, and Wesley Blake: The Forgotten Sons: When Blake was a tag team with Buddy Murphy I thought those two clicked perfectly, and then I watched him with Cutler and Ryker and again, perfect connection. Their entire persona as a team is excellent. I don’t know much about Cutler or Ryker as solo competitors, but they absolutely have the skills to complement Blake, and I expect tag team gold in their future very soon.


Honorable Mentions:

  • War Raiders
  • Lacey Evans.
  • Sonya Deville
  • Mustafa Alie
  • Candice LeRae



As I mentioned to start WWE is full of incredibly talented people, and honestly, when I started writing my list of ideas for this list it was two full columns of both main roster and NXT, and I had to narrow it down, which was NOT easy. Anything can happen in WWE as we know. We could have the same champions a year from now that we have now or will have after WrestleMania and maybe none of my list will see gold. BUT they should. So fingers crossed!

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