Movie Monday: Christmas Movies.

Christmas movies might be my favorite part about the season… besides the decor of course.

I SHOULD have done this post sooner, but I got slammed with work, and ya know what, shit happens. I also considered scrapping it altogether but then I had a mostly free afternoon Saturday, and I found myself curled up in front of the Christmas tree watching Christmas movies ALL AFTERNOON & I couldn’t have been happier about it. Like most, I assume, Frosty, Rudolph, a year without a Santa clause, heat miser brothers, home alone, and Elf are among some of my must watch Christmas movies but I found some serious gems to add to my list. Over the years I’ve added Snowglobe starring Christina Millian, This Christmas with Regina King and Idris Elba, holiday in handcuffs starring Melissa Joan Hart and Mario Lopez, Santa Baby starring Jenny McCarthy, the Santa Claus movies starring Tim Allen have all made their ways onto my list of favorites over the last few years. This year, I added even more.

When I thought about scrapping this post altogether, it was because I figured how are you going to post about Christmas movies when their only two days left?! And then I thought well not everyone is super busy the next two days, maybe someone is looking for a recommendation for tonight or tomorrow at a gathering? What if you’re staying home and looking for something to watch? There are still plenty of reasons why this post could be helpful at the last minute.

So, in the words of Sophia Petrillo, Picture it, Saturday night, right before Christmas, Me, curled up in a blanket, in front of the tree, with on-demand, Netflix and Hulu at my disposal to pick some movies from and here are the ones I found.


And yeah, some of these… well most of these are those lovey dovey, might have the same plot ideas and you wanna know why? because those are the best ones and I’M A SUCKER FOR THEM. k. thanks.

1. Christmas Contract.

I freaking love One Tree Hill. When I binged it on netflix a few years ago, I was dramaticly sucked in. And guess what? Hilarie Burton, Robert Buckley, Dannell Ackles and Antwon Tanner are all in it, Hilarie and Robert star AND Tyler Hilton makes a beautiful musical cameo with a gorgeous christmas song. Hilarie and Robert match up beautifully on screen and it’s a stunning story. For me, I found it on LifeTime TV ON-Demand.

2. No Sleep ‘Til Christmas.

I fell in love with Odette Annable as she starred in SuperGirl in the last season so I instantly became interested in this movie. Then I found out she stars aloneside not only her real life husband Dave but ALSO Charles Michael Davis. Talk about a beautiful cast. It’s a different kind of story with a bittersweet, beautiful ending and the Wife and Husband duo of Odette and Dave blew me away.   This movie was found on Freefrom on-demand but I also noticed it’s available on Hulu.

3. Poinsettias For Christmas.

This movie stars another One Tree Hill alum Bethany Joy Lenz. At first, I wasn’t sure if I was going to like this one, but I have yet to watch anything that Bethany Joy Lenz does that I haven’t liked so I watched it anyways, and I’m glad that I did. A heartwarming story with a super cute small town, close nit family feeling with a few life lessons thrown in as well. I also found this one on Lifetime on-demand.

4. Christmas Inheritance.

Eliza Taylor who stars in The 100 on the CW was the reason I was initially attached to this movie. The setting of a hometown inn and the rich girl life lesson vibe hooked me early, and it was SO worth it. For me, it was interesting to watch Eliza play this character because I’ve only seen her in The 100 and this was VERY different, but Taylor knocked it out of the park like no other. This one can be found on Netflix!

5. Christmas Belle.

Hailey Duff stars in this one, and if you watch it, you’ll probably realize that things progress rather fast, but it’s done in a very nice way. The fact that Hailey character loves books as much as me was a big draw and the chemistry she has with her on-screen love interest Nicholas Gonzalez pulls you right in and keeps you there. This one can be found on Hulu!

6. Christmas Planner. 

I was searching for one more movie to end the marathon, and I came across the wedding planner, I didn’t have any idea who the two stars were, but I knew that Gossip Girl alumn Kelly Rutherford was in it, so I figured why the hell not? And again, another good choice. In a way, it is kind of your typical Christmas love story, but it’s different at the same time. Jocelyn Hudson and Stephan Huszar who star are incredible together, OH, AND, Joey Fatone is in this movie, he pops up a few times and is wonderful in his role.  This one can also be found on Netflix.

Most months I’m like love? Nah. But these kinds of Christmas movies? I’m more like YES PLEASE. Simply put I’m just a sucker. So when you read all the reviews of “oh they’re all the same” “They all have the same kind of idea” and yeah maybe most of them do, but clearly it works because they wouldn’t keep making them if SOMEONE wasn’t watching them. And the kind of plots that these movies have is usually perfect for the vibe of this kind of year, even for someone like me with a not so lovely outlook on love.

I really loved these six movies, and I think you will too! So if you’re looking for something to finish off your Christmas Eve, or to start your Christmas Eve or relax to end a crazy holiday and everything in between you might want to track these six movies down, grab a warm blanket and get to falling in love!

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