Why I Love The Holidays.



When most people are asked what do you love about the holidays? Or what their favorite part is most would probably say the presents, or the time spent with family, family traditions, you get the picture. We’ll my answers a little different. I don’t have that typical family dynamic anymore. No get-togethers on Christmas Eve, or Christmas day, no parties leading up to the big day. Some people in my family hate the holiday altogether, and I’d be lying if I said I have more good memories than bad because honestly, they’re mostly negative. And yeah, I have a few good memories as a kid, but that’s not where my love of the holiday comes from. Honestly, I usually don’t care much about the presents. Yeah, I get excited when I find the perfect gift for someone, but normally I just get overwhelmed and stressed out about it because my anxiety takes over and I become more concerned with the questions of what if they already have it, what if they hate it, and so on. I’m not a religious person, so the religious aspect of the holiday is not for me.  So, the question remains, Why do I love the holidays?


  1. Decorating the Christmas tree.
  • When I was younger, I used to hate it. Everyone would fight because that’s all that we ever did no matter what kind of activity we were attempting to do. I think the reason I love it so much is because now that I’m older I can control it. I had control over very little back then, barely had any control over my own life. Now I get to enjoy what I couldn’t before. It’s like I’m a ten-year-old kid in a 25-year-old body when I’m setting up, buying for, and decorating the tree because I never really got to be that ten-year-old I could probably stare at Christmas tree ideas on Pinterest for hours, but I’m currently obsessed with the silver and light blue look, some lights, and then a few meaningful ornaments. You won’t find a single ornament on my tree that doesn’t have a genuine meaning.
  1. The lights.
  • When done without overkill Christmas lights can seem like the most magical thing. One small positive memory I have as a kid was how the house looked with all the lights. I always loved that. I have an extra strand that goes around the windows of the living room to just to add a bit more to the inside of the house. Driving down the street and seeing the lights on the houses, wreaths lit up on the doors and so on. Just always makes the town look brighter no matter what is happening inside it.
  1. The Music. 
  • Now I’m a firm believer that Christmas music should wait till at least the day after Thanksgiving but man, I love it. I couldn’t listen to it 24/7, but if I’m setting the tree or making cookies or something, it’s perfect. I’m more old school, the original songs with the original artists but there are a few remakes that I make an exception for, I’ll be doing a post more specific later on in the month with more on that!
  1. Movies. 
  • I fully believe that I’ll be 40 years old, with kids or not, and be anxiously awaiting for the first televised showing of Frosty, Rudolph or Santa clause is coming to town. And if I do have kids, I’ll probably be more excited than them. Like the music, I’m more old school, like the favorites above, but there have been a few through the years that I’ve come to love as well. More of those in a later post!
  1. Decorations
  • It’s a good thing that I have developed some kind of self-control, I don’t have a credit card, and my bills take most of my money before I have time to spend it because otherwise, I’d need another room in the apartment just for decorations. I don’t’ know where I got this love of décor from, but I’ve got it. And I’ve got it bad when it comes to Christmas decorations. Whether it’s ornaments, wreaths, stuffed animals, cute knickknacks, (I can get in trouble here) socks, shirts, literally anything like that, that catches my eye. I’m going shopping for some things tomorrow, and then I’m going to do a post on all the obnoxious things I’ve found. And honestly the cheaper, the better, you can find the best Christmas things inside the dollar store. So you know where my first stop will be.



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I launched Miss Raee in 2016 purely for a twenty-something girl who is trying to figure it all out, who loves to write and finally decided to share it. I’ve had a hell of a time figuring out what I wanted this blog to be, and I’ve eventually narrowed it down to that I want this blog to be ME, every weird, quirky, loveable aspect of me and even more importantly anyone who also sees themselves as that weird, quirky, loveable person who might love plant-based cooking, multiple fandoms including Star Wars, Supernatural, Greys Anatomy, DC TV, Marvel, The Magicians and SO much more. I found myself being an advocate for mental health, for animals, for the environment, and for equality. I’m a big believer in the vibes you bring, the power of music, and how important the storytelling of books and movies and TV can be. If I’m not on the blog, you can find me sharing selfies and nonsense on Instagram @/amandaraeex3 and live-tweeting and putting in my two cents on twitter at @/amandaraee_x3, so I hope you’ll tag along with me on here and my social media and enjoy all the weird, quirky things we all love.

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