Gift Guide: Cruelty-free ideas for stocking treats!

I got inspired to write this posts because sometimes when people don’t understand exactly what “cruelty-free” or “plant-based” means they feel like they’re at a loss for gifts, and with the holidays quickly approaching I thought maybe everyone could benefit for some ideas from someone who get’s stupid excited about these little vegan treats!

So First, Batiste Dry Shampoo. I had been trying to find a dry shampoo for a while. If I wash my hair too often, it actually looks worse! So sometimes all I need is a touch-up, and dry shampoo is perfect for that. Unfortunately, it took some trial and error to find one that worked with my hair. My hair can get easily oily, and some dry shampoos that I tried made that worse, or left while flakes in my hair. Then I hit the jackpot with Batiste. I’m cheap by nature so when I found this for $7.99 I almost walked away because while most would be like oh that’s nothing like I said I’m cheap by nature. But I sucked it up and bought it because I knew if it worked it would make my life easier, and I was hoping it wouldn’t make my hair oily since it was more expensive than the others. I was right. I’ve been using it for about 4 months now, you don’t need to use a ton of it, it’s vegan and cruelty-free certified and can be found in most retail stores.  It’s not super small but could definitely fit in a regular sized stocking!

dry shampooo

2. Next up, Cruelty-Free, Vegan makeup, and skin care. I’m pretty loyal to E.L.F, it’s cheaper, but great quality and with my sensitive skin it’s nice to have a brand that I know doesn’t bother my skin no matter which of the products I’m using. I recently bought a face wash that is outstanding and a hydrating face mask that felt amazing. I don’t use much make-up, usually, a simple eyeliner and mascara will do it for me, but it’s a wonderful feeling to know that no animals suffered for me to do so. Along with being cheaper than most products, most products are small enough to fit in your loved ones stocking.


3. Eco-friendly jewelry or clothing.  Cute jewelry that was handmade, or used with recycled materials, to me, is better than any thousand dollar necklace or jacket could be.  A search through Amazon, Etsy, a local boutique, or any eco-friendly online store could help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Wallets, jewelry, and even a t-shirt can be rolled up nicely to stuff that stocking!

These options are from Not only do they have super cute, vegan jewelry, but also an awesome collection of clothing, including a collection with the Tree Kisser who is how I found out about Vegetaryn in the first place! Definitely worth a look !

4. Bath Bombs! Even at 26 I’m obsessed with a good bath, and the right kind of bath bomb makes it even better. Brands like Lush and Pacifica are the two that I’ve personally used and love. Honestly, bath bombs are an excellent stocking stuffer for ANY kind of person in your life.

How cute are those?!

5. Candy, of course!  Dark Chocolate is usually always a safe bet to be vegan, and more candy is vegan than most realize. I’m not much for candy, but Swedish Fish and Twizzlers are my favorites go to’s when I do want it. Skittle and Oreos. I’m a sucker for mint with dark chocolate and this company called endangered species chocolate is delicious! And to make things even better 10% of their net profits are donated annually to current 10% GiveBack Partners;  each is guaranteed a minimum annual donation of $10,000 and is free to use the funds on projects they deem most important. Partners include Rainforest trust, ee the wild, Wildlife conservation network, and more, all of which can be found on their website.


As with most things for vegan and cruelty-free individuals, it is always in our best interests to double check labels to ensure that everything is vegan and cruelty-free because there’s always the chance a few items won’t be. I really believe these are the perfect little stuffers, some I hope to get, but also some that I plan on giving to others in order too give them new options and suggest a more cruelty-free life!

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I’m the girl who is as passionate about the environment as she is about wrestling. I’m the girl who eats plant-based snacks while screaming at the TV during football. I’m the girl who would rather sit and read a book than go out to a party. I’m the girl that feels most herself when she’s out in nature. I’m the girl who loves to get engulfed in a good TV series. I’m the girl who’s in love with superhero movies as much as she is chick flicks. I’m the girl who uses music to escape, I’m the girl that lives with anxiety every single day, but is always fighting. I believe that climate change is real, I believe in protecting the environment and all animals, domestic and wild. I believe that my vegetarian diet makes a difference in the world. I believe that a pencil can change the world. If any single bit of the above speaks to you, you've come to the right place. I'm still getting the hang of this blog thing, so bear with me. If I'm not blogging, you can find me on twitter at @amandaraee_x3 go follow and say hey :)

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