My Wrestlemania 35 Mock Match Card.

I know I’m not alone when I say that the WWE universe has a lot of opinions. What shouldn’t happen, who deserves what, and how things could be done differently. We all know it won’t change anything, yet we jump on social media daily to speak out anyways. I’m no different. My opinions can be so strong I don’t watch as religiously as I used too. Sometimes I go weeks without watching, and simply keep up from social media posts, and it’s unfortunately almost too easy. Running on the theme of things that we all assume we would do differently, the Wrestlemania 35 match card is no different. For a few weeks there, I was starting to wonder if WrestleMania was even going to be worth watching at all. Let’s be real, it is a long show, and that’s an opinion from being able to watch it on my couch, with as many easy bathroom runs as I need, snacks and drinks all around, and comfort from my living room. Anyways, when I was thinking on if I was going to do my usual WrestleMania week posts, I honestly had a hard time thinking of what to do, which I chalk up to not writer’s block, but simply my lessened interest in the program.

But nonetheless, I’m a fan, and as rough as it can be, it’s freaking WrestleMania, so of course, we have to celebrate that, and I have ideas! To kick this off, I decided to throw out my own mock WrestleMania 35 card. Some matches are the same, some are not. It’s of course not perfect, no one will agree with it, but that’s the beauty of the internet, I get to throw it out there regardless of that. So, let’s do this.


Miss Rae’s Wrestlemania 35 Mock match card. (In no particular running order)

  1. Raw Women’s Championship. Charlotte vs. Becky vs. Ronda.
  • I’m keeping this one. I originally thought I’d flip it back to just Becky vs. Ronda which, like many, is what I wanted it to be, to begin with. The build-up that they have done, with adding Charlotte has gotten better, they’re using the whole “Charlotte is entitled because of who her father is” backing very well, and it doesn’t just add to Charlotte, but it adds to Becky as well. It gives Becky yet another obstacle to face, which will make her win at the grandest stage all that much sweeter. The only difference is, in my world, Charlotte is NOT the Smackdown women’s champion as well, because regardless of WWE’s master plan for doing that, I don’t agree with it and there had to of been another solution. And after this, Bye Bye Ronda.
  1. So Instead of the Smackdown women’s championship being cast aside like WWE did, I would have figured out a way to add it into the card without it getting lost in the already huge card that they have.
  • I would have made a fatal four way out of a small smackdown live qualifying tournament. Carmella vs. Zelina, Naomi vs. Mandy and Sonya vs. Lana. Carmella, Naomi and Sonya coming out as winners of their matches and joining Asuka in a match to figure for the Smackdown live women’s championship. If I had to pick a winner of that, I’d still have Asuka lose, but instead of to Charlotte on smackdown live for no reason, I’d give it to Carmella. Why? Because she has an incredible amount of talent and charisma and mic skills that she proved the last time she was the champion, and when she was ms money in the bank, and every time she comes out to the ring by herself or with R-Truth. She’d more than deserve a WrestleMania championship win.
  1. Let’s keep rolling with the women. WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships.
  • A lot of time has gone by since I’ve gotten a women’s match exactly how I wanted it, but when it comes to the women’s tag team championship match at WrestleMania, it finally happened. Sasha and Bayley vs. Nia and Tamina vs. Natalya and Beth vs. The IIconics is THE match. Sasha and Bayley are the champions, Nia and Tamina are arguably the most dominant team of the present, Natalya and Beth are the most powerful women’s team of the past, AND they are a huge part of the women even having tag titles. ( the only thing that could be better is if they could have added Laycool to this somehow) And of course, The IIconics are the future of not only the women’s tag team division but the women’s division as a whole. So much so, that I would have them come away with the win that night. Put faith in your future, it’s all you’ll have to bet on.
  1. Universal Championship.
  • Again, I’d leave this just how it is. I will never not say this, and I’ll never apologize for having the exact same answer anytime Lesnar is involved in a match. He has to lose. He has too. And Rollins is THE guy to do it.
  1. WWE Championship.
  • Even if WWE didn’t make this match Bryan vs. Kingston at mania, I would have. I don’t think I would have let it take so damn long, and I don’t mean just these months, how Kofi had to jump through hoops now, I’m talking way back when like 5 freaking years ago kind of time. But the long eleven years it’s taken for him to get to this point does make it for a hell of a story. The question remains whether or not WWE would allow him to actually take the gold at the show of shows, but I sure as well would.
  1. IC Championship.
  • While I’d keep it as Lashley vs. Finn, I’d change two things. One? Lio Rush does not get to be anywhere near this match, and two, the demon comes. The demon brings a whole other dimension to who Balor is, what he can do, what he can accomplish, what he can make you believe, and we haven’t seen him in a while. It’s not about whether or not Finn needs the demon in order to win, because the demon and finn balor are one and the same. The demon becomes champion April 7th.
  1. United States Championship.
  • Samoa Joe as champion is perfect. Mysterio as a contender would be great if I didn’t have an even better idea for him. That being said, I’d have another qualifying tournament, because honestly, you have to earn that mania spot. Kevin Owens vs. Rusev. Mustafa Ali vs. Eric Young. Shelton Benjamin vs. Rey Mysterio. KO and Ali win their matches. Andrade interferes in Reys match making him lose, so Benjamin advances. But I’d still have Samoa Joe come out on top, retaining his title. The interference by Andrade in that tournament would set up my next match.
  1. Rey Mysterio vs. Andrade.  No stipulation, no championship on the line, just two incredible performers vying for a win.
  • They gave us Mysterio vs. Andrade for free, on TV. Which was foolish. That is a match that you save for Wrestlemania, which is exactly what I would do.
  1. Cruiserweight Championship Match.
  • I’m very aware of how talented the guys on the cruiserweight division are. Yet, like most programming, I don’t want 205Live. It’s more an “I don’t have time” problem than anything else. With that being said knowing what I have seen from both Buddy Murphy and Cedric Alexander there is no doubt those two will do amazing things in this match so I’d leave this the way it is too, with Murphy winning.
  1. In the spirit of switching things up, my idea for the Tag Team champions on both Raw and Smackdown is a little different.
  • I think that both champions need to be on the show, and not in a battle royal. So I’d propose either, Usos vs. Hardys vs. Revival vs. Roode/Gable. OR Usos and Hardys vs. Revival and Roode/Gable. You usually don’t see Raw vs. Smackdown this way on mania anymore so it would be different. You aren’t chasing after gold, or defending it, you’re fighting for pride as a team and a brand which can be just as good.
  1. Shane vs. Miz.
  • I hated the idea of Shane and The Miz as a team. It was weird and corny. I loved it when Shane was the one who turned on Miz when everyone, including myself, assumed that it was going to the other way around because Miz is always THAT guy. Heel Shane is not something that you often see, so it’s a treat that we have it right now. WWE has this match a falls count anywhere match. Knowing how Shane loves to fly around and scare the crap the out of me, I can see why, and I think I’d leave it like that. In terms of a winner? I think I’d go with Miz. Retribution for Shane attacking his father. A McMahon being a McMahon and Miz being Miz. It’ll be good.
  1. Triple H vs. Batista.
  • If this match really is the end of Triple H in the ring. I’m all for it. While he can still go, and he’s good, it’s time for him to stick to the suit. If end up being just another win for HHH, we’ll I’ll regret keeping it in my line up. There is a TON of history between these two, even before Batista beat up Flair. The history alone tells the story that they don’t have too. No holds barred is always fun too.
  1. Kurt Angles Retirement match.
  • I KNOW I’m not alone when I say Angle’s opponent being Baron freaking Corbin was the biggest let down of the century. There were a bunch of guys I could have thought of first for it to make more of an impact. Yeah, those two had history, but that history was meant for another PPV, literally any other one, not this one. I also know I’m not alone is saying that John Cena being his opponent is the way it SHOULD be. Cena debuted against Angle. Angle going out through him, it’s the exact kind of storytelling that people fall in love with. Full circle. It writes itself. So unlike WWE, I’m making the smart choice.
  1. Roman Reigns vs. Drew McIntyre.
  • Again, when I heard that Reigns WrestleMania opponent was going to be Baron Corbin, I couldn’t roll my eyes hard enough. Enough with this guy. I love the idea of Drew vs. Roman for many reasons. They both believe they’re the big dogs in the fight. They’re built similarly, and from what we’ve seen I think it’s obvious that they have chemistry in the ring. As far as a winner goes? That’s tough. I say that some kind of interference occurs. Whether it’s Dean helping Roman, or Ziggler helping Drew. That way neither guy really Protection. You know how it goes.
  1. Styles vs. Orton.
  • They have very different styles. Very different attitudes. Yet have this chemistry when they’re in the ring, even if no fighting is happening. I can’t explain it, but I see it. I could see throwing a stipulation like a New York/New Jersey street fight or something like that? Yeah, I like that. With Styles coming out with the win.
  1. Men’s Battle Royal
  2. Women’s Battle Royal.
  • These end of being full of the remainder of the rosters who didn’t have the chance to be in another match, also full of NXT Stars, maybe a few legends and so on. That’s fine, it’s cool, I like it, I just wish winning these matches meant something more. And that whatever it meant, WWE actually followed through with it. Anyways, For the men, I stick with Elias winning, give this man more than just a guitar, no matter how good he is with it. Other options would be putting Luke Harper into the match because I’ll forever advocate for him getting more than he has. Someone like Big E or Apollo would be nice too. But in my world, Elias wins. For the women, Ruby Riott for sure, because as of late, what I’ve seen on Raw, she isn’t getting what she deserves, none of them are. Other options would be Zelina Vega because I really freaking like her, and she is absolutely a future start. I could see Lacey Evans being an option too. But in my world, It’s Ruby or Riott 😉


And that’s it.

It’s a four-hour show, with an hour pre-show beforehand. I would honestly put the battle royals on that. Let’s give the Tag teams and cruiserweights a break shall we?. There also isn’t any Undertaker on my card. He too needs a damn break, plus there isn’t a single matchup that makes even a little sense. It killed me not to give Ambrose a singles match, probably against Ziggler. I wanted too, but yet, there were already too many matches.   As much as I might complain about how we got here, there were some matches that WWE made that now make sense and should be kept. Others not so much.

What do you think?

Share them with me!

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