Best TV in 2018.

I am obsessed with TV.  But not just any kind of TV, it’s got to have a real story, so sorry no trashy reality TV for me. Cop shows, vampires, superheroes, sci-fi, medical, that’s my jam. Sound familiar? Well, keep on reading for what I think of as the Best TV in 2018.

First up, my real true obsession this year. The DC TV world.

 1. Supergirl, The Flash, Black Lightning, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow.

  • I didn’t get into these shows because I read the comics. I actually never read a comic until last week when a co-worker let me borrow one because it tied into these shows next big crossover event and I couldn’t stop geeking out with them. While they’re all in the same TV world, they each bring something different to the table. I like legends because of the interesting team dynamic, a group of misfits that make things work and of course white canary because she is my absolute favorite since the moment she was on Arrow. I like Arrow because the story of Oliver Queen sucked me in deep from the very beginning and while it has been a while ride of ups and downs the complexity of Oliver and every that he’s brought into his circle keeps me wanting more. The Flash initially got my attention because the idea about this guy who was just a normal guy, that is now the fastest man in the world got to me real quick and as the story has evolved I’ve become more and more invested. Supergirl is amazing, the entire cast of people is amazing. Supergirl is the reason I gave Superman a chance, which sounds crazy, but it’s true. I wasn’t really into superman like I was Batman but after the story of Supergirl I went back and watched the Superman movies and while the DC TV world and the DC Movie world are different, have different adaptations but still… I was so intrigued that it made me want to look deeper into that world. Unlike the rest of these shows Black lightening is newer and still, as of now, a loner, it has no connection to the rest. Because it was a DC TV and had some incredible promos I was instantly intrigued in this show and it has never left me with anything but awe after every single episode. The cast and story are fantastic and worth the watch for sure. Every one of these DC TV shows always leaves me wanting more and this year I cannot think of a single episode that didn’t leave me wanting more. Oh and that crossover this year? Breathtaking. I was always a Marvel girl at heart, but getting lost into this DC TV world has been a wonderful journey so if you like that kind of thing, all of those shows are shows that I highly recommend you add to your line up.

2. Speaking of Comics. RIVERDALE.

  • Okay, so if you ask my friends and family, they’ll happily tell you that I’m obsessed, like REALLY obsessed. And yeah, I probably am. The crazy thing is I started watching this show on accident. I just left the TV on after Supernatural (I think) and Riverdale was premiering. I had heard about it and seen the commercials but at first I thought that it was maybe too “teenager” like for me, I guess is the best way to describe it, and I didn’t read or even hear of the Archie Comics so I didn’t think it was something I’d be into. BOY, was I wrong. From that first episode and every episode since I’ve been sucked in, DEEP. I never miss an episode live, I can’t tear myself away from the TV when it’s on, and I have spent a decent amount of money on merchandise like that South Side Serpents PJs I’m wearing as I’m typing this.  It has an excellent combination of romance, mystery, family, and friends and so much more all wrapped into one. WHEN, not if, you start watching this show, I promise the second you THINK you know what’s happening, they’ll throw you a curve ball and it’s always fantastic. This year was FULL of that and it was awesome.

3. One Chicago. Chicago Med, Chicago Fire. Chicago PD.

  • I got into this NBC, Dick Wolf life because Sophia Bush, who I adore dearly, was in Chicago PD, and I thought okay, another cop like show, I love these. But this was so much more. Dick Wolf managed to combine these real like hero stories into three incredible shows that stand alone and also have the power to come together for some awesome crossovers. Chicago PD isn’t just any police unit, they’re special, Chicago Fire isn’t just any fire station, they’re a fearless family, and Chicago Med isn’t just another medical show, it’s bold. Once you get into one show you will get into the others, it’s inevitable.  This year these shows took everything to a whole other level and the season finales brought out some serious emotions!

4. Greys Anatomy.

Speaking of bold medical dramas… I’m so happy I got into this one on Netflix like five years ago because Meredith Grey is my spirit animal and I’m obsessed. You would ALMOST think that after so many seasons how could Greys Anatomy keep going? Well, the writing and the cast make it all possible and this year was no different. I was initially really bummed with not only Sarah Drew and her character of April leaving this year but especially Jessica Capshaw and her character Arizona Robbins leaving as well because if there was anyone I loved as much as Meredith, it was Arizona. But the show has easily managed to keep telling the most incredible stories, and we finally see Meredith truly work on getting back out there after Derek being gone for SO many seasons. This past year was just another reason why this show just keeps on going.

5. NCIS and NCIS LA.

  • If I had to blame something on my love affair with “cop” like shows, it’s definitely NCIS’s fault and since finding NCIS LA, it’s gotten even worse. These two shows I can watch re-runs of, over and over again and never get sick of them and that’s usually not easy for me. They might share a name but NCIS and NCIS LA have very different vibes about them and that’s what I think makes them be able to work on the same network with the similar Navy vibe without feeling like you’re watching the exact same thing just on another coast. For me, I love NCIS LA just a little more because I’m in love with the character of Marty Deeks BUT Wilmar Valderrama addition to NCIS has been quite a treat and he truly adds a wonderful dynamic to an already amazing show. This year, both shows have continued to give us new material and even a new cast with the loss of Paula Perrette but the addition of another pretty cool forensic scientist. Both shows have many season, NCIS can be found on Netflix, unfortunately, no one has NCIS LA to stream but USA Network, ION, and OXYGEN networks have re-runs and on-demand all the time and it’s worth figuring it out and then watching love when new seasons come back around in the fall!

6. Younger.

  • I found younger on accident. One day I was looking for something to watch and I was flipping through my on-demand service, found this show, noticed Hilary Duff was in it, read the synopsis and was interested enough to click play. And I got even more than I bargained for. A woman who is looked at as too old to go back to work in the field she’s clearly qualified for lies about her age to help provide for her family after a divorce and she goes back to work. The publishing business was a big plus for me, plus Peter Hermann is a nice look, along with the rest of the cast. It’s filled with romance, women in business and just an all around amazing story, filled with multiple stories that I am amazed they manage to fit so much into only a HALF HOUR OF TV. It used to air on TVLand but will now move to Paramount for its next season. I highly recommend adding this treat to your line up.

7. Supernatural.

  • I’ll never forget watching this show on Netflix and being so into it that I couldn’t stop watching. I lost SO MUCH sleep over this show, and at the time, I didn’t care one bit. I wasn’t sure about this show at first because I’m a scardy cat and figured I’d be too chicken to handle the story or episodes. PSHHH, now I’m like ghosts? get in the salt circle and we’ll handle it you know? It’s crazy that a show can last THIS long and still be able to hook viewers like no other. But it can, and not only that it has become more than just a TV show, it became a family. If you’re into a family dynamic, with some monsters, vampires, angels and satan? Well this IS the show for you and this past season has managed to take all of it, to a whole other level.


8. Designated Survivor.

  • So this show was canceled by ABC, and I still think it was a huge mistake. It was different show dynamic than I normally watched, but the promos that aired during Grey’s Anatomy made me interested for sure. The interesting political, presidential vibe of this show was worth the watch, and I believe it’s why Netflix THANKFULLY saved the show. A guy who never wanted or intended to have the job but stepped up and made shit happen, not without hardships and controversy, of course, makes this one hell of a 60-minute watch. You can watch seasons one and two on Netflix now and keep your ears open for season three release news!

9. Shadowhunters.

  • Another show that got canceled this year and absolutely didn’t deserve it. Again, I found this show by accident. Just looking for something to watch and stumbled upon it on freeform on demand and it happened to have the first two previous seasons so again I got sucked in. It’s supernatural like but not in the way most of the shows I watch are, and to me, that is what makes it so great. The second half of season three will air in February, and unfortunately, it looks like that’s the end for this show as it hasn’t been picked up by anyone as many fans like myself had hoped. But still, it’s worth watching.

10. Legacies.

  • I was really afraid to watch this show. I was obsessed with The Vampire Diaries and the loved The Originals, and I wasn’t sure what Legacies would do for me if that makes sense. But I dove in anyway and I’m glad I did. The dynamic between Alaric Saltzman and Hope Mikaelson is incredible, and whether you know anything about them from previous shows or not, it’s incredible. A school for the supernatural with a monster of the week that isn’t just any monster, they all are adding up to something much bigger makes you invested in the story progression each week along with the fantastic character development. I highly recommend checking out more of Julie Plecs’ amazing work.


Honorable Mentions.

  • Hawaii 5-0
  • The 100
  • Splitting up together
  • Law and Order SUV.
  • Shooter- Unfortunately Canceled
  • Colony- Unfortunately Canceled
  • Netflix Original, Luke Cage Season Two- Unfortunately Canceled
  • Netflix Original Daredevil Season Three- Unfortunately, Canceled
  • Netflix Original Jessica Jones Season Two.


I lost a lot of good TV this year, which seriously stinks. Netflix canceled a few, USA Network canceled a few, Freeform canceled one, and ABC canceled one that thankfully was saved by Netflix. There are also a couple shows I’ve been eyeing, such as ABC’s manifest, CBS’s FBI and SWAT, Netflix’s Chilling adventures of Sabrina, Hulu’s Marvel’s Runaways and a few more, I just have no idea how to fit them in! I really think that my love for TV can tie into my love for books and reading because in both cases I end up getting lost into another world for a little while and who doesn’t love that? Or even need it from time to time?

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